Monday, July 15, 2013

Three Months Have Come and Gone!

Transfer calls were on Saturday. Sister Woolf and I are together again for another 6 weeks! I guess our mission president trusts that we won't kill each other. I'm excited because we have been having so much fun together. Example number one: the other night, we were driving and we were stopped at a stop sign and this rasta was walking super fast towards our car and Sister Woolf screamed so loud, "LOCK THE DOOR, LOCK THE DOOR!." Instead, I just screamed and ducked, because I couldn't process everything fast enough. Turns out the rasta wasn't even walking towards us, and he probably heard us screaming in the car. We laughed until our stomachs hurt. Example number two: we are always so tired when we say companionship prayer at night and Sister Woolf was praying and she said, "Please bless everyone in the whole world." I snorted so loud, and then she lost it, and it turned into the most irreverent prayer. Sometimes you just have to have obnoxious fits of laughter to make you feel better about life. I am happy we get to stay together again here in Linstead. I feel like we were just getting started on investigators and I was getting a hang of things, so now these next 6 weeks we can just work our hardest to do what the Lord wants to accomplish together out here.

Last week, an old lady, Ms. Olive, yelled at us because we were taking pictures in her back yard. We had no idea it was her yard because the fence was broken. Anyways, we went back and apologized to her and asked if we could help her out with anything. She said all she needed was her yard cut, because the grass was so tall. So, everyone here cuts their grass with machetes... So Sister Woolf, our recent convert Bryan, and I went and cut her grass with machetes. Let me tell you, hardest thing ever. Bryan pretty much did the whole thing, because he knew how to do it. Within 10 minutes of chopping the grass, I got a huge blister on my hand. My sweat was dripping on it and I just had to keep going. It finally split open, so I ended up raking all the grass up. Ms. Olive was extremely appreciative. "God bless you. God bless you," she repeated over and over again. This blister on my hand got me thinking about the Savior and His sacrifice for us. My small sacrifice for Ms. Olive is NOTHING compared to His eternal sacrifice, but I think every time we serve someone or sacrifice our time, we get a tiny taste of the Atonement. When you are in the service of your fellow being, you are only in the service of God. This blister is painful, but nothing is as painful as bleeding from every pore or having nails driven through ones hands and feet. Nothing is as painful as having a crown of thorns jammed on your head and having people you helped, spit on you and call you names. I can't wait to start teaching Ms. Olive the missionary lessons. Hopefully we are softening her heart to learn more about Jesus Christ's great sacrifice and His church.

We started teaching this lady named Christine. (Let's not get that confused with Christina...) Anyways, so we were going to see Christine, and it was POURING rain. She came and got us and she led us into a house. I was laughing because of the rain, and as soon as I stepped into the house, I realized I was surrounded by 10 guys smoking weed and playing video games. I started laughing even harder, and then Sister Woolf came in and realized what was happening. All the guys were so surprised to see two white girls walk in. Their expressions were priceless. Anyways, we followed Christine to the back house and taught her a lesson. Speaking of Christine, we haven't made much progress with Christina. I love Christina to death, but I don't think she realized the sacrifice she would have to make to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I think she thought it was just a regular church. It's upsetting, but I know we planted a seed. We gave her the truth, now it's her choice to choose. We can't force her, but we are going to keep teaching her as long as she is doing her part of reading, praying, and coming to church. I know she wants to be baptized, but she just is so caught up with her life and the problems there, that she has a lot to sort out. I wish I could just magically fix every person's problems out here, but I can't. I'm trying to keep having faith and hope, but let me tell you, it isn't easy.

I will tell you of a great thing that did happen though! We work with a TON of less actives out here. That is pretty much all we do is try to help less actives come back. Rescuing the lost sheep, I suppose. After 3 months of visiting this lady named Sadie and telling her to come to church and teaching her, SHE FINALLY CAME. I have never been so excited to see someone at church. Oh man, Sadie is crazy. I think you all would love her. Actually, everyone we visit out here is crazy. Jamaicans may seem normal, but I can tell you that they all have something crazy hilarious about them. I hope Sadie continues to come, it's just rough because all these people we visit are either living with someone because they need financial support, or they forgot everything. I just sometimes don't even know what to do to help them, but I pray a lot here. I pray more than I've ever prayed before. That is all I can do, I guess. As long as I work hard and pray hard, the Lord will do the rest.

Well, living on ramen, oatmeal and mac n cheese has finally caught up to me. My stomach hasn't been right lately. I feel disgusting, because I have never eaten so many carbohydrates in my life. I'm tired of cucumbers, which are the main veggie you can buy out here. I guess I just have to get creative, and really work on budgeting my money. If anyone wants to send me some simple recipes, it would be appreciated. :) Well, three months have come and gone. It's crazy how fast time goes. I've been missing music and movies, but I can handle it. Sister Woolf and I have so many inside jokes that it makes each day entertaining. Not to mention, I'm in freaking Jamaica, and everyone here is a riot.

We had a zone meeting this last week and President Brown said something I really liked, "The age change in October 2012 will have just as great of an effect on the world as the restoration of the Gospel." Oh man, President Brown is amazing. I wish you all could listen to his testimony. I wish you all could meet his family. I feel excited just being in the same room with him and his wife. They are powerful people.

I love you my dear family. I miss you each day. I really, really love being a missionary. It's fantastic. I recommend it for every young person in the church. I learn something new about the Gospel everyday. I learn something new about myself each day as well. It's not easy, but I think i'm finally starting to understand the phrase my dad always says, "Head down, butt up." You just got to work hard and enjoy each moment. :)

Peace Out Boy Scout,

Sister Pitt

Before Chopping in the Yard
After Chopping in the Yard

Conrad and I

So Much Food! Worst Stomach Ache ever

Sister Woolf, Sister Davis, and I

Crystal Reid, Teaching with Us

Ghetto Bandaid


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