Monday, September 29, 2014

"Live The Gospel JOYFULLY"!

"You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can't count the number of apples in a seed."

This week was nice. It was hectic. Lot's happened. We had Zone Meeting. We had Trade-Off's with the Sister Training Leaders. We had a birthday party at the church for a girl named Alexa. We watched the General Womens Conference. President Brown told me to start making my five year plan. I laughed. I learned a lot.

First of all, trade-offs were fun. I went to Kingston with Sister Austin. It was so fun. We go home at the same time so we were just like, "Argarbargal..." haha When I was in Kingston we stayed up till midnight, with the other two sisters who live in the house. We were just laying in bed talking and talking. Mainly laughing. It was a really funny night. I haven't stayed up past 10:30 for probably a year, so it was draining the next day. I had some caffeine, but once that wore off I was dead. I have been on tradeoffs to Kingston three times my whole mission, and every time I've gone we went to see this family of members who I just love so much. Last time I saw them I told them I would come back before I left, and look here, I did! They are the Clark's, and they are so awesome!

I had to bear my testimony at Zone Meeting. All the missionaries who are leaving at the end of the transfer had too. It was so weird, because my whole mission I have been listening to others who were going home do that, and it always seemed so far away. Sigh.

Tender mercy of the week. Gobrena sent me a letter from Linstead. She is so sweet. She was talking about how when I left, I left a hole that no other missionary has been able to fill. She said she is so thankful for me, and how I helped change her life for the better. It really was nice, because I had a few dissapointing moments this week. 

Patrick is good, but he is unsure if he is ready to make this big change in his life. I have been praying and fasting for him. I am worried, but I think I have been selfish about the whole thing. I just wanted to see him baptized before I left, but I would rather him do it because he knows this is true. I want him to recieve his own spiritual witness. I know he will become a member of this church one day, whether that day is soon, a year from now, or twenty years from now. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen.

I have a few more favorite scriptures.

Alma 37:44 = I love this one because it simply says if we give heed to the words of Christ, we will have ETERNAL BLISS. You don't see that phrase in the scriptures except in that verse. It was so unique and it stood out to me so much. It's so simple. If you read and follow Christ's teaching, you will be happy. 

D&C 64:33 = "Be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying a foundation of a great work..." I guess sometimes I get discouraged, especailly looking back on my mission and worrying if I did everything I was supposed too. I have no regrets, but sometimes I think, "What if there was somthing I missed..." This leads to the quote that I put in the beginning of the email. We will never know how much good we do until we reach the next life. Abinadi wasn't aware that his testimony converted Alma until probably after his death. 

I loved Womens Conference. I can't wait to go back to the temple!
I'm going to miss Jamiacan food. 
I had dreams about missionary work this week. Weird.
I have avoided the mosquito disease.
Pray for me.
I love the song in the hymn book, "O My Father". It is so deep.
"Live the Gospel JOYFULLY!" -Uchtdorf

Love you all,
Sister Pitt

I LOVE The Clarks!

THANK YOU Sister Woolf!
I Finally Got It!
Best Soda EVER!

Friendly Neighborhood

I LOVE This Painting!

In "The Boulevard" House
I Added MY Name!

Out Beautiful Alexa Brown Is 19 Years Old

Our Little Rasta Leperchan At Church

Our Neighbor Church

Pouring Rain!

Sister Austin and I
This Picture is SO Hilarious


Elder Fowkes, My Linstead Brother

Us And Elder Beckford

VERY Tall Elder

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