Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spiritual Prozac

Brother Walker quote of the week:
"Sister Pitt, I'm pretty sure you are part negro."

In America we are taught to say, "please and thank you." We are taught that men should open doors for ladies. Welp, not here in Jamaica. So many times has a guy cut in front of me and pushed me to get through a door. So many times someone has said, "Give me that." It's funny too, because Jamaicans can sense when you have manners, because they try to walk all over you. Thank heavens I know how to be slightly rude while smiling at the same time. Hopefully I don't bring any of these traits with me home. 

Something I really pondered on this week is Satan. Yeah, weird that I've been thinking of the master of all evil, but there is a reason for it. First of all, I realized that Satan is more aware of the atonement than any of us are. Satan can testify to God's power, because he is constantly fighting it. Satan understands that light always triumphs over darkness and that once there is a glimmer of light, we have hope. Satan believes in forgiveness more than we do, because he sees it happen every day. That is why he works so hard to tempt us. Satan will do everything he can to lead us by a string and eventually drag us down to hell, once those strings turn into chains. Yet, nothing is more powerful than Christ offering himself up as a sacrifice. Christ literally breaks those chains that bind us. I started reading the New Testament, and in Matthew when the Devil is tempting Jesus to turn a stone into bread, to save himself, and to receive the riches of the world, Jesus doesn't even bat an eye. He simply dismisses the thought. The devil even says, "IF thou be the Son of God." He uses 'If' to try to make Jesus wonder if he really is the Son of God. Satan uses doubt, fear, inadequacies and sorrow to trap us. 

Overall, it was an alright week. I'm not going to lie, it was rough. Sometimes it gets tough. Is it so bad that when I asked an investigator, "How do you feel about what we taught you today," she said, "I guess it's true," I just didn't even believe her. The spirit just wasn't there. Maybe I over analyze things. Maybe I'm waiting for some amazing spiritual manifestation, but working with investigators is so hard, when they are not prepared. I'd rather spend my whole mission working with a few prepared people than talking to those who just want to debate or talk to a white person. Argh. I'm letting negativity and doubt creep in. Remaining positive all the time takes its toll on you. I guess the thing that keeps me going is prayer and the scriptures. I like to call them spiritual prozac.

Keep me in your prayers. Keep these stubborn Jamaicans in your prayers.

Sister Pitt

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