Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I almost died last night...

Alright, I'm being dramatic, but I did have an "exciting" adventure. On Sunday's we go to eat dinner at a members house, and they live down a steep, rocky road. Going up, you have to put the gear in 1, and it still bounces all over the place. Well, last night it rained and the hill was slippery. So, we are going up and all of a sudden the truck starts to slide down. I put the brakes on, and it was still slipping. I tried to steer it, but the the hill had control. And then I hear a big THUNK! The back end of the truck went into a ditch. (If I hadn't turned the tire a certain way, the whole truck would have took a backwards dive into a gully. Mom, Dad, don't freak out. haha) 

So, of course this happens, and then at least 30 people come out from their houses, and a whole soccer team shows up, people start calling each other on their phones. I just sat there, in the drivers seat, trying to hide my face. A whole group of men start trying to rock the truck back and forth, mind you, I'm still sitting in the truck. And then someone brings their truck, and they start tying a rope to both. Everyone is yelling at each other, I have no idea what is going on. Sister Coleman is talking and laughing with some ladies while I'm having a heart attack. A bunch of people get into the back of the other truck, by this time there are about 50 people watching. I am directed to put the truck into 1st again, and let off the clutch and break and press on the gas. Finally, I get up the hill and everyone is laughing and yelling, as I get out of the truck to inspect, a guy walks up to me and says he wants to marry a white girl.

Yes, another, average day in the life of a missionary in Jamaica. 

So, I've reached my five month mark of my mission. You would think by five months you might have the hang of everything, but nope, not even close. Time has flown. I feel like everything has just been  a dream. Good thing for these letters and me writing in my journal each night, or I wouldn't remember a thing. Everything starts to blend together. I'm learning so much, I'm having a lot of fun. In case anyone cares, I bought a scale. I'm dropping some pounds. (I started taking a container to members houses and asking them if I can take some of it home to eat later). So far, no offense taken. I made sure with Sister Coleman if doing that would be bad, and she said it's totally fine. So, I solved my stomach problems, I solved this weight gain problem. Too bad it took me 5 months to find a solution.

So, having a Jamaican companion is an experience. Remember how many, many letters ago, I mentioned that Jamaicans are awful singers? Well, Sister Coleman is no exception. I can say these things, because I too, am an awful singer. But, I think I found someone worse than me. Anyways, we always sing a hymn in the morning before companionship study and I have to carry the tune. And then, she starts to sing words wrong or out of tune, and it messes me up so bad. I just try to sing really loud so that I block that, because I can't sing while someone else is singing a different thing. My mind isn't that skilled. 

This last Wednesday we had Zone Meeting. It was awesome, as usual. I learned a lot, felt the spirit. Something that stuck out to me was an Elder said something along these lines, "Fear and faith can not go together." This is so true. I reflected on myself, and things I fear. I fear people disliking me, I fear uncomfortable situations, I fear stress, I fear failing, I fear having regrets, and the list can go on and on. My fears stem from self doubt, something that I have always struggled with despite my confident aura that I try to convey. When I was thinking about how fear and faith can not go together, I was thinking of ways that I could stop having my fears. I turned to the scriptures and read about the Brother of Jared. I read about all the people who were healed from the Savior. I learned that if I can be completely faithful to the Lord, there will be no room for fear. Those fears might creep in, but my reliance and trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will defeat all those stupid fears. 

No offense family, but I don't miss you as much as I used too. haha I mean, yes I miss you a ton, but the homesickness has subsided, and I've made so many great friends out here. I love these people. There is a woman in the branch, Sister Davis. She is amazing. She lost her oldest son in a car accident this last week, and she is so amazingly strong. When we went to visit her, she simply expressed her gratitude for the temple and that in a years time, she can complete his work. My heart aches for Sister Davis. When I heard what happened, I prayed for her, and I felt sorrow. I just can't even imagine the hurt she is going through. 

Oh, side note, I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. It's still true. haha

Gabrinah is still doing well. We taught her about Thomas S. Monson! It went awesome! She basically said that she is grateful for the knowledge that we have a prophet today, just like they had in the Bible. She is still on for the 28th. Pray for her, but mainly her mom, who is a less active. Her mom has a lot of pride and a great lack of faith, but still has a testimony of the Gospel. We talked to her, and she kinda got mad at me for telling her that she needs to increase her faith. Sorry ma'am, that's my job... Haha, I'm declaring repentance unto all people. Anyways, all is well, her mom isn't angry, I just think that she feels guilty because she knows what she needs to do. 

We attended a baptism for the Elders on Saturday! It was great. The spirit was strong. Lot's of people came. The kid who got baptized is 15, and living with some members. He had this great desire to change his life around and follow Christ. The first few times I talked to this kid, Alex, he was just an average hooligan. But, on his baptism and at his confirmation, he was glowing. You could just see the happiness in him. He told me he wants to serve a mission someday. It is awesome to see people change and come closer to Christ. Also, I believe the future of the church in Jamaica lies within the youth here, a lot of the older generation are very stuck in their ways. That is why it's the mission presidents goal to get as many Jamaicans out on missions as possible. 

Okay, so sometimes on a mission you get really tired, and when you are reading a scripture you mess up your words... Okay, maybe it's just me, but I was reading, "Let your good works glorify your Father in Heaven," and I accidentally said, "Let your good LOOKS glorify your Father in Heaven." So, I started cracking up to myself. It was hilarious. Nobody really got it though. Oh well, at least I make myself laugh. 

Oh, and here is a nice scripture:
"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." (D&C 6:36)

Sister Pitt

I Almost Died!

A Few People Who Showed Up in the First Few Minutes!

People Helping to Pull Out Our Truck!

Guava Season!

Alex at His Baptism!
I Laughed So Hard When I Saw This

Jamaicans Just Ask You To Take Pictures of Them

Sister Chandler

Sister Coleman's Food?
These Lizards Can Jump So Far

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