Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Just Love Life!

This was a good week. It went faster than Usain Bolt can run. I'm trying to soak in every precious moment and learn from everything, so that I can really have even more improvement as a person in these next few months. It seems as if I am offering more prayers of gratitide up to the heavens, rather than asking the Lord for things. I am filled with thankgiving every single day, no matter the difficulties that I face. 

Monday: Sister Lewis and I had a great time walking to the beach near our house. This beach isn't a tourist beach, it is more for the locals. It was a really neat place. So many fish shacks selling fried fish and festivals, rastas fishing with beer bottles and nails, the ever present smell of marijuana smoke rising in the air, tons of children laughing and playing, popular reggae music blasting, and so much more. It was an interesting place, but so full of culture and vibes. Afterwards we had family home evening at the Pummels home. Sister Pummels invited some neighbors, and we had a really great time. The spirit was really felt as we taught about prayer being a commandment. We then proceeded to play a great game of "keep the commandments." Basically like charades, but the commandments are written on pieces of paper. For example, "Thou shalt be a gorrilla," or "Thou shalt sing a love song to Sister Pummels." It was super funny wathcing old ladies do these things, they were great sports. 

Tuesday: I can't really remember. But I was told I was wife material. Pretty average day. haha

Wednesday: I taught at district meeting. I chose to talk about talking to everyone. I shared stories from my mission about how when we got the courage to talk to a person, that person ended up being interested in learning about the Gospel. You never know who will want to learn, all we can do is open our mouths and ask. I explained that the more we talk to people, the less scary it gets. I am at the point where I have no shame. Honestly, if you are just genuinely interested in the person, it becomes easy to talk to that person. I love my district. They just make me laugh. It is nice to know you have friends that are striving to do exactly the same thing you are doing. We had some great lessons this day. My favorite was with this guy named Jermaine. I talked about him last week, (he is the police officer). He is just a diamond in the rough. He doesn't drink, smoke, or agree with sex before marriage. Wow. That is hard to find in Jamaica. haha He is part of a church already, but he told us that he just felt like he needed to talk to us. He commented on how when he saw us, his spirit took us (he got good vibes from us). He said we are so honest and pure and dedicated. He basically said he recognized us as servants of the Lord. I don't know how ready he is for this Gospel, because he is really into his denomination, but he said we really inspire him because we have taken up the cross. He wants to do that more in his life. Hopefully a miracle will happen, if not, we are planting a great seed.

Thursday: Had an interview with President Brown today. It went really great. I made him cry... Haha I was telling him about all the positive experiences we have been having, even the midst of the adversities. He thanked me so much for my attitude. He basically said the sisters that were here before were extrememly negative about Portmore. He commended me for having the maturity to not have listened to those sisters. He thanked me for forming my own opinion instead of pre-judging. He told me of the growth he has seen in me. I have been praying and asking God if I am doing all I can, and this interview was an answer to my prayers. I know I'm not perfect, I have so much to improve on, but I really am doing the best that I can. President Brown proceeded to share with me Helaman 10:4-5 (I think). He explained that I should not just be faithful to the Lord till the end of my mission, but for the rest of eternity. My mission for the Savior will never be over. That is my ultimate priority. Complete dedication to God and His beloved Son and the Holy Ghost, no matter what. 

Friday: This day was my mothers birthday. It has been a while since I've been homesick, but I felt some pains in my heart this day. I really miss her, and I can't wait to see her again. You think I'd be over the whole, "homesick," thing, but I really am thrilled at the idea of seeing my amazing mother very soon. As for now, I'm just trying to give others the same happiness that my dear parents have given me.

Saturday: Walked and walked and walked and walked. Did a whole lot of walking for a whole lot of nothing. I just kept saying, "Yes! Burning calories!" I received personal revelation this day while I wrote in my journal. I think that even just our righteous presence will influence someone and plant a seed in someones heart. Maybe a child we pass on the road and say hello to will remember our kindness. Maybe an old lady will see our smiles and diligence and accept our message on the other side. I don't think we as missionaries really understand how far our influence will reach, but it will reach someone, somewhere. I know that, because the holy spirit whispered that to me this last week.

Sunday: Sister Jospehs (sister Colemans mom) fed us. It was the most food I've had in a long, long time. It was like I was back in Linstead. I was stuffed. We had a huge plate of rice and peas, jerked chicken, oxtail, fried plantain, salad, and june plum juice. It was true Jamaican food. Sister Colemans mom is an amazing cook. It was so hard to walk after that. Thank heavens I didn't gain a pound from it when I weighed this morning (monday).

So yes, it was a great week. I have been really feeling great about myself and about life. It is so difficult, but I am loving it. I just love life. I love being a missionary. I love my companion, Sister Lewis. 

"It is not enough to preach the Gospel. One must also live this Gospel."
"There is seemingly no end to the expansive capacity of our love."
"God will rarely do for us what we can do for ourselves."

Respect and blessings,
Sister Pitt

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