Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome Sister Barlow!

Ah, so I have the sweetest little trainee, everrrrrr. Her name is Sister Barlow, she is from Idaho. She is tiny and so cute. She was born to be a missionary. She is so amazing, and she has only been in Jamaica for a few days now. Man, it's so much easier to train the second time around. It is so funny to watch Sister Barlow react to Jamaica. She has a little bit of culture shock, but it's so funny because she is going through exactly what I went through when I first got here. I just forgot that there was a time that all of this was completely foreign to me. Now I'm so used to it, that I forget that certain things might be weird for her. haha It's all good though, she handles it like she is a pro. But, I've been able to go back in my mind to a year ago when I first got to Jamaica and tell her about all my funny experiences and getting used to the culture and the people. It's more fun to train an American, because Jamaicans are already used to all of this. 

Well, I just hate bad news, but sadly Martel (our investigator) is "in love" (white skin attraction) with me, and I told him that there is no way anything will ever happen between us. I also explained that as a missionary I am here to serve the Lord, and not pursue personal relationships. Poor guy. Why has God cursed me with my perfect body and ridiculously good looking face? hahahha I'm joking. Man, I'm really sick of this. I just want to teach a nice guy, who is interested in the Gospel and not in us as missionaries. Is that really too much to ask? 

Well we had another wonderful lesson in Treasure Beach. The lady, Sister Gayle, from Canada is on fire with missionary work. She is amazing. She invites so many people to hear about the Gospel, we are going to be busy, busy, busy with all of her referrals. People are way more receptive to hear about the Gospel down there. It's so weird, they are further away, yet they are more open to it. I really hope some of the elect few will find it in their hearts to make the 45 minute journey to church. I know it's not far, but transportation is extremely difficult on Sundays. They would have to pay extra to come. But, Sister Barlow and I taught a lesson to a big group of people about developing faith in Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong. These family home evenings have been the highlight of my teaching on my mission, and I can't wait to do more of them. They are going to get better as we pray, plan, and prepare for them. We are also going to go around individually to these people to share more about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. I'm so excited about it. I really am. I fasted yesterday for success in that area. Another cool thing though is that Sister Gayle finally came to church yesterday! Oh man, it was awesome. When the sacrament was being passed, she had tears on her face, it must have been a long time since she has been in church. She understands the blessings, and now she is striving her hardest to be back in all of it. She is also super friendly towards everyone. She would walk up to everyone and just start talking, she is a social butterfly. She said when she was active in her ward in Canada, she was a Ward Missionary. It really shows. I'm so grateful for this experience. I really hope good comes out of this. 

I have learned a lot this last week. I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse. I was a bit discouraged about staying in this area for three more months, especially because the results have been so minimum, but I know that I will push out as hard as I can the next three months so that I can look back and realize how using faith helped me and these people. I know sometimes things just don't make sense in the moment, but somewhere down the road, we will look back at our trails and smile. 

I'm grateful to have Sister Barlow, she has the spirit with her, and that is exactly something I need more. I've already been learning from her. She is humble and is willing to learn. We get along so well, I have no complaints. haha I'm excited to see how she grows in these next two transfers and especially how I grow as missionary as well. 

Love you all
Sister Pitt

P.S. Four girls, one bathroom=disaster.

Meet Sister Barlow!

Our Apartment Complex!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Just Know I'm Here For A Reason!

Well, transfer calls are in. Looks like I have another baby on the way! A nice brand new baby sister missionary. Funny thing is, my mother (Sister Woolf) and I are both having babies (trainees) at the same time. Only in Jamaica, am I right, or am I right? haha WELL, I'll be in Junction for another 3 months, to do her training. Just praying that maybe some success will be just around the corner. I am excited to train, I've learned so much since the last time I trained, so here is another adventure coming along. Sister Llewellyn will also be training, so we will have a four woman house. I guess the only thing I worry about is that we are sharing a bathroom... Yikes.

I guess I'll start with the crazy stuff. First off, I met a man who has 17 children, and 14 baby mothers... That is ridiculous. If there was some sort of competition going on, I think he won. It's so funny too, because this man is so fat, has boobs bigger than mine, and has no teeth. I'm not judging his looks or anything, but it was just so funny how proud he was of that. I didn't even know what to say. I just sat there speechless.

So a few weeks ago I was talking about, "Thriving in the Awkward." Well, nothing is more awkward than being at an investigators house and he comes out in a towel... Maybe I just have my missionary mind on, but I just had to turn around and look up at the sky awkwardly while he was talking to me... haha 

We have this awesome kid investigating the church right now. His name is Martel. He is great. He read the entire restoration pamphlet and he texts us saying, "I want to know more about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon." He has been praying and reading, so hopefully something good will come of it. He lives kinda far away out in the middle of nowhere, so getting to church is a problem, but he told us as soon as he gets shoes and he fixes his motorcycle, he will come to church. I really hope that is soon! He is so cool. He is 21, has dreads, is a singer, and is extremely intelligent. He is so hilarious as well. He was like, "I'm a virgin to this whole religion thing, so be patient with me." Sister Llewellyn and I were laughing forever about that. I think he really enjoys our lessons, and he understands, which is so amazing. 

