Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I had no idea that there were so many different types of mangos in this world. All I knew is that we had a mango tree in our yard, and we just called them mangos. But here you have, common mangos (they are really stringy), green skin mangos, julies, east Indians, plummy, cows-foot mango, and so forth. Anyways, after the last few weeks, I pretty much have a different type of mango everyday. People have so many that they just give us huge bags of them. They are literally falling from the trees. Before I came to Jamaica, I really didn't like fruit all that much, but because everyone gives us it for free, I eat it. It is also melon season, so we are getting a ton of watermelon. We eat sour sap, plantains, bananas, cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapples. (The pineapples here are not as good as back at home though). But everything else is delightful. Jamaicans are awesome. If you just go to their house they will walk out to their garden and give you a big bag of things for free. 

Also, jerked chicken is the best thing ever. It is a must have if you ever come to Jamaica. It is spicy and delicious. It leaves your mouth all tingly. Just be careful they don't pour rum all over it and you're good!

So Jermaine is Lilly's grandson. He is the biggest pothead I have ever met. Anyways, I was talking to him and I asked him, "So Jermaine, what are you going to do for the rest of the day?" and this was his reply, "Smoke some weed." At least he is honest, I guess...? Really though, most people here smoke weed. Even if it is illegal, cops will smoke it. I swear when I had to go to the police station I smelt it... haha It isn't an enforced law. Actually no law in Jamaica is really enforced. I guess some people would say that it is freedom, but I don't see it that way. Especially because of the amount of violence and things that go on here because of drugs and cops and laws. This place is still amazing. It is really unique and special. I think that the people here are the most beautiful people I've ever met. They struggle a lot, but they survive on what they have. I have seen a lot and heard a lot that I wouldn't even want to mention, but I know that if they can accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives, they will be blessed beyond measure.

This week while teaching Lilly, we had a special moment. We were reading with her from 3 Nephi chapter 11. That is when Christ appears to the Nephites after His resurrection. He addresses them and commands them to come forth and feel of the nail prints in His hands and feet. They then proceed to go up, one by one, and feel for themselves. Lilly started to cry. She started praying to God, thanking Him for Christ. She was overcome with emotions, and the spirit of the Lord was so strong. She was picturing herself there with Christ. Her faith in Jesus Christ is stronger than mine... I was truly humbled, because I realize I have so much to work on. She has such a childlike faith, and she has been truly humbled through her life. I really hope all works out, and she gets baptized. Even if I'm not here, I will have the joy to know that she has accepted the truth into her life. She tells us every time we see her how much she loves us and how grateful she is that we left our homes to bring her the true and living gospel. Beautiful.

I just love this Gospel. I love knowing who I am, and where I am going. I know that the only way to true happiness is by LIVING the gospel. It isn't just by accepting it, or knowing about it, it is LIVING IT. The happiness you gain from it can be contagious. As others observe our joy, they will desire to know the source of that happiness in your life. I'm working on being more converted to this. I made a list of all the characteristics of the converted. Here it is:
-Desires to do good.
-Does not rebel against the Lord or his chosen servants.
-Shares the Gospel.
-Filled with love for everyone.
-Reads the scriptures.
-Prays always.
-Serves others selflessly, without complaint.
-Avoids all forms of evil, and the appearance of evil.
-Attends church JOYFULLY.
-Magnifies their calling.
-Are not vain and egotistical. Doesn't draw attention to themselves, but glorifies God in all things.
-Does not gossip about others.
-Associates self with good friends.
-Focuses on uplifting thoughts, and pushes out the negative or impure.
-Strives to develop the attributes of Christ.
-Has a joyful countenance.
-Bears testimony by word and deed.
-Loves Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Nobody is perfect. We are not going to develop all of these characteristics, but I'm making it my life-long goal to do so. :) Nothing is more fulfilling than becoming a better person each day.

Sister Pitt


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Monday, May 19, 2014


So much happened this week... This email is probably going to be the most jumbled thing ever, but it was an awesome week, so I hope I can sufficiently explain everything.

First off, we had an amazing experience while inviting our dear investigator Lilly, who is 85, to be baptized. In the morning, we were praying to God, asking Him which date would be best. Sister Barlow and I were stuck between the 7th and the 14th of June. We said another prayer, and both agreed on the 14th. We were a little worried about her concern of being baptized again, but we prepared a lesson for her all about the priesthood authority with references to the Book of Mormon. When we taught her, and then invited her to be baptized on the 14th of June, she got this HUGE smile on her face. She started saying, "That's my day! That's my day!" We were kinda confused, but then she told us that June 14th is her BIRTHDAY! She without a doubt accepted the baptismal date. She explained to us how she has already prayed and asked God if this is the truth and this is the church that He wants her to join. She got a YES from God. She has come to church the last two Sundays, and she loves it. She has been reading every single pamphlet, she has been reading the Book of Mormon. She loves everyone at church. At church, during relief society, she explained how she was looking for a church to go to, and God sent Sister Barlow and I to her. My heart is full of joy. Lilly is amazing. She is truly one of the prepared. She is 85, but she is the spunkiest 85 year old ever. She talks so much, and she is so full of life. She had attended a different church for 14 years, and left that church, because she knew it wasn't true. I am so happy that I will be able to be at her baptism. Just pray that this will all work out! I have faith that she will be baptized. I'm so excited! :) 

