Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun Facts!

Fun fact #1: Our investigator has a huge garden of marijuana. 
Fun fact #2: I took a picture next to it holding a "Word of Wisdom" pamphlet. (Is that sacreligious?)

Every day here is so random. Nothing is consistent, except our studies and when we come home at night. Every day we have to deal with people canceling on us, hiding from us, hitting on us, or pretending to be interested. But, it always turns into the most hilarious situation. Jamaican people are so weird sometimes. They are late for everything. (Jamaican time is way later than Hawaiian time. I never thought that was possible.) We have some good investigators, don't get me wrong. But, we have more obnoxious investigators than good ones, so it is easy to only think of the crazy ones. 

This week a baby peed on my shoes. I took them off at the door, and she started playing with them. Apparently, people can't afford diapers here. So, this baby peed on my shoes. My reaction was, "Your kid just peed on my shoes..." (I think I said it in a kind of grossed out/rude voice. haha) The mom didn't even say sorry, she just wiped it up. I walked around barefoot the rest of the day, and later I poured Purrell all over them. Ahhaha. I wonder what my mission president would think of me being barefoot while proselyting. I actually don't think he would be upset about it. This mission is a hard working mission, but it is also extremely laid back in some aspects. 

I have learned that the quickest way to have a prayer disrupted is to hear a dog getting hit by a car. Not only that, to have it screaming/crying at the top of it's lungs for a few minutes. And then, the owner coming and taking a machete to it's throat, to put it out of it's misery. Our investigator was praying and it was a spiritual moment, and then SATAN had to come ruin it. Hahaha, gosh darn it. It was so gross, and I felt sick after that. The worst part was that afterwards, a member fed us turkey neck, and all I could think about was the dog getting hit by the car. 

Speaking of turkey neck, Jamaican food is getting weirder and weirder as time goes on. A member, Sister Wallace, cooked us PIGS TAIL. Like the literally curly part of the tail. Oh my goodness. I just about died. I tried it and could not swallow it. She wasn't in the room where we were eating it, so I had a plastic bag and Sister Woolf and I stuffed it all into the bag. I then hid it. I've also eaten so many different meats, I am afraid to even ask what they are. I assume most of it is goat, because there are hundredssss of goats here. 

We had Zone meeting this last week. It was Sister Woolf and I and about 30 Elders. It was so good, and I learned so much from the Elders. It's hard not to feel inadequate compared to them, but I have been learning to not compare myself to others. Everyone is at a different level in life, everyone is learning and growing in a different way. I think the biggest thing I've been working on out here is developing Christlike attributes. Sister Woolf actually inspired this. We work on different ones each week. It is either patience, kindness, love, charity, etc... It is amazing that the more we become like Christ, the easier it is to love those we teach. The more we become like our savior, the easier it is to feel his spirit and teach his children. Also, the more you become like Christ, the better your life will become. If this isn't a universal truth, then it should be. Everyone needs to know this!

We were having dinner at a members house, and we gave a little spiritual thought, then played a game. It is amazing how just by having the Gospel in the home, you can feel the spirit and love that each family member had for each other. It is considerably different from teaching in a home without it. Not that those who don't have the Gospel are bad, or they are doing wrong, it's just the bond and connection they have made through Christ is so evident. For a minute, I felt like I was at home, with my family. I loved it so much, and I want to give everyone in the world the chance to be able to feel that spirit of God in their own homes.When we teach investigators that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families, we are not lying. It significantly improves families. I have seen it so much in just this month that I've been on my mission.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there! It was so good to skype home and see my family crowded in my bedroom. There are so many mothers here, so Sister Woolf and I have been teaching people about our mothers and explaining how their good example has influenced our lives. We are telling them that if they choose to do what is right, and choose to follow the Savior, their kids will grow up extremely strong. I am so thankful for my mom. I love her with my whole heart. She has given me everything. Without her help with paperwork, doctors appointments, buying me things, I WOULD NOT BE HERE. Also, if she hadn't given birth to me, I wouldn't be here. Haha. It's the truth. 

Oh, and everyone here thinks they can sing. You can just be like, "Sing me a song!" And they will make up on the spot a song. This recent convert, Conrad, sang us a song about moms. It was the most off-pitch song. SO funny. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I filmed it. Hopefully someday I can show you all. The funniest part was he was so serious. He closed his eyes and was like, "Mommmmmm mommmm mommm! I loooOOooveee you..." It's still stuck in my head. I can't believe I'm saying this, but even I am a better singer than some Jamaicans. 

Family, I love you all so much. I miss you. Cameron, your beard is looking mighty fine. I bet all the ladies love it. Kristin, I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR WHERE YOU ARE HEADED ON YOUR MISSION! Kayla, good luck with May Day and graduation from 6th grade! Mom and Dad, you two are perfect parents, keep it up.

Friends, I miss all y'all. Peace be da journey.

Sister Pitt

Marley And Me!

Questionable Meat????


Colorful Map of Jamaica

Natural Pink Carpet

Weed Of Wisdom hahaha!

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