Monday, April 28, 2014

"HAPPY EASTER" From Jamaica!

Alright. You know it's a good week when you get things for free. We have received three watermelons, two cantaloupes, five mangoes, four heads of lettuce, and spice bun and cheese. Not to mention random meals given to us. You know you're loved in Jamaica when people give you food. Also a guy who we are teaching works at a big sports park, and he is going to let us play tennis for free next week monday. I look at all of these things as blessings. haha

Btw, did anyone know that raspberries grow in Jamaica in the mountains? I didn't but I feasted on those the other day. YUM.

Man, so much has happened this week, it's hard to explain all the good stuff. I guess I'll kinda explain what easter is like in Jamaica. Well, all our investigators went to their own church, you know, because it's easter... Everyone eats spice bun and cheese. It's kinda gross, but we endured it. The cheese isn't like good cheese, it's like processed cheese. And that is about all they do. It's not super special out here or anything, but lots of parties going on, especially on Good Friday. I'm not sure if people are trying to draw nearer to Christ or further from him. But, today is a holiday as well, everything is closed down. 

Easter Sunday was really special to me this year. The whole story starts a few days earlier though. So, we borrowed President Gayles keys to his office, because we had to complete the Preach My Gospel survey on the internet. Sister Llewellyn had his keys and the sister training leaders came down to do splits with us. Sister Llewellyn accidentally left the keys in the sister training leaders truck, and they drove back to Kingston. Anyways, Sunday morning came around, and I asked Sister Llewellyn for the branch presidents keys so that we could go and open up the office for the boys to set up the sacrament. She couldn't find them anywhere. We had a panic attack, thinking that we wouldn't be able to do the sacrament, because we didn't have anything to do it with. Elder and Sister Vance saved the day, and we found sacrament cups. We had the sacrament with a white sheet, white plates and little sacrament cups. It was a great lesson to me, and it was very memorable. At first I felt terrible because I was thinking we wouldn't be able to have the sacrament, especially on such a special day, where we are supposed to be thinking about Christ's sacrifice and resurrection. But, it doesn't matter, as long as you have the priesthood, it can be done. When I took the bread and water, I was filled with the spirit. I wasn't scheduled to speak in sacrament, but I texted President Gayle asking if I could bear my testimony. I don't really know why I asked, but if I had ignored the prompting, I would have felt terrible. I got up at the end, when he announced that I would be bearing my testimony, and I bore testimony of the Savior. I felt really good. I don't know why the spirit prompted me to do that, because it wasn't testimony Sunday, but I acted on the prompting, and I feel so much peace because of it. It was a really special Easter Sunday for me. The spirit was strong, and I know that Jesus is the Christ.

Shakarah came to church! What a blessing. Also a homeless man came, and he was reading a book the entire time. I went to go look at what the book was and it was "Winnie the Pooh." I am still laughing about that. 

I got proposed to, again, this week. Nothing new.

But, all is well in Jamaica. Life is good. I love it here. I took a ton of pictures this week. I had to make up for my lack of photo taking lately.

-Sister Pitt

Long Hair Don't Care!

Tucks It Into His Pocket!

LOVING Jamaica!

Sister Barlow And I!

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