There are so many people looking for the truth, they just don't know where to find it. We have to be those who bring it to them! Talk to everyone. We had another great experience while going out with Sister Gayle down in Treasure Beach. We went to go visit an investigator who hasn't been picking up his phone and we ended up meeting his wife. We talked to her, and she became a new investigator, but she doesn't seem 100 percent interested. But, after that we walked over to the house next door and the lady happily invited us in. She told us that she had a feeling that she would meet people today who would help her. Can you believe that? So neat! She is really excited to continue to meet with us. 

We have another investigator who's name is Percy. He is 27 or so. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, and he is really annoyed with all the churches in his area. He has been to so many, and he doesn't understand why all of them are wrong. He firmly believes in God, and knows that God has to have some sort of truth out there. He is awesome. He had questions about fasting because he heard that churches do that, and we didn't even ask him to fast, and he just tried it out for himself to see if he could do it. He says that he wants to see if he can do the little things, so eventually he can do the "hard things" the true church requires. I just love him so much. 

We had 3 investigators at church! Sister Gayle brought them all in her taxi. Lilly, Semone, and Sister Gayles son, Jermaine. (But we probably won't be teaching Jermaine much longer because he has developed a big creepy crush on me). They loved it so much, and the branch was so accepting of them. I am so grateful and just loving the mission. It really is true to say that the hard times or bad times really make you appreciate the good times. I've had some rough patches on my mission, but I am so happy that things are looking up at this point in time!

We had Zone Conference this last week. It was great. I really felt the spirit, and was edified. President Brown talked a lot about, "desire," and how to develop it more. They then talked about first impressions as a missionary. I am trying everyday to be a missionary that smiles at everyone, and talks to everyone, despite how difficult it can be. It's hard to smile at people who are rude, but sometimes a smile can be the only testimony you get to share with them. Sister Vance said something that really touched me. She was talking about how I have an ability to make people around me feel comfortable and feel like we are long time friends. I'm not trying to brag at all, but I really needed that compliment. Every once in a while it's nice to get some reassurance. 

On a side note, I think there is at least one day each week that I forget my name tag. You think I would have learned by now. 

Anyways, this truly was an amazing week. There is so much more that I learned and that happened, but I don't have all the time in the world. I truly love my Father in Heaven. I love that He sent Jesus Christ to this world, to be our savior. I know that this Gospel is true. I know that as we not only outwardly appear to live the gospel, but inwardly live it as well, we will see miracles. God blesses those who seek him earnestly. God gives liberally to all that ask. I wish I could write the feelings of my heart, but it's an emotion that I cannot express. I know with all my heart that this truly is the work of the Lord. I can feel even more change taking place within my soul, and I know it is because of the influence of the Holy Spirit in my life. When I think of the world and the worldly things, I have lost all desire to be apart of it. Of course, I will eventually have to go home, but I will be in the world, but not of it. Can you imagine the day we will leave this world to be with God? How amazing that will be! 

Love and Respect,
Sista Pitt

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Best Moments...

The best moments of being a missionary is when you can look someone in the eyes, who you have never before met, and feel immediate love and compassion for them. I won't lie, there are some people I struggle to feel this way about, but I am trying each and everyday to develop the characteristics of Christ. I just love being able to see them how our Father in Heaven sees them. He loves them unconditionally. President Monson has said, "When we treat people merely as they are, they will remain as they are. When we treat them as if they were what they should be, they will become what they should be." If we meet a person for the very first time, I try to picture them wearing white, entering into a covenant with God. It is hard, and they always do something which totally distracts the image I've created in my mind, but I know that is how Heavenly Father sees them. He sees them perfectly, despite all their imperfections. We were all once perfect, little children, who could do no wrong. We were once spirits who chose the plan of the Father. Now we are here, facing the realities and temptations of life. Thank heavens for the redemptive power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We can become, we can change, and we can be who our Father wants us to be. 

