Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Good And Better And Best

Conference was amazing. As usual. I learned so very much! I also have so many things I need to apply to my life when I get home. This conference really made me think about who Heavenly Father wants me to become, and what I need to do in my life. I still don't have all the details of my "five year plan," and I doubt I will ever be the kind of person that makes a five year plan. (Or any kind of plan for that matter.) I guess I just do what I feel the spirit is telling me to do. The mission age change was unexpected. I didn't plan to leave on my mission till I was 21. There are just some things you can't plan for. But look how it has blessed me! I don't know what I'm going to study in school. I don't know who I'm going to marry, or where I'll live in my life. But, if I just do what is right when the spirit directs, I know I'll be blessed. My mission is a testimony of that. I loved the talk about making a decision between good and better and best. Good thing all of my options seem to be between those three options. I just have to pray each day for guidance. I think it's not really about what you do in life, but who you become. If I become successful or not, it doesn't really matter if I didn't improve my spirit and my character. 

This last week was stressful. All sorts of thoughts and feelings have been coming down on me. Thoughts of inadequacy, thoughts of going home, thoughts of worrying about investigators, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of not caring anymore, thoughts of caring too much, thoughts of sadness, thoughts of gratitude. I guess I am thinking way too much. I should probably think less and just focus on the spirit. Honestly, I give the best advice, I wish I'd listen to myself. 

I taught Sister Lewis how to drive stick shift! She is a pro already. Well, almost. She picked it up really fast. Driving in Jamaica is just so different. You have to watch out for crazy buses, goats, dogs, people, potholes, insane taxi drivers, big dips in the road, and even the occasional stray football that is kicked from a child who decided to chase after it. It is high stress, but I love it. 

All is well with Patrick. We had a very spiritual lesson. He enjoyed conference. I just hope he will be ready by Sunday. All my prayers will be towards him this coming week. We are still working to the 12th. I hope and have faith.

Overall, I don't have a lot to report. Seems like the weeks are going by faster and faster. I am just going to enjoy every bit of the Jamaica I love before I leave. I will enjoy jerk chicken, listening to patios, sharing the gospel, and more. 

I love you all,
Sister Pitt

In Between Conference!

Ackee Salt Fish And Roasted Bread Fruit

I'm Terrible!

Welcome To Jamaica!


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