Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time Is Slipping Away....

So there we were, coming out of a lesson, when I decided to check the phone. Much to our suprise, there were 10 missed calls from Elder Daniels, (an AP). I called him back and he said, "Where are you sisters?" My reply was, "Um, proselyting..." Then he said, "Well, we have a birthday present for both of you! We are giving you a truck." Wait... What? Yes, the mission had a few extra vehicles, and they designated us to recieve one. Well, so now we have a vehicle. I am still kinda shocked about the whole thing. I will never forget those 6 weeks of walking... They were an adventure. I sometimes wonder if it was my test from God to see if I complained or how I handled the situation. Apparently I passed. haha Interestingly enough, the truck is the same exact truck I started my mission in. It still has a mark on it from when I ran into a fence. Shh, don't tell anyone...

I have been having some crazy dreams lately. I dreamed about Taco Bell. Oh, I decided to try cooking up something. I made some pretty darn good chili this week. Obviously not as good as moms, but after not having chili for over a year, it tasted fabulous. It finally rained here in Portmore. It's been months. Jamaica was expiriencing a bit of a drought. So many people were so excited when it rained. A lady gave us pineapple ginger drink. It was terrible. They put so much ginger in drinks that it just burns your throat on the way down. I almost gagged it all up. 

Missionary work has been pretty good. Well, it could always be better, but things are going well. An investigator of ours, Renne, is the daughter of an inactive member. When we first got to Portmore, I gave Sister Lewis a list of less actives that I found and told her to pray about it, and then mark who would be best to see, as guided by the spirit. She picked Rennes mother. Apparently they have not been visited in a very long time, I guess just scheduling conflicts and stuff. Well, we have been teaching her. She is about 19 years old, and very intelligent. She graduated from the top high school here in Jamaica, and has really great professional goals. We are trying to help her spiritually. Anyways, she came to church and at the end I asked her if she had any questions. She said, "So what do I have to do to become a member?" I kinda laughed, because we've talked about baptism with her, and I just said, "Well, you have to continue to meet with us and then be baptized." She was not opposed to it, so we are excited to continue to work with her. 

Another lady we have as an investigator is Cynthia. She is sweet. When we taught her the restoration, she was just smiling and nodding the whole time. We asked her how she felt, and she said, "I feel the spirit of God." I asked her what that feels like, she answered saying, "It is a warm feeling, and I feel happy." We invited her to be baptized and she agreed. She would not however agree to a date. She said she had to pray. Well, that is fine, but I'm internally freaking out because I have so little time left, and it would be nice to see something happen. Everyone can say, "Oh you are planting seeds," but seriously, after planting so many seeds, you just want to eat the apple or whatever. 

We are looking for men to teach. It is kinda difficult to find someone who is legitimate and not looking for a white wife AKA green card. One guy took a picture of sister Lewis and I, cropped Sister Lewis out, and has my face zoomed up as his background on his phone. Yeah, we avoid him like sin now. 

But, things are great still. Sister Lewis is just fantastic. She is so easy to talk to, well primarly because she just listens while I go on and on. She is a woman of little words, but she is learning quick. She has such amazing potential. I think being a trainer three times has taught me a lot. I find a lot of joy in seeing others progress and mature. Maybe God is preparing me for being a real mother, I don't know, but I have learned a lot. I guess just overall, I know I have become more patient and forgiving. Things that used to irritate me, don't anymore. I think I've grown up a lot... I AM NOT PERFECT. For example there are still people I have a hard time with, but at least now I understand the process of praying for charity and love. 

I love this Gospel. I can't believe it is August. Time is slipping away...

Love you,

Sister Caressa Ann Pitt

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