Friday, June 7, 2013

Life is Good!

I had the most miserable dream the other night. In my dream, I had finished my mission, all 18 months. I was at the airport completely devastated because, for some reason I could only remember the first 6 months of my mission, and the last year of it was gone. I tried so hard to remember the last year, and I just couldn't. In my dream I started sobbing. I was so angry that I had to go home without being able to recollect a single memory. When I woke up I was so overcome with stress. Thank heavens it's only been six weeks of my mission. The dream really made me think about how I need to savor every moment over the next 16 months. (On the 10th of this month will be my 2 month mark). The dream really made me realize how short my time is here, and how I need to really do my absolute best. This all made me sad for a moment, but after I contemplated the meaning of it, I realized that it was there to tell me that this is where I am supposed to be. Never in my life have I been so sure of anything. I'm so glad I had that dream to reaffirm my decision to be here. 

Sister Woolf and I got transfer calls, and we will be staying together for another 6 weeks here in Linstead! I'm so glad, mainly because I still haven't started driving, but every other girl that came at the same time as me has. It's not because I didn't want too, but I think our mission president forgot or something. There could be a possibility that I may be a Trainer come July... The reason for this is because there are so many new girls coming in. I don't know if I will, but there is a huge chance I could be.  

So, I finally got everything figured out at the police station! Hallelujah. You know in George of the Jungle when Ursula is found by George and her annoying boyfriend goes to the police to report the crime? "URSULA HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY THE WHITE APE!" Anyways, that police station, with all the men speaking Swahili, is exactly what the police station here in Linstead is like. You can't understand them, they all sit together and laugh at you. It's ridiculous. BUT, I finally got my police report. Now, I am no longer an illegal alien in Jamaica! 

So, I guess in Jamaica, it's a compliment to be called 'fat.' Anyways, Sister Woolf has been called fat about 4 times this week, and it is odd because she is way thinner than I am. She has been getting really upset about it. But, think of how I feel! Someone much skinnier than I, is being called fat. I feel like a whale. But, I guess they are just poking fun at her because she came here way skinnier. She looks the same to me, super thin, but whatever, Jamaicans are crazy. Last night we had 2 dinner appointments. Both plates were heaping with food. If I come home fat, you know the reason. I try my hardest not to eat that much during the day if I know we have to go eat dinner somewhere. They just feed you so much, it makes me want to puke. Speaking of puking, I almost did the other day eating at a members house. I seriously could not swallow her food. I had to eat it like I was taking a pill. Bleh. But I survived!

During our morning run, I heard an old cowboy song. It was blasting from a nearby house. I think it was Willie Nelson or somebody from that era of country music. It made me so nostalgic. It was so funny to me that Jamaicans had country music playing. Usually it's reggae music or the Alisha Keys song, "This girl is on fiyaaaaaaa..." (That is the only part of the song I know). They also frequently play Beyonce, so I get into my groove thang when walking down the street. Beyonce is my home girl. Since we can only listen to churchy music, I have never found so much comfort in Hymns. I sing them all the time, even though I am awful at singing. Come Thou Fount has become a personal favorite along with Lead Kindly Light. I just love the words to them, they make me feel so comforted. Sister Woolf has some EFY CD's, which I absolutely hated at first, but now I know all the words. 

Okay, well now I have some great, fabulous, amazing NEWS! I left it for last. We had our first baptism! Bryan Anthony Hogarth. 26 years old. I haven't been teaching Bryan from the beginning, but I really was happy to be a part of him getting to the waters of baptism. It was awesome, but also so stressful. Let me tell you, Satan did not want this man to be baptized. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong! It was crazy, and hectic, but in the end, it all worked out. The biggest stress was the font. Sister Woolf and I went super early to fill the font, but the water pressure was so low! His baptism was supposed to be at 6 p.m. but, we ended up having it at around 8! The water was still so low that the Elder that baptized him had to kneel, and Bryan had to sit. When he was finally immersed under the water, I felt so much joy. Bryan has found the truth. He has found what millions of people around the world are looking for. He has found the key to happiness! I can't even express to you how ecstatic I was about this! I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry. I'm being dramatic, but seriously, he has taken the first step! He is on the road to exaltation, and if he can endure, he will receive his place in Heaven. Bryan was so happy. He said he felt like he was walking on clouds. The next day when he received the Holy Ghost was also so sweet. I could just see the joy in his face. I am so grateful to be apart of this work. I am so glad I got to be a mouthpiece for the Lord. Just seeing this all happen, makes my faith in Christ grow stronger. I'm speechless, but at the same time, I could go on forever. 

Family, I miss you. I really do. I think about you often, but not enough to the point of homesickness. I mainly think about how joyous the reunion will be in late 2014. I also think about all the Doctor Who episodes I need to catch up on when I get home... Well, 16 more months to go makes me feel relieved. I've got so much to learn, so much to do, and hopefully so many people to help! Read the scriptures, do what is right, pray always, never be sad, always be joyful, go to church, sing some songs, watch the sunset, let chocolate melt in your mouth. LIFE IS GOOD. Yes, I won't deny that there are so many people facing trails in the world, but with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all man kind can find ways to escape those trials. LIFE IS GOOD. Enjoy it.

Sister Pitt


Bryan Anthony Hogarth
Waiting for the Font to Fill Up
Talking With Bryan Before His Baptism

NO Printer to Print a Program

In Front of the Church with Tiana and Sister Woolf

Coin Kallie Sent Me

FINALLY Got to See Sister Savage

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