Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I'm learning how to drive stick shift, finally. The only thing is, learning to drive stick is not as cute as it is portrayed in the movies. In the movies you see an attractive male teaching an equally attractive female how to change gears. He puts his hand on her hand, and they lurch forward and laugh at each other. All this is happening while a happy/romantic song plays in the background. Well, Sister Woolf and I didn't really talk while I was learning, and I picked it up really fast, so it wasn't cute. It was just normal.

This week we had Zone Conference, so we had to go into Kingston on Friday, early in the morning. President Hendricks leaves this week, and our new mission president, President Brown (the first Jamaican mission president), is going to be starting. Anyways, it was an excellent Zone Conference. President Hendricks told the coolest stories. He is a great man, and I am sad to see him leave, but I am excited to meet my new mission president! I had to bear my testimony at the conference, I always love doing that! There was an Senior Couple missionary Elder that bore his testimony, and what he said was so powerful. He said he was a former Lutheran and Scientist. He had so many doubts when he was investigating the church. He doubted the existence of God, and also wondered why having a "true" church even mattered. He said that as he learned more, the Holy Ghost bore witness to him, and comforted him. It reminds me in Joseph Smith History how he says, "I knew it, and God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it."

As a missionary you have great lessons, but more often, you have lessons that are absolute train wrecks. This doesn't happen because I am a bad missionary or a terrible teacher, it really just depends on whether the person is genuinely interested or not. Well this week, we were teaching a lady the first lesson, and she was so distracted the entire time. At the end I asked her how she felt about Joseph Smith, and she responds, "Well, I don't remember reading about him in the Bible, but I know everything the Bible says is true." Um... Okay, well Joseph Smith isn't in the Bible. We told you, this happened about 200 years ago. A return Jamaican missionary was telling us, if they don't grasp the basic concepts of what you just said simply, they were not paying any attention and they are not interested. It's annoying, but eh, so it goes.

Christina is doing great! We have July 6th as her baptismal date, but it will be an absolute MIRACLE if she actually goes through with it. I have no doubt in my mind that Christina will be baptized. I just know she will, but I don't think July 6th will be that day. I do have faith, trust me, but I am trying to have more faith in God's will, rather than what I want to happen. Christina just doesn't think she will be ready by that day, but we have it as a goal, just so we can work towards something. Anyways, we had her watch the restoration DVD, and she wanted to borrow it. She watched it about 3 times in a 48 hour period, before we went and saw her again. I am always so baffled at her progress each time we visit her. I can feel her testimony growing. I don't know when Christina will be baptized, because I don't know what she wants, and I don't know what God wants, but I do feel so much satisfaction sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her. If anything, I am planting a seed that she will hopefully, never be able to deny.

I was able to get a blessing from the Branch President last night. Oh man, it was a tender moment for me. I haven't had a blessing for a few months, and I really needed one. We as missionaries have been encouraged to get one from our Branch Presidents so we can build a foundation of trust and unity with them. I probably needed that blessing more than he did though. It was just amazing what he said. It was everything I needed to hear. I felt the the spirit so strong, I started to cry. I could not stop. I probably made everyone in the room feel uncomfortable, but the emotion of truth being manifested unto me was overwhelming. I just know that God's power and authority is on this earth. I CAN'T DENY IT, NEITHER DARE I DO IT.

I am so happy that everyday I get to wear my missionary name tag on my chest that boldly says, "JESUS CHRIST." I am wearing His name on my chest. But, more importantly, I am learning how to wear His name in my heart.

Love, Sister Pitt
22 Elder 1 Van

Correlation Meeting

God Be Praised

Jumping in Jamaica

Awe ... SO Cute!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Crazy Week!

This week was crazy. I don't even know where to start... I'll just start from the beginning (last week Monday). Every Monday we go eat at a members house and participate in Family Home Evening with them. I had the pleasure of eating COW FOOT this week. Did I say pleasure? What I really meant to say was, HORROR. Is it bad that I asked the lady who made it for us to retrieve a napkin for me, while I picked it up and threw it in the bush? What they don't know won't hurt them, right? I promise, I tried it, I just could not swallow it. It's basically like tough gelatin. Yum!

