Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I know you are probably expecting some profound, amazing email this week, because it is my last one, but nope. I don't have a lot to say. This was one of the most disgusting weeks of my mission because I contracted that mosquito virus going around called chikingunya. I was bedridden for almost THREE days. My fever was at 103. My whole body was in pain. I had a really ugly rash. I was miserable. I did not want to end my mission this way. But, nothing like a virus to make you reach your weight loss goals.... haha

Anyways, I am so anxious/nervous. It's been hard to sleep and eat. I am not sure if it's because of the sickness I had, or because I'm coming home. I am so sad to leave Jamaica. I cried at church. I keep just looking at everything and everyone, trying to soak every moment in. 

I am so grateful for everything that has happened on my mission. My soul has been changed for the better. I have learned so much. I will leave part of my heart here in Jamaica. 

Well, as Paul wrote, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith..."
My fight and course isn't really finished. I still have a lifetime of gospel living, but as far as my 18 month mission goes, I am done. Tomorrow is transfers and then Thursday, I'm home. 


-Sista Pett

Monday, October 13, 2014


So here in Jamaica a very popular fashion trend is wearing a silver or gold linked chain. Everyone has one. Doesn't matter who the person is, almost everyone will wear it. Male or female, old or young, Christian or not, almost everyone has one. They may not wear it everyday, but sometimes they do. I've always noticed it, but the Elders pointed it out a few weeks ago, so it came to my attention more. Sometimes people will wear two chains at a time, and we started rating our days on a scale of chains. If it's a good day, we might say, "It's a five chains day". Conference weekend was an 8 chains weekend. Somedays are more like two chains days, which are not bad, but just sort of regular. This last week was a 10 CHAINZ WEEK. (Z for emphasis of the amazingness of it).

First of all, PATRICK GOT BAPTIZED! It was absolutely amazing. It was a very spiritual experience for him. I just can't believe it all went through. I was so nervous this entire last week. It was almost too good to be true, but not saying it didn't come without intense struggle, because it did. I won't go into detail, because I'll just tell my family about it when I get home, but let's just say I have never prayed harder for a person my entire life. I had faith that Heavenly Father would make it happen, if it was His will, but of course the devil likes to put doubts and fears in my mind. The morning of Patrick's baptism, I felt inspired to write him a letter of encouragement. When he showed up to the church Sunday morning, he was nervous. I was prompted to give him the letter before he was baptized. Originally, I was just going to wait until after. While he read it, he smiled and said it made him feel more confident that he could do this. The thing I appreciate most about Patrick is he understands how serious of a commitment baptism is. He was scared, because he knew that if he followed through with it, he will have to endure to the end, for the rest of his life. Patrick asked a recent convert, Orane (soon to be missionary) to baptize him. He also had many of the young adults in the ward participate in giving talks or prayers, because we did our best to fellowship him with people. The ward members love him, so that is a plus. After he was welcomed to the ward, Patrick bore a testimony. It was so well thought out. He explained that his whole life he has been the sheep among wolves. He was always different than all his friends, and the feeling that he gets at our Church, he feels like family. Wow. Amazing. Another recent convert who was baptized less than a year ago was able to confirm him a member and give him the Holy Ghost. It was amazing. I really hope and pray Patrick will always remember the feelings he felt at his baptism for the rest of his life. 

Sister Lewis was a great strength to me this week. I had so many worries and stress coming down on me. I kept thinking of going home, of Patrick, of my mission. She just kept saying, everything will be alright, and every time she said that, it turned out alright. So when things looked bleak, I would say, "Sister Lewis, if you tell me everything will be alright, I'll believe you." Haha, she has grown SOOOO much spiritually and as a missionary. I am so proud of her and I have full confidence for her to take over the area. She has doubts in herself, but her faith is strong, I really love her, a lot.

10 more days left as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 10 more days of Jamaica. 10 more days of sharing the Gospel full time. Only 10 more days. Sigh. I still feel like I have SO much more to learn. I'm glad that progression is continuous and I don't have to worry about regressing, because I know what I have to do to keep on the path of righteousness. I was thinking about my mission ending, and I was thinking deeply about what if I only had 10 more days to live. 
What kinds of things would I want to do? 
What would be the most important thing I could tell people? 
All I know is I would want to share my testimony with the world:

God lives. Jesus is my savior and redeemer. Through Christ, I can return to live in the presence of my Father in Heaven. I know with all my soul that the Gospel is true. It is all reality. It isn't a fairytale we share with people to just improve their lives. This can help them, of course, but this is serious. This is salvation. This is eternal happiness. This is living forever with God in the celestial kingdom for eternity. Life is not fleeting, it has no end. It isn't meant to be mundane or have no purpose. Life on this earth is given to us to progress and prepare. Life in eternity is given to us to become as our Heavenly Father is. This beautiful truth sustains me. My faith isn't in flesh or in worldly things, my faith is my God and my Christ who will help me become an eternal being. 

Sister Pitt

Patrick Was Baptized!

We Love Patrick!
Patrick And Orane
Priesthood Brothers!
My CUTE Companion!
Trying To Get A Dread But It Didn't Work!


Cutest Little Shop Ever!

The Battle of Sister Pitt
And The Huge Flying Moth!

This Man Stands Here Every Day For Hours

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Good And Better And Best

Conference was amazing. As usual. I learned so very much! I also have so many things I need to apply to my life when I get home. This conference really made me think about who Heavenly Father wants me to become, and what I need to do in my life. I still don't have all the details of my "five year plan," and I doubt I will ever be the kind of person that makes a five year plan. (Or any kind of plan for that matter.) I guess I just do what I feel the spirit is telling me to do. The mission age change was unexpected. I didn't plan to leave on my mission till I was 21. There are just some things you can't plan for. But look how it has blessed me! I don't know what I'm going to study in school. I don't know who I'm going to marry, or where I'll live in my life. But, if I just do what is right when the spirit directs, I know I'll be blessed. My mission is a testimony of that. I loved the talk about making a decision between good and better and best. Good thing all of my options seem to be between those three options. I just have to pray each day for guidance. I think it's not really about what you do in life, but who you become. If I become successful or not, it doesn't really matter if I didn't improve my spirit and my character. 

This last week was stressful. All sorts of thoughts and feelings have been coming down on me. Thoughts of inadequacy, thoughts of going home, thoughts of worrying about investigators, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of not caring anymore, thoughts of caring too much, thoughts of sadness, thoughts of gratitude. I guess I am thinking way too much. I should probably think less and just focus on the spirit. Honestly, I give the best advice, I wish I'd listen to myself. 

I taught Sister Lewis how to drive stick shift! She is a pro already. Well, almost. She picked it up really fast. Driving in Jamaica is just so different. You have to watch out for crazy buses, goats, dogs, people, potholes, insane taxi drivers, big dips in the road, and even the occasional stray football that is kicked from a child who decided to chase after it. It is high stress, but I love it. 

All is well with Patrick. We had a very spiritual lesson. He enjoyed conference. I just hope he will be ready by Sunday. All my prayers will be towards him this coming week. We are still working to the 12th. I hope and have faith.

Overall, I don't have a lot to report. Seems like the weeks are going by faster and faster. I am just going to enjoy every bit of the Jamaica I love before I leave. I will enjoy jerk chicken, listening to patios, sharing the gospel, and more. 

I love you all,
Sister Pitt

In Between Conference!

Ackee Salt Fish And Roasted Bread Fruit

I'm Terrible!

Welcome To Jamaica!