We had another amazing thing happen this last week. There is a lady named Sister Gayle, who lived in Canada for 10 years. She joined the church there, and she moved back to Jamaica a few months ago. She moved out to Treasure Beach, which is about 45 minutes away from Junction. She is in our area. Anyways, we met up with her a couple weeks ago, and she told us that she would invite all her friends and family to hear about the gospel. (She hasn't been able to make it to church because she doesn't have enough money). But, on Saturday, she invited a big group of people to listen to our message! Oh man, it was amazing. She told us half of the people couldn't make it. This was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had on my mission. It was crazy because when we came, everyone was talking, and this crazy old lady started talking about hypocrites and calling Christians hypocrites. She was going on and on... There was so much contention in the room, the younger people were annoyed with the old lady. It was a weird situation. I was thinking in my head that this was a disaster. Sister Llewellyn stood up and was like, "Alright, alright, let's sit down. We are going to begin with a prayer." I stood up after that and explained that we as missionaries do not like contention or arguing. I explained that when we offer a prayer, that it is to invite the spirit. I said the prayer, I don't remember what I said, but as I was praying, you could literally feel the atmosphere change. When I said Amen, everyone was looking at Sister Llewellyn and I, in silence, waiting for us to begin. We spoke about Heavenly Father and His love for all His children. We also taught them about prayer. In one night we got seven new investigators! I think that is a miracle. I really hope it goes somewhere. Sister Gayle is a great lady. She is going to need a lot of help getting back into the church, but she loves it, and desires to bring her family into it. But seriously, it was just so amazing how quickly things changed as soon as a prayer was offered to invite the spirit. The spirit came, and it didn't leave. 

Okay so, many good things have been happening. The other day, I was in a taxi, reggae music was playing, a rasta taxi man was driving and talking to his friend in the back in patios. They were going on about Vybz Kartel getting put in prison. (He is some dance hall artist out here). Anyways, I looked out the window, with the wind blowing in my face and the sunset was so beautiful. In this moment I felt so much joy. My surroundings were loud and chaotic, but I felt this huge love for Jamaica and it's people. I felt a big love for this small island in the Caribbean. I felt content. I just know I'm here for a reason. I've already proved many times that reason, but I still have so much more to accomplish here in Jamaica. Whether it be to baptize someone, or to comfort someone in need. It doesn't really matter, but I will do what the Lord called me here to do.

"Faithful missionaries are their own best converts." Food for thought. 

Proverbs 28:25 (Read it with my complaints about gaining weight in mind)

I have to finish this up. I love you all so much. I think about you often. I pray for my family always. Be good, do good.

Blessed Jah Rastafari YUTE,
Sista Pet

P.S. Jerked fish is the best kind of fish.


Loving The Vibe Of This Place!
The Most Yummiest Fish EVERRRRR!

Sweet Eating Place!
THE Beach!

Chilling At The Top Of The Hill

Fun Sand Hill
Jamaica Kingston Mission JKM!
Sister Wolff And I

Being Blown Away!

Cowboy In Jamaica

President Gayle, Jesus and I
We Got Bikes!
Bike Riding NO Helmet Rebel!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Read It! Ponder It! Live It!

So, I think we have a winner for the best excuse as to why we can't go to someones house to teach them:  "I just got stabbed..."

Anyways, this was a great week. So much happened. Sometimes I can't believe how we do so much in a week, because back at home my greatest accomplishment would be watching an entire season of Doctor Who, in a week. The week didn't start fantastic. It actually started with a very sick stomach, but after much dehydration salts and sitting upon my throne for a few hours, all was well. (Haha, I'll probably regret writing that later in life).

Well, I found out I'm training again next transfer. (Most likely). I will probably be here in Junction. So that means three more months. Seven and a half months in Junction. Oh boy, I hope I can do this. haha I just really don't want to leave this place without making a difference in some way. But, this I do know, people here know I love them, and that is all that matters to me. I will do my best being a trainer, if the Lord calls me to that position. I learned so much from being a trainer last time, I hope I can do it again, but better. 

We had splits with the sister training leaders. It went well. I don't know, it's weird to me when you have been out longer than your leader, because they tell you things you already know. I guess that is where humility comes in, something that I will probably struggle with for the rest of my life. BUT, it was great. We found a bunch of new people to teach from Brother Collins. He just takes us everywhere. And he is blind. So if you ever have a dumb excuse not to do member missionary work, just remember that Brother Collins does it, and he is blind. We found some cool new guys to teach. Our teaching pool is mainly males. I enjoyed the tradeoff, because we got a lot done.

We had Zone Meeting again this week. It was awesome. It made me reflect on my personal prayers, and how absolutely terrible I am at them... Haha, see, I pray all the time, but I'm not too sure if they are 100 percent sincere. I need to work on that. I just get so distracted and tired as I pray, I bet God is up there thinking, "Oh boy, here we go again..." But, prayer is so essential for us as a missionary. Well, as human beings in general. An Elder shared a poem called, "He's Been There Before," by Elder Whittle. Look it up and read it, it was wonderful. It really touched my heart. It basically is about a missionary who is complaining, and then he receives a vision of the Savior and all that He went through. To me, the work isn't the hard part of the mission. The hard part is always having the spirit with you. I just don't get it, but I think as I improve my personal prayers, I will receive the spirit with more force. I've started saying vocal prayers in the bathroom at a whisper. It really helps me focus more. 

