Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Something that many people in Jamaica do like about our message is that we always say, "We want you to find out FOR YOURSELF if this is true." or "We want you to ask God YOURSELF, just like how Joseph Smith did." A lot of missionaries from other churches try to prove everything to these people from the Bible and from their own understanding. Our message is so simple and clear. If you pray, Heavenly Father will manifest the truth unto by the power of the Holy Ghost. Ask and ye shall receive. If you lack wisdom, ask of God. We were telling a guy about the restoration, and we told him all sorts of things, but what really stood out to him was, "Don't believe what we say, find out for yourself." He was so impressed by that, that he desires to learn more. I'm not sure he will go anywhere, but that is why our message is so unique to the world. I just love this Gospel, and I just love sharing it. I have asked, and I have found truth. 

I did have a one year celebration. We bought a large pizza, baked cookies and watched a church movie. Nothing too exciting. But, man, crazy.

This week we watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie with Shakarah and Collito. THEY LOVED IT. My goodness, they were like, "That was so good." and "It makes so much sense." We asked them why they think Joseph Smith faced so much trials, and they both talked about how sometimes God gives a person hard times to make them stronger. They also recognized that there are wicked men who were inspired by Satan to do all manner of wickedness towards Joseph Smith. We told them that as they learn about the Gospel, they will face trials, some will be from God, some will be from Satan, but if you have faith, just like Joseph Smith, you can overcome all things. They are doing great. It's a slow process, but miracles are working. Especially because Shakarah's mom has a steady ride each week to Junction, so now they will be able to make it to church! :) I'm just going to continue to pray for them and hopefully teach them with the spirit. 

I just love Sister Barlow. Man, she is awesome. She is so easy to get along with, I really admire her. She is two years younger than me, but I told her, I couldn't even tell, she seems like she was born to be a missionary. She is adjusting so well to everything. 

Oh the best news is... JAMAICA IS GETTING ITS FIRST STAKE IN JUNE! It will be in Kingston or Spanish Town or something. I'm so excited and happy about this! It is not just a rumor, it is legit happening! I love that the work of the Lord is progressing, even here in Babylon... EHEM Jamaica :) 

Family, I thought about you a ton this week. I really miss you and I really think of you all the time. I wish I could explain my weeks better, but it is so hard to put a whole week of things in an email. I just really love it out here. I really love Jamaica. I really love being a missionary. It's amazing!

One Love JAH Rastafari,
Sister Pitt

Sister Barlow And I

Bulgarian Book of Mormon In Jamaica!

Guess Who Made My Planner!


My ONE YEAR Pizza Celebration!

Yummy Jamaican Red Pea Soup

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