We were walking in Linstead this last week, and I had to dodge a lady and I split open my toe. It's totally fine, it was just bleeding everywhere, and I asked a woman at the post office for a tissue or napkin and she pulls it out of her pocket. I'm pretty sure it was clean. Anyways, some Elders were calling us to ask us a question, and when I told them that my toe was all bloody, they got all concerned. I was all like, "It's just a minor flesh wound." (Monty Python reference, by the way).  

Zone meeting was this week. The Zone Leaders told us to only write spiritual things home. HA HA. As the ancient native Hawaiians like to say, "Ainokea." I'm sorry, so much fun stuff happens out here, so my letters are usually half and half. Zone meeting was really great. I learned a lot about how to be a better missionary. After that, I went on a trade-off with one of the Sister Training Leaders. Her name is Sister Bezzant and she came to Linstead. So, I was in charge of Linstead for 24 hours. Yikes. The Lord really was on my side, because everything worked out perfectly. I was so nervous because Sister Woolf and I usually make decisions together, but I had to do this on my own. While Sister Bezzant was here, we were driving down a dirt road, and there was a goat that would not move in the middle of the road. We couldn't go around it, so I had to get out, in the pouring rain and move the goat. I wish I could have gotten that on film, because I probably looked ridiculous. Speaking of goats, the people we live with have goats, and a baby goat was born this week. It is so cute. I hate big goats. I like baby goats. 

Our investigator, Christina, is just so awesome. This week she got into a car accident! She is fine, just a little scraped up and sore. We went to the hospital and made her a get well soon card. She calls us to read with her from the Book of Mormon. She even asked us to say a prayer with her over the phone. AND she came to church with a neck brace on and a bandage on her head. During class she turns to me and says, "I want to be baptized." WHOA. HOLD THE PHONE. She was expressing a few concerns, but we are going to visit her this week to help her understand more and set a date with her. She is so ready for the gospel. She brought a friend with her to church. She has showed her mom the Book of Mormon and scriptures in it that talk about Jesus Christ. She even gave her mom a Gospel Principles book and her mom reads it everyday. Christina is too perfect! We haven't known her that long, but she is already a great friend of ours. The coolest thing is, that we would have never met her if we didn't happen to visit this one guy, who clearly wasn't interested, but we still felt like we needed to see him. While we were talking to him, she just showed up! Sister Woolf and I have been praying for those who are prepared and willing to hear the Gospel, and we found Christina. Prayers really are answered. Honestly, I don't feel like I am even doing anything. She really is in the Lord's hands. Heavenly Father put her in our path, and she is doing everything she needs to do to learn more. I just love her so much!

Yesterday, after church, Sister Woolf had to go to the hospital, because she was having an allergic reaction to something! She went to the doctor, and then she had to lay down at home the rest of the day. I fell asleep as well, and I guess I didn't realize how tired I was, because I was out. I also slept the entire night. Maybe I needed the rest as well, but weirdly, I felt so guilty. I had an excuse, because I can't do anything without my companion. She doesn't seem to be getting better, but hopefully today, the more rest will help her. 

What else happened? Hmm, I got to play soccer a.k.a football with a bunch of Jamaican teeenage boys for a church activity. It was so fun. I am so out of shape... The next day I could barely move I was so sore. It was well worth it. One of the boys asked if I had played before, and as a joke I told him no. He got all worried. 

Okay well, I will leave off on a spiritual note. I've been reading all the April Conference talks and I love this quote by Elder Uchtdorf:

"Even after the darkest night, the Savior of the world will lead you to a gradual, sweet, and bright dawn that will assuredly rise within you."

Whoa. That is beautiful. God loves us. Because of his love, he sent his son. Jesus Christ is the life and light of the world. Only through Christ can we find peace, hope, and light. I've seen a lot of people facing struggles out here, I love knowing that they will find rest if they put their trust in the redeemer of all mankind. 

Sister Pitt

Brother Clarke

Cow's Foot

It Always Rains in Jamaica

Mama Davis

Monday, June 10, 2013

Here Comes 'TROUBLE'!