I know there are lots of questions and arguments about the validity of the Book of Mormon, but if you open it up, read it, and pray about it, you will find out of its truthfulness. I know with my whole soul that it is true. It becomes even more true as you act upon its teachings. I've been devouring the Book of Mormon lately. Sister Llewellyn was like, how did you get from Enos to Alma in like less than a week?! haha I read fast. I just love it. I feel so good as I read it. It makes so much sense. If you haven't read it, read it! I beg of you. Ponder it. Live it. Then all your doubts about God, about life, about everything will disappear.

Love you all, 
Sister Pitt

P.S. Sister Llewellyn washes her mouth out with soap. I told her that in America that is a form of punishment when we say a bad word. "Ohhhhhh fudgggeeeee." (A Christmas Story). She says it tastes good. Idk. hahaha

With My Homies!

Scripture Study!

Zone Meeting!


Brother Collins, Abby And Sister Llewellyn

Cake For Theo and Sister Llewellyn's 7 Months! 

Trail of Flour!

Theo Got Floured!

For The Beauty Of The Earth!

Creepy Man Blowing Up Our Phone

Chicken Head

Found An Awesome Backroad!

I Make These For People!
Sister Hudson And I!
The Precious Baby

Us And The Sister Training Leaders

Monday, March 10, 2014

Serve HIM With Your WHOLE SOUL

And all of a sudden I opened my eyes and it is eleven months... Ohkay. Time needs to slow down just a tad bit. I can barely breathe it's going so fast. This morning I was looking at my first journal entries of me here in Jamaica. I was lol-ing. So much craziness has happened since then. 

Sister Llewellyn and I are having a lot of fun. She is hilarious. I always try to get her to say, "I love you," but she always replies, "I'm not gay!" Last night we were laughing so hard about something and she bit me on my back, and then I proceeded to punch her leg. Tashana, who was feeding us was enjoying the entertainment. Sister Llewellyn is a very entertaining companion, everyday she does something so funny. 

So, I don't know if I've explained different churches here in Jamaica, but if not, here I go. So, basically, every church here is a "loud" church. They have a loud preacher, with a loud band and loud people screaming, "Hallelujah!" Here, they will pay you to pretend to be ill or hurt, and the preacher will "heal" them. You can make quite a bit of money pretending to be healed. And because of the loudness and mass hysteria, people believe that it's real. Many people get into the spirit... Which basically means they become monkeys, rolling around and speaking in gibberish, claiming they are speaking in tongues. To me it is all very silly and ridiculous, because you are feeling a spirit, but not THE spirit of God. It is a spirit of adrenaline and excitement, but not peace and love. If you happen to wear the same shoes to church twice here, people will talk behind your back. If you don't have a fancy hat on, some churches won't let you in. This is pride and preistcraft. I'm sure it is fun to watch, but it is not correct. There is one of these churches next to ours. When sacrament ends, the drums start up and the preacher starts going. It is muffled, because we are in closed, but you can hear it a bit. The contrast is amazing between the two churches. I'm so glad I have the knowledge of the true church. I'm so glad that every Sunday I can feel the true and everlasting spirit of my loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for the sacred emblems we partake of, in remembrance of the great and last sacrifice for all of our sins. 

Anyways, twas a great week. We worked hard. Still nothing of great importance, but we are trying our absolute best. I'm tired each night, which proves to me I'm working as hard as I can. We are talking to everyone, we are walking up and down the streets looking for anything that breathes to talk too. We are trying our best to be obedient in every way. If no success comes from this, at least I can stand blameless before the Lord. :) I love being a missionary, despite the never ending difficulties. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK MY DEAR KAYLA. I love you so much! I can't believe you are a teenager! 13 13 13! I miss you so much, I pray for you each day. Be a good example to your friends. Be a light to those who are in darkness. I remember the day you were born. It is so vivid in my mind. I remember being at the hospital and watching Ed, Ed, and Eddy. haha. I remember when you first came home and we gave you a bath. I remember when I was supposed to be watching you in your walker and you fell down the stairs and cut up your face real bad... Oops, sorry. haha I remember when I cut your hair, and I blamed you for doing it... Once again, sorry mom... 

Mosiah 2:20-21 and Words of Mormon 1:18 Serve him with your WHOLE SOUL. <3 That is what my goal is for the next 7 months, and the rest of my life. I want to serve God with my whole soul, not just a portion, not just a little bit, but with everything. I know that this is a huge goal, and I may never accomplish it fully, but as long as I am doing my best, the Lord will strengthen me to do the rest. 

Love Always and Forever,
Sister Pitt

Brother Tillock
Abby Is So Cute!

Are We In Jamaica?

Birthday Party!

Everything Denotes There Is A God!

Family Home Evening!


Follow The Red Dirt Road!

Good Old Bob!

Happy Birthday Kayla!

The District!