Monday, September 8, 2014


This week was an amazing week. It was just jammed packed with amazing experiences and joy. I honestly can’t believe that so much happened, yet the week went by so fast. Is anyone else besides me FREAKING out that I only have about 6 weeks left on my mission? What?! I am really nervous, sad, excited, determined, trunky, etc… Every emotion, ever. I just really want to make these last 6 weeks the best 6 weeks of my whole mission. AHHHHrarbarlgahhh

First off, there is this crazy mosquito disease going around. It’s called chikungunya or something like that. I really don’t know the name, but every time I say it I’m like, “Do you have chickachooga?” Or “Chimichanga.” All I know is whatever it is, I don’t want it. (Unless it is a chimichanga…) So many people are getting it. It causes a rash, weak joints, fatigue, and more. I am so scared to catch it. I swear, I’ve been spraying on mosquito repellant every half hour. It doesn’t help that the mosquito’s are literally EVERYWHERE. They are swarming and it is so disgusting. So just pray I don’t catch that virus!

Sister Lewis and I have been praying and being as diligent as we can. Our work is paying off! We had three investigators at church on Sunday! I was praying and fasting that the spirit would be there and that they would come, and Heavenly Father truly answered my prayers. One lady, Ladeen, is a great investigator. Her baby was blessed in Sacrament meeting. She was so happy and really felt the spirit. She loved church and felt, “at peace.” Richard also came to church. He enjoyed it very much. He is doing so well and as we visited him this last week in his prayer he said, “I’m starting to believe that these missionaries are an answer to my prayers.”

Patrick came to church! I think I might have mentioned him last week. If not, he is 27 year old, and really amazing! We found him on a day where everything was going bad, and Sister Lewis and I decided to walk down the street to see if anyone was around. He was the only person we met, and he literally “ran us down.” I truly believe the Lord led us to him. Oh, out of all our investigators, I think church affected him the most. He said he felt filled during testimony meeting. He thanked many of the members for their testimonies. Then, he enjoyed the classes sooooo much. “I’ve been to so many other churches and no other churches are like this!” He participated in class, he even told us he received inspiration on how to mend the relationship with his own father. Isn’t that just beautiful? I prayed that our investigators would find answers at church, and he did! Heavenly Father is so good! We gave him a Book of Mormon this last week, and he is already in 1 Nephi Chapter 6! This is a big deal, because many investigators will never even open the book! He said it was hard to understand at first, but he committed to pray as he reads. At church he told us that he is understanding it better. He was like, “It’s just so funny how they end up getting the plates. God just put Laban in Nephi’s path!” I smiled so big. He is really sad because he might not get to make it to church next Sunday, because he has to take his mom to the airport, but he is hoping the flight is later in the day. He said, “If not next week Sunday, I will be here the next Sunday after that!” We are going to commit him to a specific date this week. I really hope I will get to see him baptized before I leave! I really believe and have faith that he can make it there. He is so golden.

We have found two families recently. I think I mentioned the Ayres already, but we also found a family whose father was taught by the sister missionaries in 2010! He went to church once in Port Antonio, but had no idea that there was the church in Portmore. His name is Nicholas Walker, and he and his girlfriend or wife (Not sure yet), have three children. They are awesome. We haven’t been able to teach them anything yet, but they are looking for a church to go to. The girlfriend, Vanessa, wants a church where her children can actually learn and grow. Not one where they don’t let you find out for yourself what is true and what is not true. We were able to have a great discussion with her about how we encourage everyone to ask for themselves. Nicholas still has the Book of Mormon and everything. The way we came in contact with him was truly awesome. I saw this happy looking Rasta man doing some work outside of a house. We called to him and just started casual conversation. Then he called his son out, and his son, Nicholas, was so happy to see us. It’s been years! I know it will take them some time, especially if they are needing to get married, but I see a lot of potential. They invited us over for Sunday dinner next week and they are even building us a bench to sit on. Their kids love us already, I’m just so excited and happy!

So yes, God truly does answer prayers! I just love Heavenly Father so much. He is so good. I am grateful for His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who is the captain of our salvation. I KNOW that these people are being led to us, and we are being led to them. I know we had to be here in Portmore to find them. I’m just so grateful for all these experiences.  We have been praying our hearts out for three months here in Portmore, and finally we are seeing the rainbow after the storm. 

Love you lots!
Sister Pitt

Sister Woolf! First Companion

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