Monday, January 13, 2014

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To Me!

The best conversation this last week:
Indian man: Are you Jehovah Witnesses?
Us: No, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day... 
Indian man: AH! The Mormons, ah yes, I know about you.
Us: Oh, okay, cool, what do you know?
Indian man: You regard Joseph Smith as your prophet, correct?
Us: Why, yes we do!
Indian man: And he received the Urim and Thummim, correct?
Us: .....Yes.....
Indian man: What if I told you that I possess the Urim and Thummim?
Us:..... Um.....
Indian man: Let me get it for you.
Us: Okay?
Indian man: (Really excited) Ah! I tricked you! Joseph Smith couldn't correctly explain the Urim and Thummim, but they were in his eyes. He described it as stones, because nobody would understand that they were in his eyes! LOOK, they are in my eyes as well. (Opens his eyes really wide).
Us: (Trying not to laugh) Wow!

Then he proceeded to lecture us for thirty minutes about energy, about how weed cleanses your mind and how milk cleanses your body, he talked about how we are in the "alpha" age, he went on and on, doing crazy voices and jumping up and down. Someone has been smoking a little TOO much ganja, if you know what I mean...

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear MEEEE, happy birthday to ME! I'm 21... I was sitting and thinking about life and realized that if the prophet didn't change the mission age, I would still be at home. But instead, I'm halfway done with my mission. Weird. 

This week was a great week. We got a lot accomplished. The week began by having a fireside at the Hudson's home. It was a literal fireside. We made a bonfire, and roasted jerked hot dogs. Yum! We danced around the fire and reenacted that scene from Finding Nemo, "The RING OF FIRE! Shark bait Ooahaha!" Yeah, sometimes I still act like I'm a 12 year old, I just really don't want to grow up. I guess 21 backwards is 12. The next day we decided to serve our branch president, because his office was a mess. We cleaned up the whole thing and organized everything. We also put up a bunch of signs saying clever things (the picture will be included in this email). He was so appreciative of it, because he has a lot on his plate and he has no time for things like that. He is going to school, serving as a branch president, looking for a wife... ahha 

There is this weird trend here in Jamaica called, "bleaching." It is this skin bleach that they put on to make themselves lighter. I think it's really messed up that they do this, but it's a style for most people. Anyways, whenever someone asks me where I am from, I will say, "Jamaica!" They usually say, "No your not!" And then I will say, "Yes! I just bleached a lot..." They usually end up laughing quite a bit and I have been able to make a few friends this way. Jamaicans love people who can crack a joke. I'm not saying I'm hilarious or anything, but here in Jamaica you can't be a stiff, know-it-all. They can see right through you. If you are genuine, and really open up to them, they will LOVE you. 

We started teaching a few new people this week. Junction struggles, because of past missionaries and other problems, but it is moving forward. Slowly but surely. I laugh whenever I read, "The field is white already to harvest." No way, the scripture should be more like, "The field is rocky and you have to break up the ground and clear the land, then you can plant the seeds. Maybe after a few years you will harvest, depending on the weather and how much help you get." Haha, I'm joking, I seriously love this place. Junction is amazing. It's almost near impossible to get people to church, but hey, I am still doing my job! That is all that matters. If I am obedient, positive and work hard, I can consider myself a successful missionary. If I give up and lose faith, that is when I am not fulfilling my purpose. I have really learned that your attitude makes all the difference. 

Yesterday, we had a appointment that fell through. "She wasn't home." AKA She was hiding behind some bush or something, but that's okay! We decided to go to the Collins house to uplift and inspire them, and lo and behold, Michael (an investigator who is really promising was there!) Who would have thunk. The spirit led us to him. We were able to have a good lesson and figure out his concerns. Brother Collins testified of the truthfulness of this Gospel. It was awesome. At the end Michael said, "The Lord brought you here, didn't He?" I nodded. I can't say that he will progress, but hey, like I said, we are clearing the land, hopefully planting seeds, so that one day, the seed of faith will take root and grow into a tree. 

We are teaching Tashana's husband (she has been a member for a year). SO part member family, woot! He is great. They are the funniest couple. Tashana is probably 6 feet 3 inches tall, extremely black and thick. Kevin, her husband is about 5 feet 6 inches and light brown. They are the funniest couple, but I am happy we are teaching him. He is a slow learner, and can't read, but honestly, he needs to be involved in the gospel. And Tashana could really help him. They need to get closer to the Lord and in turn they will grow closer together. He has a baptismal date for February 22nd, so hopefully all things will work out. All according to the Lords timing, of course.

Well, that is all for this week. I don't have any birthday pictures yet, because we are having a birthday party for me this evening. :) I will get you pictures of that next week. Also, there is an Elder that I used to serve around in Linstead, who got hit by a car, he had to get brain surgery, but he is doing well. Please pray for the safety of all the missionaries around the world! Also, pray for me. I'm not trying to solicit prayers, but I need them. haha

Love you all!
Sister Pitt

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