Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm So Blessed To Serve In JAMAICA!

Funniest thing that happened this week: President Brown speaking patios in our role play at zone conference... I didn't even know he could, but I guess he is Jamaican. He is just so dignified and eloquent, that I could never imagine it. (Nothing against patios, because I love it, but it was just so hilarious to listen to him). Also, this week we met a less active member. His family is active, but he decided to become a reggae artist. His stage name is Scorpion. He is soooo funny and sang us all of the songs he has written. They are all focused on "Jah," and reading Psalms and praying. He came to church a few weeks ago, but I never got to talk to him. 

So, yes, zone conference was this week. It was extremely good. AND, I can't believe it was my last zone conference for my mission. I'll have one or two more zone meetings, but zone conferences are all pau. (I have been trying to remember hawaiian pidgin english, but I keep getting it mixed up with the broken english here). It was fantastic. Elder Cornish of the 70 was there. He is awesome. The whole zone conference was focused on conversion and consecration. I learned so much that I can apply into the last two months of my mission and even when I go home.

The main thing that stuck out to me was, "Wickedness never was happiness, but neither is lukewarmness." That is so interesting. Yeah, maybe we are keeping the commandments, and outwardly "living" the Gospel, but perhaps we are not loving those around us, or we are not reading our scriptures, or perhaps we are not praying. When we are baptized, it is required that every part of us, including hair and clothing must go under the water. Likewise, in order for us to be received into the Celestial Kingdom, every part of us must be converted to the Gospel. We are required to give EVERYTHING to God. Not part of our heart, but our WHOLE heart. Yes, we may still have weaknesses, but Heavenly Father knows our weaknesses, and if we give him it all, on the sacrificial alter, he will make weak things become strong. I still have so much to change and do, but I need to stop thinking that all this progression will end after my mission. There is no end. There is always progression. Heavenly Father has not put a limit on our potential. The fight to change and be better isn't to the death, the fight is forever. To infinity and beyond!

Elder Cornish talked about how this work (the building of the Kingdom) is the most important thing in this life. He said it's more important than breathing. The worst thing that could happen if we stop breathing is that we die. But, if we cease to do the work of the Lord, there will be people who may only make it to the Terrestrial Glory. He explained that he (Elder Cornish) loves all the other churches. They make communities better, they help raise up good people, but they can never help others receive the HIGHEST kingdom. Elder Cornish went on about the urgency of our message and how it needs to reach every ear. 

I'm so blessed to serve in Jamaica. These people truly love Jesus. They would do anything to get closer to Him. That is why they dedicate themselves so religiously to their churches. Many times you will walk up to a person and ask, "How are you today?" and they always will say, "I'm just giving thanks to God!" or "I'm blessed." That never happens in America. You ask people how they are and it's usually, "I'm fine," or "I'm okay," but Jamaicans literally talk about God, all the time. If they find a 100 dollars on the road, they say that Father God has answered their prayers. When these people say they pray everyday, they are not lying. It has been ingrained in them since primary school. (Elementary). They worship God at school, they learn of the Bible. They have devotions during work. The members out here of our church are devoted. They have many challenges and they are persecuted a lot. They sometimes are scared to share the Gospel, but they live it the best they can. I have learned so much from Jamaicans. I truly love these beautiful people. 

The work is good. Struggling still. As always. haha, the struggles never cease. But I'm just working on being positive, working hard, and loving others. 

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