Monday, February 10, 2014


The moto of my mission, "THRIVE IN THE AWKWARD."
Everyday something awkward happens. I think this motto can apply to any missionary, anywhere. We get put in awkward situations. My favorite is when you ask someone if they would like to learn more, and they just stand there. You may even here crickets chirping in the background. Then you try to break the silence by saying something like, "No pressure..." Anddd, then they still don't say anything. More awkward stuff that happens is when you teach people about no sex before marriage, and then they start explaining to you all the dirty details. Or when someone is arguing about why Saturday is the Sabbath and they are telling you that you are a sinner. So, we face this each day, but I stand here and proudly say, "THRIVE IN THE AWKWARD!"

Transfer calls came. Sister Collier and Sister Rampersad are both shipping out to the Bahamas. I am staying here and receiving Sister Lewellyn (I have no idea how to spell her name). Anyways, she has been out for about 6 months, and she is Jamaican, from Ocho Rios. So, that is what will be going on for the next 6 weeks. This shall be an adventure. Time to work hard and do our best. Sister Lewellyn is a hard worker. Let's get this party started! Anytime transfer calls come I always think in my head, "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord..." But, in this case it will be, "I'll stay where you want me to stay, dear Lord..." haha

Lot's of fun things happened this last week. We shelled gungu peas. It was fun. We sat there and sang some gospel songs, and talked with Sister Hudson. She is an amazing woman, whom I love very much. She does not have much, but she always wants to share with us. Her daughter is currently serving a mission, here in Jamaica. Her daughter was the first to join the church a few years back, and she is stellar. Because she joined, half her family has joined. They still have lots of struggles, but life is a struggle. A beautiful, wonderful struggle. We go through hard times to make us tougher. How do we expect to become like God, if life was just a walk in the park? 

This week I learned that our "In the moment prayers," are way more important than our scheduled morning and night prayers. The in the moment prayers are when we turn to Heavenly Father in our time of need, for Him to lead us and help us. These prayers prove to Heavenly Father that we completely rely on Him. These prayers can express desperation, gratitude, humility, frustration, happiness, and so much more. These "in the moment prayers," keeps us connected with the most majestic being in the universe. Yes, saying our morning and night prayers are essential, but we must pray always, so that we can escape the temptations of the devil. We must pray always, to keep us on the straight and narrow. 

We are teaching a girl a girl named Tamara. She is great. She honestly just seems like she needs a friend. She is going through so much. She is 18, pregnant, with no baby father. She is getting a hard time from her family, so she is living with some members in our branch. They bring her to church, and the lessons we have had with her are going well. We are going to commit her to baptism this week, so hopefully she will accept. Fingers crossed! Lots of prayers! We are also teaching 19 year old kid named Jesse Rose. He is AWESOME. I just love him. He is mission age, really cool, and hopefully ready for the Gospel. He is a security guard at Munro College, so we teach him there. He understands everything we teach, so now he has to put forth his effort. He seems to accept what we teach, so we are going to just have to pray and have the spirit teach him. 

I finished the Book of Mormon, again, this last week. I can't get enough of it. So much stood out to me this time around. I especially loved the book of Moroni this time. I just love Moroni. He is a boss. But I love what he says,

 "For behold, their wars are exceedingly fierce among themselves; and because of their hatred they put to death every Nephite that will not deny the Christ... And I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ..."

Can we stand and say, "I, (Insert your name), will not deny the Christ." There are lots of ways we can deny Christ. Are we breaking small or large commandments? Are you thinking impure thoughts? Are we not living up to our real potential in the Gopsel? If we are doing those things, we are denying Christ. If we want to be able to prove to Heavenly Father that we love Him and His Son, we must always live in such a way that proves that we testify of Christ. I want to be better in my life about always being an example of the believers, just as how Moroni was. Moroni never denied Christ, ever. And I can imagine he has a pretty awesome place reserved in Heaven. It is my prayer that we will all look forward to our mansions on high, and NEVER, EVER, deny the Christ.

Anyways, love you all.
-Sister Pitt

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