Monday, June 23, 2014


There were two things I did not want to do this next transfer.
The first was, I didn't want to go to Portmore (the only reason for this is because it is really hot there), and the second thing was, I didn't want to train.
Guess what?
I am whitewash training, in PORTMORE. 
(That means no current investigators. That means being stressed out. That means not knowing the members... They are taking the two current sisters out and moving them elsewhere.)
Oh, and did I forget to mention, I'm no longer driving. I'm walking. 

God really has a sense of humor...

But, all is well. I have prayed about it, and felt a confirmation that this is where I need to go and what I need to do. Good thing about Portmore is that it has a big WARD! It's no longer a branch. It is part of the Stake. I'm nervous, of course. I couldn't eat all day Saturday, because when I heard the news my belly started to hurt. I can do this. I can train a new missionary, I've done that before. Twice. I can walk, no problem. I can handle the heat, and I can do my absolute best.

My goal for this transfer. Absolutely NO COMPLAINING. Not like I've complained before, but I want this new sister not to be discouraged about walking and her trainer having no idea where she is going... Haha I guess it will be an adventure. All I know is Portmore is about 10-15 degrees warmer, so I might be a sweaty mess, all the time. Hey, lets look on the bright side, walking and sweating will mean weight loss! Also, I'll get really tan. (Of course it will be a farmers tan, but oh well). 

Apparently the world cup is going on. Everyone is watching it here. They are obsessed with it. Flags everywhere, you can always hear it playing and people shouting. Also, at KFC, we got a free world cup, drinking cup. It has a really good looking footballer on it, so we all drink out of it all the time. ahha

I had to say a lot of goodbyes. It was sad. I didn't want to. At all. I'm really going to miss Junction. It was amazing. I thought it was the refiners fire of my mission, but I am discovering, that I will not get a break from difficulties, ever. haha I really love these people. With my whole heart. I will always have St. Elizabeth in my heart. This side of the island is so beautiful and the people are amazing. I always tell everyone here that someday I'll live here. (Probably not, but I love it that much haha).

I was saying bye to our investigator Percy, and he gave Sister Barlow and I the greatest compliment. He told us that he has met hundreds of tourists in his life, (He did taxi service for tourists), and he knows lots of church going people from Jamiaca, but he has never met anyone who is as Christian as we are. He says we are the strongest people he knows. He also said he can barely believe it, but he knows we are honest and true to our beliefs and that there is, "something different about us." I hope I can always live that way. There is something different. We have the true and everlasting Gospel. It makes a big difference. He isn't getting baptized anytime soon, but I know that a seed was planted there. 

This next week will be an adventure. I'm leaving on Wednesday, so pray for me. Pray for my safety. Pray I get a good companion, haha. I love you all.

I'm going to miss getting free mangoes and watermelons.

Goodbye Junction. Hello Portmore!
-Sister Pitt

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Sister Thomas!

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