Monday, August 5, 2013

Jamaicans Are TERRIBLE With Directions!

Jamaicans are terrible with directions. TERRIBLE. So this is how a conversation played out with a guy we saw on the side of the road:

Me: Hello, Where is Ivy District?
Guy: Down the road, up the hill, take the deep turn.
Me: Um... Do you know Carrie-ann? She said to ask for her over here.
Guy: I know lot's of Carrie-anns.
Me: Carrie-ann with a baby?
Guy: I know lot's of Carrie-anns with babies. My sisters name is Carrie-ann and she has two babies.
Me and Sister Woolf: (laughter)
Me: Well, your directions don't make sense. Where is Ivy District?
Guy: Down the road, up the hill, take the deep turn, keep going.
Me: ... Haaa 

We spent a good half an hour looking for this girl "Carrie-ann." Turns out her name is actually Kareen, we just heard it wrong. Finding places is nearly impossible when Jamaicans give you directions. "Past the coconut trees, keep going." Um, okay...

Anyways, this week was good. I've come to realize that teaching investigators is a lot like a relationship. It starts off all wonderful, the person is promising, and then bam, they run away from you or tell you it's over. Sometimes we have to avoid them, or they avoid you. It's a huge mess. It also plays with your emotions. I'm going to be used to this kind of heartbreak when I get home. Haha

Yesterday we went to teach this woman who is married to a less active member. She is from Jamaica, but has been in Georgia for the last 10 years. Anyways, her husband, Everton, really wanted us to meet her and talk to her about our church. We said sure, but he warned us she isn't too fond of us. I figured he meant she just didn't know things and was unsure, but she HATES Mormons. It was so awkward. We started talking with her, and she told us her church, Church of God (Protestants), teaches her all about our religion. Apparently we are polygamist, racists, and we praise Joseph Smith. She went on and on about how Joseph Smith received revelation from the Devil. She was pretty much yelling at us, It didn't help that I was laughing about it. I was like, "Woman (I can't remember her name), we only teach people who are willing to learn, you obviously aren't." She was so rude so we just left. I don't think she knows that her husband has been baptized into our church and he was just sitting there awkwardly, because we always visited him when she was in the States living. Anyways, fun times when people decide to bash your religion. 

What else? Hmm. Yesterday a former investigator of ours showed up to church soaking wet with a huge guy next to him. We were in class and he asked Sister Woolf and I to step outside and talk to him. Anyways, the big guy asked our investigator to sell some things for him, and our former investigator tried to steal it. So yeah, somehow we got dragged into that, and it was so funny because these two men were acting like children. Sister Woolf asked if they are friends, and the big guy was like, "No. We are enemies." I lost it, I started laughing so hard. I have no idea why they decided to come to church and tell us about their problems. Anyways, by the end of church they were friends again. But, there is a reason why we dropped the one that came soaking wet, he is crazy.

So, a lot of really exciting and fun stuff happens on a daily basis in Jamaica, as you can see. We have been struggling back and forth with investigators, less actives, and whatnot. So it goes. Something I've been trying to work on is just to be patient. Patience is so hard, and I probably failed at it many times during the week, but I'm trying. Yesterday as I fasted, I prayed for it. I am trying to focus way more on what God wants, rather than what I want. 

Something I saw in an Ensign article the other day really caught my eye it was a quote that said, "Isn't it amazing how His wounds can heal our wounds." I've been really trying to study the atonement and how amazing it is. I feel like I could study it my whole life and not really wrap my head around how infinite and eternal it is. Oh it is wonderful that He should care for me, enough to die for me! He died for everyone so that we all may live. I love teaching people about the atonement. The thing with Jamaicans, is they all know about it, but it's a great feeling to really help them understand it. 

Anyways, a lot more happened this week, but I forgot my journal at home. Usually I bring it with me to look back, but I can't remember a thing. Wait. We had Zone Conference this week and President Brown said that if we can get 60 worthy, tithe paying, priesthood holders, we will be getting a Stake here in Jamaica by early next year. Whoa. Progress! That would be awesome! The work is hastening in Jamaica.

One Love, 
Sister Caressa Ann Pitt

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