I only have a transfer left in this area. It breaks my heart, because I have loved these people with my whole soul. It hasn't been easy here. It has been difficult. Not a lot of outward success. BUT, with faith, I have seen little miracles, here and there. I sometimes wonder why Heavenly Father sent me to Jamaica, and why specifically Junction. I have realized that maybe I will never find out why, until I die, but I am convinced it was for a very special reason. Maybe it was to simply teach me lessons I needed to learn. Maybe Heavenly Father is trying to shape me so somewhere down the road, I will be able to endure a trial or help someone with my new knowledge of the Savior. I just am eternally grateful. I love this little branch out here. I will put in a lot of hours in the next 6 weeks, praying, working, and serving my Jamaican brothers and sisters of Junction. 

Of course a lot happened this week. Too much to explain, and I told you guys yesterday on skype a bunch of stuff. I'm at 13 months. I love our investigators. I love our members. They are so frustrating and they make me mad sometimes, but I will keep loving them. I think another great moment as a missionary is to realize that your investigators and members love you back. I feel it. It's a good feeling. 

Mom, I love you. Happy Mothers day. It was awesome skyping with you and the family yesterday. You are the best mommy ever! I'm so grateful to have you. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my mommy you'll be!" (And since we will live forever, that will be a very long time.) 

-Sister Caressa Ann Pitt

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Question of the week:
How do you get a rasta man to shut up?
You don't. He will talk you to death as he sips on his Red Stripe beer and smokes his spliff.
Just another day in Jamaica.

Anyways, this rasta man that talked our ears off, was trying to convince us that when Cain killed Abel, what the Bible really meant was "sugar CANE" killed him. He believes Abel died of high blood sugar. Boy, I laughed. He also was telling us, "I don't believe in God, at all." As we walked away he shouted at us, "God bless! One love." What? You don't believe in God? Okay. Rasta's are the funniest people ever. They really don't believe in anything, except ganja. I guess everyone is entitled to their own choices. I prefer to make my choices while I am not under the influence of anything that makes me believe that sugar cane killed Abel. I enjoy listening to them. It makes me laugh. But, if y'all ever come to Jamaica and decide to engage in a conversation with a rasta, plan for about 3 hours of you just sitting there, listening to their philosophies. It's the best, ever.

This week was awesome. On Tuesday we had an all Sisters meeting in Kingston at the mission home. It was so fun. We got to see all the sisters from the mission. When I came out there were eight all together, now there is almost 30! Anyways, our apartment was asked to do a skit. It was based on how to act around Elders, and how NOT to act around Elders. I wish I had filmed it, it was hilarious. Anyways, Sister Llewellyn and I, were acting as the Sisters. Sister Barlow and Sister Rampersad dressed up like Elders. I won't even explain it, because it's a "had to be there moment" but President Brown was laughing so hard, even if it was really silly and dramatic. He was like, "I loved that skit. It really pointed out the verbal and nonverbal ways that we send messages to other people." I was like, we were just trying to be funny, I didn't even think of that... haha Oh, also, there are 30 sister missionaries, and about 90 something Elders, and us Sisters are leading the mission in numbers. Isn't that awesome? And, only a few sister companionships have cars. That was a fun fact to see. 

Yesterday Sister Barlow was trying to figure out who this kid was that came to church, she said, "What did Romaine look like?" I was like, "Oh, he was the black one." We laughed. Everyone is black. That is why it's funny. Here in Jamaica if they are trying to tell you apart they will call you "black black," if you are really black. They will call you "black," if you are a bit lighter. They will say, "brown," to describe browner skin, and "brown brown," to explain that they are basically white looking, but you can still tell they are black. It's confusing, but I've adapted it. Oh, and if you are white, you are basically just a, "whitey." It's so simple. They should adapt this way of describing people in America. What is with, "Oh an African-American with a mix of Indian and Caucasian." When you can just say, "brown." I just love how politically incorrect it is here, life is simpler, and you they never worry about offending other people. 

There is a man here named Brother Tillock who calls us his daughters. It's the cutest thing ever. He brings cookies for us to eat at church. I hope I am an old person like that someday. Carrying around cookies to give people. There is another old lady, Sister Thomas, who is about 94. She wants to die so bad. Every time I talk to her she is saying, "I can't wait to meet Jesus. Oh, if only I could see the kingdom of Heaven right now." Then she gets this look In her eyes like she can already see it. She told me that she doesn't have any clothes that fit her anymore, because she has lost a lot of weight. She said there is no point in buying anymore, because she is going to die anyways. Wouldn't it be great if we could all view death like she does? She wants to leave this life for a better one. She wants to meet her Savior. Her faith is so strong that I doubt anyone could doubt her sincerity or her testimony. 

