Monday, January 27, 2014

"Tender Mercies"

SO, I decided to make a big "Tender Mercies" chart in our apartment. It is basically a thing where we can write all the tender mercies or blessings we had during the day. We can even write things we are thankful for. I want it to stay in the apartment for every sister missionary who lives there to write all the good, so maybe someday a struggling sister missionary can go look at the big poster and realize how good Heavenly Father is. It's also really fun. So far the poster has, "The Vance's gave us muffins as a treat!" OH, the perks of living by a senior couple. If you want missionaries to love you, feed them. We are going to write a bunch this next week. (The poster is really big, and we write small. It's been great trying to look for the tender mercies). 

The work is going good. You know, just plugging along. This area does struggle...

Sorry for trailing off there, a lady just walked in and told us to keep it down. Um excuse me, we were just giggling a little bit about emails we got, we are the only ones here, and we paid 300 JD to email in here... Obviously it's because I'm white. Hahaha jk (Look, I still have to work on patience. I wrote this to prove I am not perfect. I wish I was though). 

Anyways, back to explaining the work. So, this area is slow, and the branch is small. We do work hard though. We are obedient and we teach effectively. Sometimes I do sit and question what the deal is, but then I always remember that it's all in the Lord's timing. Also, sometimes He just wants you to work harder, in order for him to bless you with success. Sigh. But something that was amazing, we did splits with the Sister Training Leaders. (Sister Woolf and Sister Evans). I went with Sister Evans. But, Sister Woolf told me that she did tradeoffs with Sister Coleman, and Sister Woolf said, "Sister Coleman talks about you all the time. She talks about everything you taught her. I mean I love you, but I was kind of sick hearing about you so much." Hahaha Oh that made me smile. It's nice to be appreciated. 

So, President Gayle gave us a bunch of CD's with cool talks, essays, and things. We have been listening to them at night when we are winding down for the day. Man, it's weird being a missionary. Your days are literally 24/7 gospel oriented. I don't even remember what it is like to be a normal person anymore. Can you believe I forgot the lyrics to Hey Jude and Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas?! I sometimes don't even know who I am anymore. (Ha, just kidding). But, hey, I know a bunch more church songs now.

So, I heard a quote this week which says,
"Suffering in life is mandatory. Misery is not."

That is awesome. I guess this last transfer I've been doing everything I can to be positive. I've been praying more positively. I've been always looking on the bright side. I've been noticing the happy times. I've laughed a lot more. I love the people, so much. So much, my heart sometimes aches for them. I finally feel at a point where I am confident in doing the work. I feel confident in my testimony. I still sometimes wonder how the spirit can lead me, but that will always be a work in progress, my whole life. I just am happy. I've learned so much in my studies lately. I've learned so much from my prayers. I am learning so much more about my Savior and Redeemer. I feel his love. I feel it everyday. I sometimes wonder if I am doing all I can. I sometimes think, "What more can I do?" But then I feel a calming influence, and I realize the Lord is proud of me. And that is all that matters. I still have so much to work on. I think that is a strength of mine, I have really been realizing that I can always improve and do better. I'm thinking progression, not perfection. 

God be with you till we meet again.

Sister Pitt

The District!


Danae From Linstead At District Conference!

Kinda Looks Like Our Dog

Tender Mercy!

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