Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Onward, Ever Onward....

ATTENTION: THERE IS ROOTBEER IN PORTMORE. I REPEAT, ROOTBEER IN PORTMORE. So there I was, browsing the store, looking for a snack to eat. All of a sudden my eyes rested upon the most heavenly item, Mug Rootbeer... Tears came to my eyes as I walked towards the can and gently caressed it. 'Oh yes,' I thought, 'my prayers have been answered.' 

Haha, I'm joking, but I haven't had rootbeer in over a 14 months, so I got really excited.

Oh, this week was crazy. So much happened. Good news, they moved us to a different place. We now live in a really nice gated community just a little outside of Portmore. It's called Hellshire, and it is really near the ocean. The only sad part about it, is that they moved us so suddenly, that the electric company hasn't connected our power. We have been without electricity since Thursday last week... It is so hot... I sleep on the tile floor in the back room every night because a breeze blows in and the bed is too hot. We are supposed to get it either tomorrow or Wednesday. So fingers crossed, because sleeping without a fan and on the ground isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. I wake up with sweat dripping down my neck almost every night. 

We had Zone meeting this week. It was an adventure figuring out how to get to Half Way Tree in Kingston. I really enjoy these adventures. It is really exciting. After Zone Meeting we went to Chillitos (the Jamexican food resturant) with the other sisters. The guy at the front remembered me from last time, and he ran up behind me and gave me a hug, I laughed for like a minute, because I responded so awkwardly and was not expecting that at all. There are just some things in life you cannot control... ahha

I am getting a really awful modest farmers tan. 
I've lost some weight, so yay. 
A lot of people here say, "big up yah self." 

Oh, so we get begged money a lot. And this old man walks up to me and starts to beg money. I explain to him our rules and what not. And then he starts saying that we are breaking a commandment if we don't give him money. He starts saying that nobody will have to find out and yada, yada. I explained that God will know, and then he went on about how the rules we have are made by man and not God. Oh, if only this poor little man knew that we are a part of the true church which receives revelation for us missionaries. We tried to share the Gospel with him, but after that he wanted nothing to do with us. But this whole situation made me think about what he said, "nobody will find out..." If we have that attitude, then we are slowly dragging ourselves down to our own private demise. Heavenly Father sees everything we do. He knows everything within our minds and our hearts. He is very much aware of our desires. Do we fear man more than God? If you fear man more than God you will do whatever you want, and just hope you don't get caught. But, if you fear God and love Him, then you will live your life true even when nobody is watching. I want to always be true to my Father in Heaven. 

Sister Lewis is doing great. She is adjusting little by little. After training Sister Coleman, and Sister Barlow, and now onto Sister Lewis, it really is amazing how different each sister is. Every single person is so individual. Sister Lewis has a wonderful spirit and she will blossom into a fabulous missionary. I remember how different I used to be when I first got out. I have changed a lot... More than I ever thought I would. I am grateful for these changes. 

Portmore is great. So much work to do. So many people to talk to. Yeah, we have some investigators. I don't know how interested they are. So far, nobody wants to accept the true Gospel, but we will keep pressing forward. Onward, ever onward...

(The Lord is Peace)

-Sister Pitt

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