Monday, October 14, 2013

A Time Of Reflection!

I have the worst luck with the truck I drive. I've been stuck in the mud multiple times, I've had the oil run out, I've had the battery not start, I've slipped down a hill into a ditch, AND I'VE HAD THE TIRE POP IN A RAIN STORM. Some of these situations would have stressed me out so much at home, but I think I'm just used to it here. My initial reaction was, "Eh, whatever." I then called the Office Elders, and they tried to direct me over the phone as to how to change a tire. Thank heavens some random taxi drivers took it upon themselves to do pretty much all of it for us. 

So, we are teaching this young guy right now named Sean, and Sister Coleman and him speak such thick patios to each other. I get the conversation, but sometimes if I don't pick up on something, they make fun of me. Also, they think it's soooo hilarious that I don't say the 'T' in mountain, Martin, Ewarton, Newton. I never realized I did that until they pointed it out. Gosh, I guess I've picked up on some of my fathers Utah accent without knowing it. Soon I'll be saying hell instead of hail. 

This week was a time of reflection and contemplation. Hohum. Six months, a year ago the prophet changed the mission age to 19. A year ago I never thought I'd be in Jamaica. If the age hadn't been changed I'd probably be at home, maybe starting my mission papers. Probably not, because I'm a procrastinator and I'd wait till I was 21. I'd probably be in school, probably watching television as well. Now, when I turn 21 I will be nine months out on my mission. That is halfway! Seriously insane. Amazing how tiny little things can change your life dramatically. One little age change and I'm a missionary, in Jamaica. I have filled up an entire journal full of adventures. It's just so crazy to think about all that has happened. 

I also was slightly homesick this week. Mainly just because I could really feel an outpouring of love from home. I'm nowhere near my family, but I can literally feel the love they have for me. It's an amazing feeling, and I've been able to feel that same way about Heavenly Father. I can't see him, but I know he loves me. I wish I could explain it eloquently. The love I feel from God is overwhelming. There are times when I'm praying and I just have to sit there and cry a few tears of joy. I can also feel that same love from my family. I think the way I've been able to understand that feeling of love from God, is because I feel that love from my earthly family. I am so blessed. 

I'm almost done reading Doctrine and Covenants. I just don't understand how this whole church and the doctrine just doesn't make sense to people. It's so simple and perfect. I was reading about baptisms for the dead, and it was a letter Joseph Smith wrote to the church. Even if I wasn't a member of this church, I'd always question what happens to people who don't know about Jesus Christ? How are they saved? It makes perfect sense that because God loves all his children, he has prepared a way for everyone to receive the highest degree of glory. It's so promising and beautiful. Don't you people realize that this is AMAZING. People living in China, for example, who don't know anything about Jesus Christ can still be saved! REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY WERE BAPTIZED IN THIS LIFE. Christ's atonement was infinite and eternal. It encompasses everyone who has ever walked this earth. AH. It's so awesome!

Anyways, we are just looking for lot's of new investigators. We picked up a few this next week, but we still are always looking for tons of people. I'm excited. I love this work. It is awesome. AMEN. HALLELUJAH.

Ya mon, rastafari fiyahhhh, eryting irie,
Sister Pitt
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