Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Marvelous Adventure!

I'm teaching the Rastas the Plan of Salvation,
Living Reggae Nation, but it ain't no vacation.
Serving the Lord on an island in the sea,
Through the winds and the waves, 
I hope you're thinking of me!

My name is Caressa Pitt. I ate an entire jar of peanut butter in a week, I am getting the worlds most awkward tan line, and I'M A MORMON. 

This last week was crazy. The days are so long, but this week was finished in a snap. Four more days till I make one month on my mission! 17 more to go :) So much has happened. Every day you see so many people, go so many places, do so many things, that it all kind of blends into one big "akhgkajgka" (that's the only way to describe it). Plus, everything has been kind of going over my head. My companion is always like, "you're so chill about everything out here." Honestly, it's because I have no words, I just can't believe I'm out here, in Jamaica, serving a mission. I wonder when it will hit me? Probably when I have a really bad day or something, but thus far, all my days have been a marvelous adventure. 

Jamaican people have the weirdest culture. They are pleasers. They will say anything to make you happy. We have no shortage of people to teach, but we can never tell if they are serious, or just being nice. At the same time, they have zero manners. I will ask enthusiastically, "How are you today?!" and they will reply smugly, "Ok...." or just walk away. It is actually really funny, because I never know what to say after. I swear, if I come home super rude and stuff, slap me. Also, Sister Woolf and I have made it a goal not to smile and be bubbly towards men. We have to act very serious about what we are doing. If we even smile at them, it gets so stupid, and they ask if we are married. WHY is it that I can smile and flirt with someone in America, and they think we are just friends, and then in Jamaica I do a half smile and a wave and barely talk to a man, and he thinks I dig him? Seriously, so annoying. hahaha

Speaking of marriage proposals, (Dad, I hope I'm not making you nervous, hahah), we were out getting groceries, and this guy comes up to us and asks us to be taught. I guess he knew what we do. So, we went and met him at his house, and he told us his whole TERRIBLE life story. I really did feel bad for him. Anyways, we told him we would walk to church with him and another member, and he said okay. The next day, he texts asking if I am married. hahaha (When a male investigator does that, we immediately drop him), so we called him and told him that was inappropriate, and told him he is welcome to come to church, but we can't teach him if he only wants to talk to us. We didn't think he would actually show up at church. BUT HE DID. Oh my gosh, I was so nervous because he wanted to talk to me and Sister Woolf. Anyways, he apologized and just started talking foolishness (everyone out here says foolishness), haaa and we told him the Elders could teach him, but we couldn't because if he is really interested in the Gospel, we want him to take it seriously. And since it was Fast and Testimony meeting yesterday, he STANDS UP, and walks up. The Elders in the Branch turned around and looked at me and I just put my head down and started laughing silently. Anyways he said something like, "I want to change my life, thank you," and then he sat down. Anyways, the Elders are going to teach him now, so it's all good.

I wouldn't be telling you about all the weird guys out here, but that is literally what we come in contact with everyday. I can already feel myself getting ruder and ruder towards men. Jamaican people are extremely forward, they have no personal bubbles, they act like they've never seen white people before. OH MY GOSH. So, the other day, we were driving and we saw a white girl and an asian girl walking, and we screamed, "White person!" We pulled over and talked to them. There is a town here called Ewarton, where the Peace Corp. Volunteers teach at a school. The asian girl was from Hawaii! She lives by Sandy's and went to Punahou. I don't think I ever got her name or anything, but yah, that was cool to talk to them. I feel like I forget I'm white, because all we ever come in contact with are Jamaicans. 

So, the coolest thing about being a missionary is the fact that every time I bear my testimony about something, it's like I'm rediscovering it for myself. Also, somehow I thought I was so bad at scriptures, but somehow, I can find a scripture for almost everything, right on the spot. I seriously have been praying for help in that, and lo and behold, it worked. During a lesson we are talking about faith or baptism, and somehow I just flip open to it and it works perfectly. Even the other day a lady was asking if we believe in evil spirits because she has been feeling one, and I directed her to a scripture in 2 Nephi, that says something like, "And evil spirit teaches a man not to pray, but a good spirit teaches a man to pray" (paraphrased), but then I asked if she has been saying her prayers consistently, and she said no, and I invited her to continue to pray, to have the good spirit with her at all times. I've been so impressed as I teach how the Holy Ghost has been guiding me. It is literally amazing how God's hand is in everything. As a missionary, prayers are almost answered immediately. Not when it comes to investigators, but when it comes to something that I need help with, it works. I love it. 

There are so many things to be thankful for. Be thankful for consistent power and water. Sometimes during studies the power will just go out, it's fun. Also, after running in the morning, the water will just stop working, so we are a sweaty mess all day. Be thankful for paved roads. Be thankful for Foodland. Be thankful for warm showers. Be thankful for just everything!!!

So the other night, we were sitting with this man named Jermaine. He is about 27 and a member of the branch presidency here in Linstead. He is the coolest person I've met so far. He used to be a Rastafarian, and then when he found the church, he changed so many things in his life, and he is so devoted to the Gospel. He said the reason why he became a Rasta was because he was looking for something, but he still never found it, but the Rasta beliefs came sort of close to what he was looking for. When he found the Gospel, it was like, perfection. So we were sitting with him, just talking story, and he was saying that the reason he has stayed so strong in the Gospel as well is because he loves the great example the Sister Missionaries are. (He lives behind us). He said he was impressed with how I've adapted to everything so quickly, and I'm so chill. He was like, "You just fit in here!" It was funny, and I was like, "Thank you so much, you've made me feel so much better about myself." hahaha 

Last off, an Elder here (an AP), lost my passport. SO today, I had to go to the USA Embassy and get a new one. It was such a hassle. Don't worry mom, I got this handled!

Well, that is all I can think of for right now!

Love you all :)
-Sista PET (everyone says it like that). 

Jamaica Pride!

Umm, Voodoo doll?

Future Sister Missionaries

Busy Me!

Learning to Play Cricket!

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