Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I'm learning how to drive stick shift, finally. The only thing is, learning to drive stick is not as cute as it is portrayed in the movies. In the movies you see an attractive male teaching an equally attractive female how to change gears. He puts his hand on her hand, and they lurch forward and laugh at each other. All this is happening while a happy/romantic song plays in the background. Well, Sister Woolf and I didn't really talk while I was learning, and I picked it up really fast, so it wasn't cute. It was just normal.

This week we had Zone Conference, so we had to go into Kingston on Friday, early in the morning. President Hendricks leaves this week, and our new mission president, President Brown (the first Jamaican mission president), is going to be starting. Anyways, it was an excellent Zone Conference. President Hendricks told the coolest stories. He is a great man, and I am sad to see him leave, but I am excited to meet my new mission president! I had to bear my testimony at the conference, I always love doing that! There was an Senior Couple missionary Elder that bore his testimony, and what he said was so powerful. He said he was a former Lutheran and Scientist. He had so many doubts when he was investigating the church. He doubted the existence of God, and also wondered why having a "true" church even mattered. He said that as he learned more, the Holy Ghost bore witness to him, and comforted him. It reminds me in Joseph Smith History how he says, "I knew it, and God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it."

As a missionary you have great lessons, but more often, you have lessons that are absolute train wrecks. This doesn't happen because I am a bad missionary or a terrible teacher, it really just depends on whether the person is genuinely interested or not. Well this week, we were teaching a lady the first lesson, and she was so distracted the entire time. At the end I asked her how she felt about Joseph Smith, and she responds, "Well, I don't remember reading about him in the Bible, but I know everything the Bible says is true." Um... Okay, well Joseph Smith isn't in the Bible. We told you, this happened about 200 years ago. A return Jamaican missionary was telling us, if they don't grasp the basic concepts of what you just said simply, they were not paying any attention and they are not interested. It's annoying, but eh, so it goes.

Christina is doing great! We have July 6th as her baptismal date, but it will be an absolute MIRACLE if she actually goes through with it. I have no doubt in my mind that Christina will be baptized. I just know she will, but I don't think July 6th will be that day. I do have faith, trust me, but I am trying to have more faith in God's will, rather than what I want to happen. Christina just doesn't think she will be ready by that day, but we have it as a goal, just so we can work towards something. Anyways, we had her watch the restoration DVD, and she wanted to borrow it. She watched it about 3 times in a 48 hour period, before we went and saw her again. I am always so baffled at her progress each time we visit her. I can feel her testimony growing. I don't know when Christina will be baptized, because I don't know what she wants, and I don't know what God wants, but I do feel so much satisfaction sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her. If anything, I am planting a seed that she will hopefully, never be able to deny.

I was able to get a blessing from the Branch President last night. Oh man, it was a tender moment for me. I haven't had a blessing for a few months, and I really needed one. We as missionaries have been encouraged to get one from our Branch Presidents so we can build a foundation of trust and unity with them. I probably needed that blessing more than he did though. It was just amazing what he said. It was everything I needed to hear. I felt the the spirit so strong, I started to cry. I could not stop. I probably made everyone in the room feel uncomfortable, but the emotion of truth being manifested unto me was overwhelming. I just know that God's power and authority is on this earth. I CAN'T DENY IT, NEITHER DARE I DO IT.

I am so happy that everyday I get to wear my missionary name tag on my chest that boldly says, "JESUS CHRIST." I am wearing His name on my chest. But, more importantly, I am learning how to wear His name in my heart.

Love, Sister Pitt
22 Elder 1 Van

Correlation Meeting

God Be Praised

Jumping in Jamaica

Awe ... SO Cute!

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