Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Preach The Gospel Joyfully..."

The best part about being a missionary is being the answer to someones prayers. First of all, many people needed us this week, and we just so happened to show up! One less active lady told us that the previous night she prayed for us to come, and we were there the next day. One pregnant member has been low on funds, and needed fruits and veggies to stay healthy. We received a free watermelon and we felt inspired to take it to her. She was so grateful and just kept saying that Heavenly Father is so mindful of her. We also started teaching a young man, Richard, who is a dear friend of a member, Shauna. They dated in high school. Apparently after high school he started having anxiety attacks and depression, so he was in Florida with his father for a while getting treatment. He is back in Jamaica, and Shauna had never shared the Gospel with him, because she was just recently truly converted. She decided to share it with him, and it has been amazing. His favorite subject is the Atonement, because it heals us physically, spiritually, and mentally. Teaching him about God's love is amazing because it is exactly what he needs to hear. Shauna is an amazing fellowshipper, because she always checks on him and makes sure he is reading and praying. He told us that we and Shauna are "heaven sent." God is so mindful of all of His children! I'm so grateful that we get to be answers to peoples prayers!

We have new investigators that are so sweet. I really love all of them. I can tell the spirit is working with them, and they are prepared to learn. We will see how everything goes, but they are all amazing. There is one young man named Patrick who actually ran us down asking us why we are here. He agreed to meet with us and the thing that stands out to him the most is the idea that we have the FULLNESS of the everlasting gospel. He really connected with that statement and wants to learn more. We also found a family! Mr. and Mrs. Ayres. They are the sweetest old couple. They have been married for almost 30 years. Their son and granddaughter live with them. They belong to a church, and when we first came they thought that Joseph Smith was a racist and all sorts of false things. But we soon had them smiling, laughing, and telling us their life story. By the time we were about to leave after sharing a message, they asked us to come back! It was cute at the end when the grandfather prayed, he said that we helped him feel a "tingle" in his heart.

Another adventure this week: Me. Huge crab. In the house. Broom. Standing on chair. Screaming. A battle of epic proportions. 

Something I really focused on this week is the commandment from the Doctrine and Covenants to, "Preach the gospel joyfully..." I really took that to heart. I have always been joyful during my mission, but I decided to really focus on being joyful in all circumstances. I could literally feel the joy I had radiate onto other people. They would light up as we talked about simple gospel truths. It was really a great feeling to feel of God's love and feel the joy that the Gospel can bring to these wonderful people.

The zone leaders stopped by this week to do a vehicle inspection. They told us that we have really turned this area around and that we are doing such a good job. It's nice to hear that, especially after feeling like we were not getting anywhere. Things are looking up. I know it's going to be tough, but I am just finding the joy that comes each day. I truly love this Gospel. It brings me so much happiness. 

Sister Pitt

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