Everyone in Jamaica has a real name and then a yard name. A yard name is basically a nick name, but more based on your personality. Sister Woolf's yard name is 'Excitement.' Somehow, I have been given the name, 'Trouble Maker' or 'Trouble' for short. It's mainly because I keep trying to scare the Branch President by hiding behind a wall then popping out and screaming at him. Hey, girls just wanna have fun. Speaking of fun, Sister Woolf told me that she didn't know a mission could be fun until I became her companion. (I'm not trying to sound cocky or anything, by the way haha). I thought it was the best compliment ever. I hope I can always maintain a positive and fun attitude while I'm out here. 

This week, a lot happened, but at the same time, not much. I mainly can't remember this week. It was a blur. We met this guy named Andre, who we thought was really cool, at first... Apparently he used to have his green card for the U.S. and he was even in the military. He went to Bosnia during that war that Bill Clinton stopped. But, he got deported back here to Jamaica. I'm not sure what he did to get sent back here... He told Sister Woolf and I that he has died seven times, and God keeps bringing him back to life. He also rapped for us. I got it on film, but sadly I can't show any of you. Jamaicans are so willing to sing for the camera. Anyways, we probably are not going to teach him anymore, because he is crazy, and we just get a weird feeling from him. 

So, I'm not trying to brag or anything, but we are teaching a girl who is related to Bob Marley. I'm not even joking. Her name is Christina, and it's not like a super close relation, but she is. Christina is amazing. She told us when she was little she was extremely sick, and she would pray all the time to help her get through the hard times. She said she told God that she would search to find the truth. Christina has been to so many different churches, but says none of them feel right. We taught her, gave her a Book of Mormon, and invited her to church. We only met her a week ago, and she has already started reading, and she wanted to come to church. We taxied with her, which was extremely fun. Only in Jamaica would you be smashed in a cab with a man with dreads driving, reggae music playing, and the guy next you reeking of marijuana. Anyways, Christina told us she loved church! She is awesome and so willing to listen and learn. We have been developing a great friendship with her. Pray for Sister Woolf and I as we work our hardest to help her progress in the Gospel!

I don't feel like I have much to say today! I guess I'll just leave on this thought: So, we were singing the song, "I Hope They Call me on a Mission," with a family out here. I was thinking about how in primary I used to sing it loud with all the other children. At that time, I never in my wildest imagination thought I would actually serve a mission and be in Jamaica, of all places. It's just crazy to think back to that moment, and realize what has become of me. I'm so grateful to be out here. I am grateful for the gospel. I am grateful for the love that I have for the people here. They are all so amazing, and unique. Today is my two month mark, that went so fast... 

I've grown more spiritually and mentally in this two months than any other time in my life. It took me 20 years to get to where I was, and then two months to have it all changed, for the better.

Sister Pitt

Christina! She's related to this guy!

Beautiful Jamaica!

Sister Reid

Friday, June 7, 2013

Life is Good!

I had the most miserable dream the other night. In my dream, I had finished my mission, all 18 months. I was at the airport completely devastated because, for some reason I could only remember the first 6 months of my mission, and the last year of it was gone. I tried so hard to remember the last year, and I just couldn't. In my dream I started sobbing. I was so angry that I had to go home without being able to recollect a single memory. When I woke up I was so overcome with stress. Thank heavens it's only been six weeks of my mission. The dream really made me think about how I need to savor every moment over the next 16 months. (On the 10th of this month will be my 2 month mark). The dream really made me realize how short my time is here, and how I need to really do my absolute best. This all made me sad for a moment, but after I contemplated the meaning of it, I realized that it was there to tell me that this is where I am supposed to be. Never in my life have I been so sure of anything. I'm so glad I had that dream to reaffirm my decision to be here. 

Sister Woolf and I got transfer calls, and we will be staying together for another 6 weeks here in Linstead! I'm so glad, mainly because I still haven't started driving, but every other girl that came at the same time as me has. It's not because I didn't want too, but I think our mission president forgot or something. There could be a possibility that I may be a Trainer come July... The reason for this is because there are so many new girls coming in. I don't know if I will, but there is a huge chance I could be.  

