Monday, June 23, 2014

June, 2, 2014 - WEEK 60!

A lot has happened this week. I probably won't go into detail of all things, but let's just say our investigator was being beat up by his drunk uncle, so he stabbed his uncle and now he (our investigator) is in jail... The usual.

This isn't going to be the longest email ever, but it will have to do. It was a trying week. We faced many difficulties and disappointments. I was being spiritually tested, thats for sure. There were some very special moments, though. First of all, I had an interview with President Brown. We talked for about an hour. It was great. I got to ask him some questions about the Gospel that I've been thinking about lately. I've been pondering a lot on the sacrament and the renewal of covenants. I guess I was just curious if when we partake of the sacrament, we renew ALL our covenants. (Specifically our Temple covenants). I was also curious about if we will ever know in this life if we will go to the celestial kingdom. Like, will we receive a spiritual witness? I got my questions answered. He also told me about my improvement as a missionary, and how I have set an example to many Sisters in the mission. I wasn't expecting praise or anything, but it was welcomed, especially because of the hardships this week. 

I also asked Elder Vance to give me a blessing. It was beautiful. I think the reason I asked for a blessing is because I wanted a confirmation from Heavenly Father telling me that I am doing good. It just is so hard not to see much success. But, when Elder Vance spoke through the power of the priesthood, saying, "Heavenly Father is pleased with you, and you are worthy in His eyes," I felt a spirit of peace in my heart. I am so self critical. The hardest person to forgive and accept, is myself. I don't know why I struggle so much in that area. It has improved a lot, but every once in a while it is difficult. I guess as a missionary everyone says, "If you are obedient and work hard, blessings will come." They need to add,"But you may never see those blessings, by the way..." haha It's difficult, but it is something I would never trade for the world. I have loved every moment of this mission. 

I only have about 4 months left. I am excited for what it brings. Even if I don't see outward "success," I have been really feeling the inward. It is a beautiful thing to recognize the spirit and live the Gospel. It is a blessing to realize the blessings I do have. This truly is a wonderful life we have been giving. This life is one of sorrow and joy, but like the scriptures say, if we never had sorrow, we would never know that sweet, redeeming joy. 

Something I learned this week:
We must seek earnestly the riches of eternity.


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