Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"If You Go To War, Don't Go In A Loincloth"

I think I mentioned this a year ago, but I HATE POLICE STATIONS in Jamaica. We lost our license plate on the back, and I have to get a police report for a new one. The traffic officer is never there, and everyone is always late. For some weird  reason the station always smells like marijuana. I can't tell if it's because they have confiscated a bunch of it, or they all smoke it in the back... Who knows?... 

I smacked my head so hard on the bunk bed. I was going to kneel to pray and then BAM. All the other sisters were like, "that was so loud..." I have a huge bump on my forehead. I was just laying on the floor groaning for about 5 minutes trying not to cry. I think the hit may have caused me to have weird dreams, because this last week my dreams have been on some sort of an acid trip. 

Oh, also, because I'm with Sister Barlow, and she is so small and cute, everyone refers to me as "The big one." Jamaicans, so blunt. Gotta love it. 

Anyways, this week was an alright week. Nothing amazing happened. Just plugging along each day trying to fulfill my purpose. I wish I had some cool story to tell you, but sometimes this becomes mundane, especially when people tell you to your face, "I am coming to church," but they never show up. So, I just want to stress the importance of member missionary work. It is so important to share the Gospel with people you know, and bring them to church. It saves the missionaries so much stress and heartache, if the members will just do their job. I can't remember who said it but they said, "Members are full time finders. Missionaries are full time teachers." Jamaicans don't want to listen to two white girls, they need a friend. Likewise for back at home. Most people are apprehensive towards missionaries, but if a member introduces the missionaries to the person, it becomes so much easier to have their heart opened. Honestly, here in Jamaica it is so easy to get people to listen to you, because everybody loves God and Jesus, but it's ineffective, unless the person has a connection with someone from the church. I was terrible with missionary work before my mission, but I see the importance and the need. You don't have to be perfect, you don't need to have a great knowledge of the Gospel, you just have to LIVE the Gospel. 

I've been thinking a lot about the wars in the Book of Mormon lately. Well, mainly because I'm in the latter chapters of Alma. Anyways, it talks all about how Moroni was going around fortifying the cities, to make them strong. He would take the weakest city, and protect it from the invading Lamanites. If we relate this to ourselves, then we have to take our weakest attributes or faults, and strengthen ourselves to protect us from the invading adversary. If we are like Moroni, then the very powers of hell will be shaken. Boy, I want to be a hell shaker, like Moroni. He is awesome. 

Also, if you go to war, don't go in a loincloth, silly Lamanites...

This church is true. It has the mighty priesthood of God. This priesthood is of great worth, something that cannot be learned in theology schools or bought by money. It is something that comes from faith and worthiness. It is in this church because Jesus Christ restored it through the prophet Joseph Smith. Oh how I love having this knowledge. <3


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