Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Question of the week:
How do you get a rasta man to shut up?
You don't. He will talk you to death as he sips on his Red Stripe beer and smokes his spliff.
Just another day in Jamaica.

Anyways, this rasta man that talked our ears off, was trying to convince us that when Cain killed Abel, what the Bible really meant was "sugar CANE" killed him. He believes Abel died of high blood sugar. Boy, I laughed. He also was telling us, "I don't believe in God, at all." As we walked away he shouted at us, "God bless! One love." What? You don't believe in God? Okay. Rasta's are the funniest people ever. They really don't believe in anything, except ganja. I guess everyone is entitled to their own choices. I prefer to make my choices while I am not under the influence of anything that makes me believe that sugar cane killed Abel. I enjoy listening to them. It makes me laugh. But, if y'all ever come to Jamaica and decide to engage in a conversation with a rasta, plan for about 3 hours of you just sitting there, listening to their philosophies. It's the best, ever.

This week was awesome. On Tuesday we had an all Sisters meeting in Kingston at the mission home. It was so fun. We got to see all the sisters from the mission. When I came out there were eight all together, now there is almost 30! Anyways, our apartment was asked to do a skit. It was based on how to act around Elders, and how NOT to act around Elders. I wish I had filmed it, it was hilarious. Anyways, Sister Llewellyn and I, were acting as the Sisters. Sister Barlow and Sister Rampersad dressed up like Elders. I won't even explain it, because it's a "had to be there moment" but President Brown was laughing so hard, even if it was really silly and dramatic. He was like, "I loved that skit. It really pointed out the verbal and nonverbal ways that we send messages to other people." I was like, we were just trying to be funny, I didn't even think of that... haha Oh, also, there are 30 sister missionaries, and about 90 something Elders, and us Sisters are leading the mission in numbers. Isn't that awesome? And, only a few sister companionships have cars. That was a fun fact to see. 

Yesterday Sister Barlow was trying to figure out who this kid was that came to church, she said, "What did Romaine look like?" I was like, "Oh, he was the black one." We laughed. Everyone is black. That is why it's funny. Here in Jamaica if they are trying to tell you apart they will call you "black black," if you are really black. They will call you "black," if you are a bit lighter. They will say, "brown," to describe browner skin, and "brown brown," to explain that they are basically white looking, but you can still tell they are black. It's confusing, but I've adapted it. Oh, and if you are white, you are basically just a, "whitey." It's so simple. They should adapt this way of describing people in America. What is with, "Oh an African-American with a mix of Indian and Caucasian." When you can just say, "brown." I just love how politically incorrect it is here, life is simpler, and you they never worry about offending other people. 

There is a man here named Brother Tillock who calls us his daughters. It's the cutest thing ever. He brings cookies for us to eat at church. I hope I am an old person like that someday. Carrying around cookies to give people. There is another old lady, Sister Thomas, who is about 94. She wants to die so bad. Every time I talk to her she is saying, "I can't wait to meet Jesus. Oh, if only I could see the kingdom of Heaven right now." Then she gets this look In her eyes like she can already see it. She told me that she doesn't have any clothes that fit her anymore, because she has lost a lot of weight. She said there is no point in buying anymore, because she is going to die anyways. Wouldn't it be great if we could all view death like she does? She wants to leave this life for a better one. She wants to meet her Savior. Her faith is so strong that I doubt anyone could doubt her sincerity or her testimony. 

I hate Satan. And I know he really hates me. He does everything he can to get me down. I suppose I'm winning the battle. I'm still going, I'm still pressing forward each day. HA, take that Lucifer, ye shall never prevail against Sister Pitt! My faith is built on the foundation of Christ. Take that you dumb devil! Oh, I wish he wasn't real. But he is very real. I see it as he works so hard to tempt our investigators to not read the book of Mormon and to not pray. I see it as he puts doubts into their minds after they've had a spiritual experience. I see it all the time. I think the funny thing is that the being or spirit with the strongest testimony of our Redeemer is Satan. That is why he works so hard. I mean, he has all the time in the world to work hard against us. He doesn't have a body, so he doesn't have to eat or sleep. Maybe that is where the term, "No rest for the wicked," comes from. Who knows? But, I know that if you believe in God, you have to understand that the "Old Scratch" will be out to get you. He covets our bodies. He wants power and glory. Next time you feel tempted, just know that Satan is just trying to drag you down to the deepest parts of hell. Just as God lives and Jesus Christ lives, Satan is present, yet the only time he can have dominion over us, is if we allow him. We are free to choose liberty and eternal life, or captivity and death. Choose wisely.

On a happier, more loving note, I just love this Gospel. I love restored truths, and I love when my mind has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit. I love, while reading the scriptures or hearing a talk, that deep stirring within the soul which prompts me to make changes in my life. I love actually being able to see myself being converted. I'm far from perfect. I never will be, until I reach the highest degree of glory, which I do not doubt I will reach, ONLY IF I continue to do what is right in this life. I love being prompted to do good. I love developing attributes of Christ, which are so difficult to obtain, but possible, if we ask our Father for strength. I realized that the growth I have made in the period of a year would have taken me 10 plus years to have if I had never decided to serve a mission. I think what I love most, is no matter the person, race, nationality, culture, etc... God LOVES everyone. If everyone had that knowledge, then it would be so much easier to love those around us. The world would be a better place. As John the Beloved states, "He who loveth God, loveth his brother also." I still have so much to improve on. I still have so much to do. The work is never ending, and if people think they will be resting in Heaven, think again. There is still work to be done. I mean, of course, we have an eternity to improve and progress, do people really think they will just be sitting down forever, drinking lemonade? No way. God has more for us than we think. We are to become LIKE HIM. 

Well, enough with my soap box. Time to go. I love you all.

Sister Pitt

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