Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why are you so white?

I think I've reached the point of my mission where I just have stopped caring about what I look like. I knew this day would come... I'm sweaty and gross everyday, there is no point in even trying. I was so tired the other day that I just shaved one leg and gave up. (I eventually shaved the other leg, don't judge me...)

This week flew by in a blink of an eye. If this is how every week is going to be, my mission will be over before I can say, "supercalfragilisticexpialadocious." I don't want that to happen, at all. I am loving it out here. I LOVE JAMAICA. I love that every single day something new happens. This week we went to go visit a Less-Active who is now a preacher for another church. Anyways, he totally still has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but he just loves being a preacher. I must add, a very LOUD preacher. He asked if he could say a prayer for us as we were leaving. He started pretty normal, but then the prayer escalated quickly. He got loud, started throwing his hands around, and was being extremely dramatic. "BLESS THESE VIRTUOUS, RIGHTEOUS WOMEN! KEEP THEM SAFE! OH LORD, WATCH OVER THEMMMM!" What was a very spiritual meeting turned into an obnoxious farewell. Sister Woolf and I were trying so hard not to laugh, it was just so awkward. Anyways, when he was done, he told us while he was praying he saw lights flashing before his eyes. I told him jokingly that God was trying to give him a sign to come back to Church. He ignored my comment.

This last week Wednesday, we had our district meeting in Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is a tourist town, and near the ocean, so it makes me think of home. While we were there, Sister Hendricks called us to let Sister Woolf know that we had to come into Kingston that day for Sister Woolf's dentist appointment. (She had a toothache). We drove for four plus hours on Wednesday, because everything is so far apart and the roads are awful. The best part of the day was we got Otis Spunkinmeyer muffins, which are seriously the best, ever. Every time we pass Spanish Town, we stop by the grocery store to get them. While we were at this particular grocery store, buying muffins, a group of school girls crowded around Sister Woolf and I and started touching our hair. "Is your hair real?" "Are your eyelashes real?" "Why are you so white?" (Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.) Mean Girls reference, by the way.

I've been learning a lot. For example:

1. Sometimes you just have to shut up and endure people who ridicule you. Don't take it personally.

2. Be patient with companions. Never argue. Let them win.

3. Love everyone, even if they are crazy or mean.

4. Have faith in God's will. Some answers to prayers come quickly, some come later, some don't even come at all.

5. When you are driving, always make sure you are in 1, instead of reverse. (That's all I'm going to say about this one...) haha

Friday night was the worst night, ever. About 100 yards from our house, there was a huge party going on. From 9 pm to 3 am. IT WAS TERRIBLE. SO loud. We couldn't sleep. The bass was shaking the house. Then, some random guy was on a huge mega phone, screaming in Patawa. Saturday we were so out of it. I can't even remember what happened on Saturday, because I was so tired.

President Hendricks is no longer our mission president. President Brown stepped in on Friday evening! How exciting to be here while the first Jamaican mission president is here. I'm going to miss President Hendricks. He is a great man! He stopped by to say goodbye to Sister Woolf and I. He told us we have been doing a great job and we are a very special companionship. We agreed, because we really do have so much fun, and we work really well together. Even this girl that came out with us teaching says, "You two are different than other missionaries because you are not afraid to be yourselves around each other." We both have been working hard to make our companionship blossom.

As for Christina, she is doing alright. Sadly, she was in Ocho Rios all week, so we only saw her on Sunday. She didn't have enough money to Taxi to church, but she really wanted to come. We brought two members with us, and we had a mini testimony meeting! The spirit was so strong, and we are really understanding Christina's needs and concerns. We are doing everything we can for her. She does not want to be baptized on July 6th, because she says she is not ready. She wants to know everything about the Gospel. We try to emphasize that if she has the gift of the Holy Ghost, it will help her learn and feel the spirit. But, we can't push her into baptism, we can only stand beside her as she learns what she wants for herself. Selfishly, I want her to be baptized sooner than later, but as long as she is progressing and learning, I KNOW she will be baptized. One of the members that came with us to the mini testimony meeting told us that we have planted a beautiful seed for her. That made me feel really good! Christina is an amazing girl, I love her so much. She needs the Gospel, she has been through so much in her life. Everyone needs the Gospel.

Well, like always, I look forward to this coming week. I am excited for things to come. I am excited for the adventures I will have this next week. I am excited for the people I will meet. I really do miss home, but Jamaica has my heart for now. I love it here. I love feeling tired and disgusting after working hard. I love laughing so hard with Sister Woolf, we almost start crying. I love hearing Bob Marley playing in the distance. I love driving stick. I especially love the scriptures. I love the Gospel. I love Heavenly Father. I love Jesus Christ. I love my life.

The only part I hate about all this is stepping in dog crap... (Not like that happened to me or anything...)


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