Monday, February 3, 2014

Up And Down

This week was up and down and around and to the side and the other side and reverse and forward and up and down again. 

The fun part of the week was getting a tour of an all boys school. I kept thinking about how much I would have loved to be at an all boys school as a teenager... Anyways, this lady who is our investigator, showed us all around campus. We got a lot of potential investigators out of the visit, because we talked to a lot of the adults that work there. She also showed us the boys dorms, and I was like, "Are we allowed to be in here?" Then I remembered that it's not BYU... Awks. I think my favorite person we met is Jesse Rose. He is a security guard at the school. He is about 19 years old, and that means, POTENTIAL MISSIONARY AGE. He seems really cool, and interested in the message, hopefully it works out. But, I've been saying that about everyone lately. haha 

I've been trying to follow spiritual promptings lately. It's so hard. But, as I was driving, I glanced and saw this older man raking his yard. I looked at him and thought, "I should stop the car." I let the thought fly away, until Sister Rampersad was like, "We should turn around and talk to that guy." I smiled and turned the car around. Sister Collier, Sister Rampersad and I went and stopped the car outside his yard, and to not be awkward, I asked him for directions. Haha, but it turned out good, he wanted to talk to us and seemed willing to learn more. He even talked about how he knows that the Bible has been altered and changed by men who were not inspired by God. I don't know if this man will progress, but the spirit prompted us to talk to him, even if it was to plant a simple seed. I heard something in Zone Meeting which said, "Sometimes the Lord tells you to talk to unprepared people to see if you will follow the prompting to talk to the prepared ones." I guess just anytime I feel like I need to talk to someone, I have to do it, even if it may or may not go anywhere. 

Side note, during personal study someone in our complex was listening to Ben Howard (A musical artist I really like) and I got extremely nostalgic. I guess sometimes you just get tired of listening to only church songs. haha

Another side note, a kid at church told me I look like an old lady. Good thing I don't get offended easily. At least I haven't been called fat since I left Linstead. haha

Oh, I was sick this last week. Lost my voice and ended up sounding like a man, again. I'm getting over it now, just coughing and stuff. I took a butt-ton of vitamin C and drank lots of water. Didn't get any rest, because we have been busy, but so it goes. 

Family, friends, I really do know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the TRUE church. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet that restored Christ's church to the earth. I know that questions may come up and that there is always room for doubt, but I can live with those things. I cannot live without the Gospel. I cannot live without the Priesthood. I cannot live without the happiness and joy that the atonement of Jesus Christ brings me in my life. If I didn't have all of this, I would be miserable. My life would have no meaning and no purpose. 

Family, I love you all so much. I pray for all of you. I think of you often, and your prayers keep me going through the hard times. 
Love always and forever,
Sister Pitt

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