Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Junction Here I Come!

Okay, for the first little bit of this email I am going to complain: 
1. I caught the worst cold and now I can't speak.
2. I hit my head on a bike while lifting it into the back of our truck.
3. I bought brand new shoes and now they are completely covered in red dirt.
4. I have a mosquito bite on my butt.

Other than those little things, I have had one of the most eventful weeks on my mission, so far. I don't know if I'll be able to do it justice, so I'll try to recap by days, because it has been quite fun.

Tuesday: Said goodbye to some members in Linstead. Sad, sad day. I will miss them dearly. Saw some other people. Packed up the last of my stuff. Ate at a members house, it was delicious.

Wednesday: We had to be in Spanish Town by 12:30ish, so we had some time to stop by a couple peoples houses. A rasta man we call, Papa Davis, gave me a big bag of apple bananas. We drove to Spanish Town and had transfers! Anyways, I am now with Sister Tominey and Sister Collier. It takes about two hours to get from Spanish Town to Junction. Junction is awesome. It is so country. Sometimes we park in random fields and trek through bushes to get to peoples houses. They don't live in neighborhoods here, it's more like... villages. Most people don't have electricity and it's a super safe area. 

Thursday: We went out all day. I actually can't really remember what happened.... haha

Friday: We had Zone Conference in Savannah La Mar, which is a three hour drive. So we were in the car for like 6 plus hours. It was great. Elder Anderson, from the seventy was there. Many awesome things were talked about. Right in the middle of Zone Conference, I started feeling really light headed and started sneezing. I just thought it was allergies. Anyways, ended up being a full blown cold.

Saturday: We went out teaching with this man in the branch named Brother Collins, and another lady came with us as well. Brother Collins is awesome. He is blind, but will walk with us through sketchy paths. He loves going out. (And I was complaining about sickness). I've met quite a few of the members now, because there isn't very many out in these parts.

Sunday: Church. It was good. Tiny branch. In Linstead about 150ish would show up, now here in Junction, maybe 20? Anyways, everyone is so nice! And so humble. I love it. After Church my companions had to go to Spanish Town to practice for the upcoming Christmas musical, and I had to go to Mandeville on tradeoffs for the evening. I was put with a Sister from Linstead who just got out on her mission like 3 days ago... So she had no idea what she was doing, and I had no idea were we were going. But we survived! And I made friends with the taxi man. His name is Andrew and he used to date a danish woman name Sonia. 

Today! (Monday): Had to wait in our apartment till our Landlord fixed something. Oh, btw, our Apartment is nice! I feel like I'm in a hotel. It's so clean and new. Also it has warm water. Sadly, I have the top bunk, because the other sisters were there first. I hate the top bunk...

Okay, everything is crazy. I don't feel like we did much missionary work this week, because so much happened. It was hectic. But, I am in love with Junction. I think my companions think I am crazy. I sound like a man right now, because of my voice. They are super nice, sweet girls. I am loud. I think I balance things out a bit. I have laughed so much this last week, it's been great. 

Oh, and Thanksgiving is this week! We are planning a feast! I'm excited. I'm really happy to be here in Junction. I'm excited to get to work and start finding and teaching! Also, Sister Nautu served here in Junction, and everyone is like, "You look like Sister Nautu! Long dark hair!" 


Sister Pitt

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