Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye Sister Wolff - Hello Sister Coleman!

Before I get to my new companion, how transfers went, and what not, I will explain the start of last week. It was quite fun and hectic.

Alright, so we were visiting with a less active member, who joined the church in his teens. He is now Rasta, obviously the easier path as far a religion goes. I mean, what do you do as a Rasta besides grow out your hair, become a vegetarian, smoke weed, and praise Jah? Sister Woolf said to him, "You know, you are still a member of the church." And he responded, saying, "You can't tell me what I am." I was trying to be funny and I was like, "Once you are Mormon, you are Mormon forever. Mwahahaha!" (I really did do that evil laugh). He didn't think it was as hilarious as Sister Woolf and I did. I still am trying to remember that most people probably don't realize I'm joking around. 

In Sister Woolf's and I's companionship, I killed the bugs. The other day in our apartment a HUGE centipede (A.K.A 40 Legger, to Jamaicans), was crawling across the floor. I had to grab the machete and chop it up into tiny pieces while Sister Woolf stood on the chair and screamed. It was hilarious. What is she going to do without me? Wait... What am I going to do without her?! We had a little TOO much fun. Another incident that happened on Tuesday evening was we were driving to see someone, and there was a goat on the side of the road, and his rope was tied to the other side of the road. Tiana (a girl who comes out teaching with us) told me to just drive over the rope. BIG MISTAKE. The rope got caught on something and the truck started to drag the goat under us. I heard a thunk, and I thought I killed the goat. I screamed so loud and we had to hand Tiana the machete to cut the rope and I had to drag the goat out. Yes, it was an eventful night. And, somehow a machete is always involved here in Jamaica. (Machete A.K.A. Cutlace to Jamaicans).

Big things are happening in our apartment. First off, we got a washing machine! One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! We also got a new shower head. So, now I can actually get completely soaked, instead of having to put one limb in at a time. The water is still cold, but I'm completely used to it now. Sister Woolf was mad that this all happened right when she was leaving. Oh well. I will be here for 2 more transfers, so I'm stoked. (3 months). 

Transfers were on Wednesday. We drove to Spanish Town to meet the newbies. We sat around all day, because they were taking forever in Kingston with interviews and what not. It was fun, we just sat in air conditioning and talked until the new people came. My new companion is Sister Coleman. She is from Port Moore, Jamaica. She is as Jamaican as it gets. Sister Woolf and her are complete opposites, the drastic change is actually quite humorous. Sister Woolf wasn't much of a cook, and Sister Coleman makes huge Jamaican meals all drenched in oil. Also, sometimes I can't understand Sister Coleman's accent and patios, but that's okay, I'll get it. She has been teaching me some patios sayings, so that has been fun. Maybe I will come home talking like a Jamaican. It's crazy how no matter how different Sister Coleman and I are, we have something that is exactly the same, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Oh man, Gabrinah, our investigator is just progressing like it's nobody's business. She understands everything, perfectly. I organized a place for her to stay on the weekends. (At a families house who her mom knows). A lot of people have been willing to help me set it all up. Because I'm training, right now I have to figure a few things out for myself, as Sister Coleman gets used to everything. We have been non-stop busy. So many people to see and so much to do. We have been teaching lots of lessons, meeting lots of new people. The work is really moving forward in Linstead. Yesterday, Sunday was an amazing Sabbath day! SO MANY people came to church. Lots of members, less actives, and investigators. Even random people who showed up out of nowhere. It was awesome and everyone seemed to love being there. 

Overall, everything is great. I don't have much to say this week. It's been busy, fun, interesting, and an adjustment. I miss my dear Sister Woolf, but Sister Coleman is great. Only downside, she snores... hahaha oh well :) I have been learning a lot from the scriptures and from Preach My Gospel. I feel a lot of responsibility as a trainer, and it's really nerve racking. I like taking charge though, I've never really enjoyed being in the passenger seat. It will be awesome to see Sister Coleman blossom. Hopefully I can be the best example for her and learn how to help her take charge as well.

Much Love and Aloha,
Sister Pitt

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