Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Happy Belated Valentines Day! The only thing that kept me warm on Friday night was my testimony of the Gospel. ;) Haha, I've been waiting to type that for a few days now. I'm so hilarious...

Whenever I say every week something different or crazy happens, I am not telling a lie. 
For example:
-We got a microwave! (Okay, not crazy, but I might have hugged it. I'm just stoked about it, okay? Geez).
-Met a kid named John Walker. He confessed to killing people. This kid is only 18, and he said he did that when he was like 12-14. He is crazy and needs to be put in an asylum. Anyways, he did come to church though. Why is it that we can only get mentally unstable people to church? Sigh.
-I ran over a dog. I broke it's leg. It started to pee blood a few days later. I assume that is a bad sign... The owners are not mad because everyone saw the dog run right into the truck. Dumb dog. I wanted to cry when it happened though. Sister Llewellyn keeps messing with me and saying stuff like, "I'm pretty sure you just hit a bird." or "Watch out for that person." haha
-Met a kid named Sean. When I asked Sean what he likes to do for fun he said, "I like to party." I was so tempted to say, "I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT YOU DON'T PARTY!" (Hot Rod reference).

Oh man, Sister Llewellyn, my new companion is awesome. She is hilarious. She speaks proper English, but man, when she throws down the patios, I can't even understand her. It's crazy how they can just turn it off and on. She has a powerful testimony and she is super bold. She understands these people and their thoughts, so it makes the work easier, instead of me pretending like I know what is going through their head. She always is making jokes and doing something crazy, so it makes it really fun. We stayed up for a while on Saturday night just talking about the mission and the Gospel. She sometimes says things that I have been thinking my entire life, but I just haven't thought about saying it out loud. She is a great missionary. She makes me laugh so much. Last night she ate a bunch of these cheese puffs things and she was saying, "Ah my liver hurts sooooo bad. My kidney." (You had to be there, but it was great). I am excited for the next 5 weeks. 

I read this quote in an Ensign a few days ago that says, "Your success may seem tiny to you, and they may go unnoticed by others, but God notices them and they are not small to Him." (-Elder Uchtdorf.) Oh, this gave me great comfort. I don't know why I get into little spells of disappointment and depression, but I do. Sometimes in life we feel like we are doing everything we can and we feel like we can't go anymore. Moments like these, we need to stop and realize that they Lord is pleased with any effort we put forth to do good. Heavenly Father loves each of us, he KNOWS the intentions of our hearts, he knows our shortcomings. If we have any doubt that we are not doing everything we can, we need to realize that 1. It is because we could be doing more or 2. Satan is the author of any self-doubt. In order to find out which option it is, we need to pray and ask Heavenly Father if it is either 1 or 2. I got a blessing this last week, because I was feeling really down about the lack of success here. When I got my blessing, I was told that God is pleased with my efforts and encourages me to be patient, then I will see success. Even at this time in my life, where I am closest to the Savior and our Father in Heaven, I still am facing hardships each day. Just because you are close to them, doesn't mean hard times won't come. In fact, I think they will be more frequent, because we are proving ourselves true. We are preparing to be like Him. How can we be like Him, if our life was just easy peasy? Seems simple enough, right? But there is so much more too it. 

Parents, not to impress you, but I do the dishes all the time now... What? Who is this girl and what has she done with Caressa? Oh yes, this is Sister Pitt! A changed woman who does dishes and ties her own shoes and everything. (Just kidding, like every night I still wish I was coming home to mommy and daddy and a warm dinner... hehe) But, I really feel changed. Not only my outward actions, but my soul is changing. I know it is. I am becoming more converted to the Gospel each day. I hunger for more knowledge. I am not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I really do feel different. Sometimes I think of what I was like before the mission, and I just laugh. I was so silly.

Also, is that song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus like famous or something, because I have heard it 100 times this last week blasting from random places. Annoyingggggggg. hehe

-Sister Pitt <3

Mandeville Zone Meeting!

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