Monday, June 23, 2014


This was one of the most exhausting weeks of my mission. Going from driving for 14 months of my mission, to walking almost non-stop has been rough. I was not physically prepared for this transition... haha I also didn't know what to expect when they said we would be whitewashing. Well, we literally are starting from scratch. The sisters before us didn't leave us with any investigators or much direction for things, but I got this. This has been such a funny, exciting adventure. 

I'll start from last week Monday and then go through the week because so much has happened. 

Monday: Said goodbye to the Hudson clan. I am going to miss them so much. We had a fun family home evening with them. Overall, I just love Junction with my whole heart, and it was hard to leave.

Tuesday: Had to go to Spanish Town with Sister Christensen because we are both training new sisters. We had a meeting with President Brown and the AP's. I had to give a spiritual thought. I was really just not feeling it, so I don't remember what I said. All I know was it was a thought, I'm not sure if it was spiritual or not, ahha. President Brown took all the missionaries who are training out to get pizza. Then Sister Christensen and I went back to our companions. I finished packing and inwardly crying, before bigging up myself. 

Wednesday: Transfers. I was about to puke. I was really nervous. Well, I have been assigned to train Sister Lewis! She is 19, from Enoch Utah, and my greenie! She is sweet, and quirky, so it has been fun getting to know her and stuff. I also love seeing the culture shock in her eyes. The sister training leaders drove us to Portmore to our apartment. Dang, it is disgusting. I'll go more into details later. Anyways, to try to be a good trainer, I sat her down and we started planning for the rest of the day. Then, we went out and started doing missionary work. I of course had no idea where we were going... We found a really great member who lives near us, Sister Anderson and her husband. Sister Anderson is a returned missionary. She served in Atlanta Georgia. She is full of life and so fun. 

Thursday: Oh man. We walked for miles... Up and down. I begged water from so many people haha. It was great though. I don't actually remember a thing we did, but hey, we survived.

Friday: We had super planning. Ergh. It's really hard to super plan without knowledge of the area and the people. But, we did it! Sister Lewis and I got to know each other really well. We went to an activity at the church. I think Sister Lewis was so happy to be there. We met the Elders in our district, and some more members.

Saturday: More walking. More getting lost. More of finding less actives and members. I've been using a map that the previous sisters drew, but it's confusing haha. This area has lots of neighborhoods, so its super flat which is nice. It makes walking a bit easier. 

Sunday: CHURCH WAS AMAZING. I have been in Junction for 7 months, and I forgot what a normal functioning ward is like. The spirit was so strong. There were so many recent converts, and investigators, and the people were so amazing. I am already in love with the Portmore Ward. There is SOOOOO much work to do here. There are so many great leaders. No wonder they became a ward. 

So, walking isn't terrible. It's so hot and humid, but there is a strong wind from the ocean, which makes it bearable. I just kept thinking in my head, "Jesus had to walk. Alma and the sons of Mosiah had to walk. Paul had to walk. Moses had to walk. Moroni had to walk. So I need to never complain about walking." We have been able to talk to SOOO many people. One guy we talked to even showed up to church! (He was an hour late, but hey, HE CAME). Everyone works during the day here, so it is hard to fill up the day, but we will make it work somehow. People actually have an income, so they can make it! And it is so easy to get a taxi here. There are hundreds on the road. It only cost about 1 dollar US to get to church. (100 Jamaican dollars). The members here, I love. I have heard so many amazing conversion stories from people, and I love it. 

This is the craziest adventure I've been on, on my mission. I realize how I have grown so much. I feel confident, even though I have no idea where I am going. It is easy for me to talk with the people and get personal. I really feel like I'm able to understand and connect with them, even if we have had such different lives. I really feel like these last four months of my mission will be my time to shine and do my best. 

Our apartment's bathroom is broken, so yuck. It is really awful. Lets hope it gets fixed today. Sister Lewis had to sit next to a drunk guy in a taxi. He told her all about his ex-girlfriend. I was laughing. It is hot as hell here, but hopefully all the sweating will take off weight. haha When we got into a taxi the other day, I immediately struck up a conversation with the driver. He said he appreciated me, because he has carried the sisters before, and they never spoke with him. He is interested to learn more about the Gospel, and he seems really concerned about where his soul is going after this life. 

Moroni 9:6 

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