So, I finally got everything figured out at the police station! Hallelujah. You know in George of the Jungle when Ursula is found by George and her annoying boyfriend goes to the police to report the crime? "URSULA HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY THE WHITE APE!" Anyways, that police station, with all the men speaking Swahili, is exactly what the police station here in Linstead is like. You can't understand them, they all sit together and laugh at you. It's ridiculous. BUT, I finally got my police report. Now, I am no longer an illegal alien in Jamaica! 

So, I guess in Jamaica, it's a compliment to be called 'fat.' Anyways, Sister Woolf has been called fat about 4 times this week, and it is odd because she is way thinner than I am. She has been getting really upset about it. But, think of how I feel! Someone much skinnier than I, is being called fat. I feel like a whale. But, I guess they are just poking fun at her because she came here way skinnier. She looks the same to me, super thin, but whatever, Jamaicans are crazy. Last night we had 2 dinner appointments. Both plates were heaping with food. If I come home fat, you know the reason. I try my hardest not to eat that much during the day if I know we have to go eat dinner somewhere. They just feed you so much, it makes me want to puke. Speaking of puking, I almost did the other day eating at a members house. I seriously could not swallow her food. I had to eat it like I was taking a pill. Bleh. But I survived!

During our morning run, I heard an old cowboy song. It was blasting from a nearby house. I think it was Willie Nelson or somebody from that era of country music. It made me so nostalgic. It was so funny to me that Jamaicans had country music playing. Usually it's reggae music or the Alisha Keys song, "This girl is on fiyaaaaaaa..." (That is the only part of the song I know). They also frequently play Beyonce, so I get into my groove thang when walking down the street. Beyonce is my home girl. Since we can only listen to churchy music, I have never found so much comfort in Hymns. I sing them all the time, even though I am awful at singing. Come Thou Fount has become a personal favorite along with Lead Kindly Light. I just love the words to them, they make me feel so comforted. Sister Woolf has some EFY CD's, which I absolutely hated at first, but now I know all the words. 

Okay, well now I have some great, fabulous, amazing NEWS! I left it for last. We had our first baptism! Bryan Anthony Hogarth. 26 years old. I haven't been teaching Bryan from the beginning, but I really was happy to be a part of him getting to the waters of baptism. It was awesome, but also so stressful. Let me tell you, Satan did not want this man to be baptized. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong! It was crazy, and hectic, but in the end, it all worked out. The biggest stress was the font. Sister Woolf and I went super early to fill the font, but the water pressure was so low! His baptism was supposed to be at 6 p.m. but, we ended up having it at around 8! The water was still so low that the Elder that baptized him had to kneel, and Bryan had to sit. When he was finally immersed under the water, I felt so much joy. Bryan has found the truth. He has found what millions of people around the world are looking for. He has found the key to happiness! I can't even express to you how ecstatic I was about this! I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry. I'm being dramatic, but seriously, he has taken the first step! He is on the road to exaltation, and if he can endure, he will receive his place in Heaven. Bryan was so happy. He said he felt like he was walking on clouds. The next day when he received the Holy Ghost was also so sweet. I could just see the joy in his face. I am so grateful to be apart of this work. I am so glad I got to be a mouthpiece for the Lord. Just seeing this all happen, makes my faith in Christ grow stronger. I'm speechless, but at the same time, I could go on forever. 

Family, I miss you. I really do. I think about you often, but not enough to the point of homesickness. I mainly think about how joyous the reunion will be in late 2014. I also think about all the Doctor Who episodes I need to catch up on when I get home... Well, 16 more months to go makes me feel relieved. I've got so much to learn, so much to do, and hopefully so many people to help! Read the scriptures, do what is right, pray always, never be sad, always be joyful, go to church, sing some songs, watch the sunset, let chocolate melt in your mouth. LIFE IS GOOD. Yes, I won't deny that there are so many people facing trails in the world, but with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all man kind can find ways to escape those trials. LIFE IS GOOD. Enjoy it.

Sister Pitt


Bryan Anthony Hogarth
Waiting for the Font to Fill Up
Talking With Bryan Before His Baptism

NO Printer to Print a Program

In Front of the Church with Tiana and Sister Woolf

Coin Kallie Sent Me

FINALLY Got to See Sister Savage