Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Transfers....I'm a TRAINER!

Transfer calls are in and... I'M PREGNANT WITH A DAUGHTER! (Or should I say, training a new Sister!) So, um. I'm nervous. Linstead has been rough, but hopefully with all your prayers, and our diligent efforts, we can get this place rolling along. Sister Woolf is going to Boulevard (Kingston) to be a Sister Training Leader! Anyways, I find out on Wednesday who I am training. There are four Jamaican sisters coming out, and one from England. I could be training a Jamaican and then they can teach me how to make Jamaican food, so someday I can cook it and you can all see how gross it is. hahaha Okay, it's not all bad, but the more you consume it, the more you are sick of it. I consider it a love hate relationship. Jerk is good. Rice and peas are good. And... That's about it. ha.

A lot has happened this last week. First off, I got an interview with President Brown, and I don't know what it is about that guy, but he always makes me cry. He has never interviewed Sister Woolf and I, so he wanted to get to know us. Can I just say, President Brown is the best Mission President, ever. He is so amazing! Anyways, I guess he could tell I was a little discouraged, and I just told him everything that has been going on in my mind and what not. I'm not going to lie, and my family knows this already, but I get really down on myself. President Brown told me what he thought of me when he first met me, and he told me of my potential and power. I felt like I was back home, with mom and dad telling me these things. It was comforting, and really gave me a sense of motivation to be better each day. Believing in myself has proven to be the most difficult part of my mission, but I know that any doubt comes from Satan, and I just have to always be positive. 

We have been giving Christina space, because if she isn't ready for baptism, we can't force her. We can only hope she will keep progressing and the members will always remember her. She called us the other night and said, "Hi Sisters! I think I have something like a... testimony. Yeah. I have a testimony to share with you girls." She then proceeded to tell us about a dream she had about the Book of Mormon. Apparently she was in water (she can't swim) and she was holding onto the Book of Mormon and it was keeping her afloat, and this guy kept telling her to let go, and she was yelling that she would never let go of the word of God. She said when she woke up she was reading the Book of Mormon and just started crying. She kept telling us that she believes that it is true. I then asked her, "Well, Christina, now that you know that this is the word of God, what are you going to do about it?" She then said, "Well, I have to come to church more. I have to repent and be baptized." What?! Yes! But, wait, it's not over... We went to visit her the next day and extended a baptismal date for her and she was like, whoa whoa, too soon. So, once again, slow progress with Christina, but I can only hope that someday in the future it all works out. 

We started teaching the girl named Gabrinah, who is 15 years old. She is AWESOME. Her mom is a Less Active, with a great testimony still. The problem with her mom is that she is super poor and gives all of her money to her children so they can travel to school. They live 30 minutes away from the church. Her mom's husband doesn't make much money, so the money they do make goes to maintaining their lives. It's so hard to say, "If you have faith, you can do it," when I've never been through what they are going through. Anyways, we are trying to figure out how Gabrinah can get to church. She was going to come on Sunday, but there are NO taxis in her area on Sunday. Rough stuff. Since Sister Woolf is leaving, me and my new companion are going to work with the branch president to find a member her mom knows that she can stay with on the weekends. Gabrinah wants to be baptized and she is so sensitive to the spirit. I love teaching her. Her baptismal date is September 28th! Pray that things will work out :)

The first thing Brother Walker said to me the other day was, "Sister Pitt, YOU ARE FAT!" Hahaha, if someone would have said that when I first got here, I would have been so offended, now i'm so used to it. They even call skinny Sister Woolf fat, so no big deal. But I said to Brother Walker, "No I'm not!" And he was like, "I have eyes, I'm not blind." I laughed for 10 minutes. Somehow I always get on the topic of my weight gaining abilities in these letters...

Sacrament meeting yesterday was great. The Elders in our area are doing awesome! They had seven investigators at church and 5 less actives! Church was full on Sunday. During the blessing and passing of the sacrament, I really tried my best to focus on the prayers and remembering all the promises I've made the Lord over the years. It was a tender moment, and I felt the spirit. As I waited for the water, I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me for all of my inadequacies and mean thoughts. When the water got to me, I paused for a minute, and then drank it. All at once I felt forgiven, I felt peace, I felt clean. My mind reflected back to my baptismal day. I remember going into the ocean, I remember dad, I remember the white dress, I remember the food afterward (of course), I also remember seeing the Temple in the distance. I remember mom talking at the little devotional thing at the visitors center. I think every sacrament meeting we should think about our baptism and the covenants we made with our Father in Heaven that day. It's so important to do this, and I know as we do it, we will feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. 

Overall, I can't believe it's another Monday. In a few weeks I'll be at 5 months. Sometimes, when I'm just sitting listening to goats and chickens, I can't believe I am here, in Jamaica, on my mission. I've been telling people for years about my desire to serve, and here I am now. I'm doing it. I'm accomplishing a goal. It all feels like some sort of dream, but it is a reality. It's like inception, with the little spinny thingy going round and round.

Alright (<how Jamaicans say hello and goodbye),
Sister Pitt

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