I hate Satan. And I know he really hates me. He does everything he can to get me down. I suppose I'm winning the battle. I'm still going, I'm still pressing forward each day. HA, take that Lucifer, ye shall never prevail against Sister Pitt! My faith is built on the foundation of Christ. Take that you dumb devil! Oh, I wish he wasn't real. But he is very real. I see it as he works so hard to tempt our investigators to not read the book of Mormon and to not pray. I see it as he puts doubts into their minds after they've had a spiritual experience. I see it all the time. I think the funny thing is that the being or spirit with the strongest testimony of our Redeemer is Satan. That is why he works so hard. I mean, he has all the time in the world to work hard against us. He doesn't have a body, so he doesn't have to eat or sleep. Maybe that is where the term, "No rest for the wicked," comes from. Who knows? But, I know that if you believe in God, you have to understand that the "Old Scratch" will be out to get you. He covets our bodies. He wants power and glory. Next time you feel tempted, just know that Satan is just trying to drag you down to the deepest parts of hell. Just as God lives and Jesus Christ lives, Satan is present, yet the only time he can have dominion over us, is if we allow him. We are free to choose liberty and eternal life, or captivity and death. Choose wisely.

On a happier, more loving note, I just love this Gospel. I love restored truths, and I love when my mind has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit. I love, while reading the scriptures or hearing a talk, that deep stirring within the soul which prompts me to make changes in my life. I love actually being able to see myself being converted. I'm far from perfect. I never will be, until I reach the highest degree of glory, which I do not doubt I will reach, ONLY IF I continue to do what is right in this life. I love being prompted to do good. I love developing attributes of Christ, which are so difficult to obtain, but possible, if we ask our Father for strength. I realized that the growth I have made in the period of a year would have taken me 10 plus years to have if I had never decided to serve a mission. I think what I love most, is no matter the person, race, nationality, culture, etc... God LOVES everyone. If everyone had that knowledge, then it would be so much easier to love those around us. The world would be a better place. As John the Beloved states, "He who loveth God, loveth his brother also." I still have so much to improve on. I still have so much to do. The work is never ending, and if people think they will be resting in Heaven, think again. There is still work to be done. I mean, of course, we have an eternity to improve and progress, do people really think they will just be sitting down forever, drinking lemonade? No way. God has more for us than we think. We are to become LIKE HIM. 

Well, enough with my soap box. Time to go. I love you all.

Sister Pitt

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"If You Go To War, Don't Go In A Loincloth"

I think I mentioned this a year ago, but I HATE POLICE STATIONS in Jamaica. We lost our license plate on the back, and I have to get a police report for a new one. The traffic officer is never there, and everyone is always late. For some weird  reason the station always smells like marijuana. I can't tell if it's because they have confiscated a bunch of it, or they all smoke it in the back... Who knows?... 

I smacked my head so hard on the bunk bed. I was going to kneel to pray and then BAM. All the other sisters were like, "that was so loud..." I have a huge bump on my forehead. I was just laying on the floor groaning for about 5 minutes trying not to cry. I think the hit may have caused me to have weird dreams, because this last week my dreams have been on some sort of an acid trip. 

Oh, also, because I'm with Sister Barlow, and she is so small and cute, everyone refers to me as "The big one." Jamaicans, so blunt. Gotta love it. 

Anyways, this week was an alright week. Nothing amazing happened. Just plugging along each day trying to fulfill my purpose. I wish I had some cool story to tell you, but sometimes this becomes mundane, especially when people tell you to your face, "I am coming to church," but they never show up. So, I just want to stress the importance of member missionary work. It is so important to share the Gospel with people you know, and bring them to church. It saves the missionaries so much stress and heartache, if the members will just do their job. I can't remember who said it but they said, "Members are full time finders. Missionaries are full time teachers." Jamaicans don't want to listen to two white girls, they need a friend. Likewise for back at home. Most people are apprehensive towards missionaries, but if a member introduces the missionaries to the person, it becomes so much easier to have their heart opened. Honestly, here in Jamaica it is so easy to get people to listen to you, because everybody loves God and Jesus, but it's ineffective, unless the person has a connection with someone from the church. I was terrible with missionary work before my mission, but I see the importance and the need. You don't have to be perfect, you don't need to have a great knowledge of the Gospel, you just have to LIVE the Gospel. 

I've been thinking a lot about the wars in the Book of Mormon lately. Well, mainly because I'm in the latter chapters of Alma. Anyways, it talks all about how Moroni was going around fortifying the cities, to make them strong. He would take the weakest city, and protect it from the invading Lamanites. If we relate this to ourselves, then we have to take our weakest attributes or faults, and strengthen ourselves to protect us from the invading adversary. If we are like Moroni, then the very powers of hell will be shaken. Boy, I want to be a hell shaker, like Moroni. He is awesome. 

Also, if you go to war, don't go in a loincloth, silly Lamanites...

This church is true. It has the mighty priesthood of God. This priesthood is of great worth, something that cannot be learned in theology schools or bought by money. It is something that comes from faith and worthiness. It is in this church because Jesus Christ restored it through the prophet Joseph Smith. Oh how I love having this knowledge. <3


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