Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Last night was an eventful night, to say the least. I tossed and turned all night, and at midnight, I started getting a really bad fever. My face and neck was so hot, and my whole body was freezing. Sister Woolf was having a hard time sleeping as well, because she got her food allergy again. I went under my blankets and fell asleep for a little bit, and woke up around one, burning. I took some medicine, drank water, and took my temperature. It was high. Then as we were sitting in the dark, we started hearing this really loud noise in our apartment. Then it sounded like it was coming from outside. Instincts kicked in and I ran to the kitchen and grabbed our knife. Sister Woolf started crying a little bit. I said a prayer while holding a knife in my hand. I called Sister Barrett, and told her about the noise. Turns out it was just the wind pushing our bathroom door back and forth. I have no idea why it sounded like it was outside. Can you say OVERREACTION. I have no idea why we got so scared, it was just a really unsettling feeling, but it is a hilarious story to tell, that is for sure. 

This last week was... I actually really have no explanation for this week. It just was. Monday started off in Ocho Rios. We got to go sit at the beach and it made me extremely nostalgic thinking of home. I got to put my toes in the Caribbean Ocean, which was satisfying. We ate at Burger King, saw white people, played Frisbee. It was a good P-Day. This week we had a meal appointment everyday. Something Sister Woolf ate has been giving her the worst food allergy, and I was sick as well, so I had to go to the health clinic, because the mission presidents wife needed to make sure I was okay. Let's just say, I don't like Jamaican health clinics. I had to pee in a plastic drinking cup, in an extremely unsanitary bathroom. hahaha All part of the fun, I suppose. Anyways, turns out my allergies have just been acting up really bad, but I don't understand why I had a high fever last night. 

One of the nights we ate a members house, they fed us mutton (sheep). I know Cameron knows what that tastes like. She also served us some mac n cheese. I thought the mac n cheese had pepper in it, but as I closely examined it, I realized that it was ants. Yummy! But, it was the first night we actually sat at a dinner table. Oh, I'm also used to pigs tail. I never thought that would happen. Oh, and speaking of all this food, when I went to the doctors office and they weighed me, I screamed internally. Let's just say, I'm going to go on a 40 day fast, just like Jesus did. haha

This Saturday, Sister Woolf's food allergy was so bad, we had to stay in. I slept, because I've also been sick, but I also read the entire, "Our Heritage," and some chapters from the "Teachings of Joseph Smith." Oh man, I learned so many things about the history of the church. Joseph Smith faced so much persecution for righteousness sake. I've always had a testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I've always known that the Book of Mormon is true, but I really didn't have that much knowledge of Joseph Smith. Even after taking a Doctrine and Covenants class. (Honestly, I didn't pay much attention). I never felt connected to him or the early saints,  it didn't matter to me. I just went by faith believing he translated the Book of Mormon and prophesied of many things. Sister Woolf has such a strong testimony of the work Joseph Smith did, I felt like I needed to learn more. I can't believe all that he went through! It just proves to me the truthfulness of his work. It proves to me that Satan was trying his hardest to destroy the work of the Lord. I always believed Joseph Smith was a prophet, but I feel after studying and praying about it, I KNOW with my whole heart he was the prophet who restored the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth. I am so thankful for him. 

I also really liked reading about Joseph Smith this week because he writes a lot about people going through trials. I feel like the first four months of my mission have been trial and error, but as I look back, I realize my spiritual growth and the knowledge I've obtained is significant. I've learned that it's not what I want to do, it's what the Lord wants me to do. I've learned that the closest I feel to the Lord is when I diligently pray. I've learned so much from the Book of Mormon, and I can't believe how much the Lord has helped me understand it and apply it to my teaching. I've learned to be patient, and to just trust Heavenly Father. I've had a ton of fun and some amazing times. I can't believe I'm actually pretty used to the Jamaican culture by now. Weird stuff happens, and I barely notice it anymore. 

I have a lot of goals I'm going to work on for the next 14 months. As I've studied my Patriarchal Blessing, I realize there are things I need to improve on. The biggest thing I'm going to do is use the talents and abilities I have to lift those around me. I'm really going to soul search about what those talents and abilities are, and apply them. 

Well, all is well in Jamaica, I love you all, I miss you all.
D+C 10:5 


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