Monday, October 7, 2013


I don't have a funny story to tell this week. I have a tragic story...

We went without water for 72 hours or so. I didn't wash my hair, because it was too difficult. But, I did get to take some awkward bucket showers. We have plenty of drinking water stored, so we were fine in that area. The worst part is having to fill up buckets and carry them in to flush the toilet. It gets worse when the power goes out, with no water, on a extremely humid night. I'm not complaining, just stating fact. I'm sure I will look back on all this with fond memories, just like how I look back with fondness on how my family lived in the garage for a few months. Good times!

So, can someone please explain to me why time flies by so quickly? It's already October. I've been out six months on the 10th of this month. What the heck?! I have ONE year left... That hurts my heart. Transfer calls came this weekend, Sister Coleman and I are together for another transfer. We have to finish up her 12 week training. Without a doubt, I'll leave Linstead in six weeks. I think it will be good for me to go to a new area, start fresh, have new goals, etc.. I feel like I've been here forever, but at the same time it feels like yesterday I was in the mission home, eating soup and completely exhausted from the MTC.

Got to see Sister Nelson this week (Gobrena's mom). She explained how 16 years ago, she was extremely offended by something someone said, from the church, and that is why she has been gone for so long... Seriously? I'm trying to not be judgmental, but that is ridiculous. Anyways, all that aside, she told us that the feelings she felt at Gobrenas baptism reminded her of her baptism. She said it was the best day of her life, and she is so thankful for her 15 year old daughter, who willingly accepted the Gospel. She told us that she is not giving up on the church again. Wow. What a blessing. My prayers have been answered. This whole experience is a miracle. I'm serious, Heavenly Father led us to find Gobrena. Heavenly Father prepared Gobrenas heart to receive the message of the restoration. Miracles do happen, they are real. You just have to be patient, they will come.

The relationship between Sister Coleman and I is improving. I'm not going to lie, sometimes she annoys me, but I'm trying to push out every ounce of selfishness and judgement. I'm trying to be meek, humble, and loving. I've been mainly trying to get to know her. The contention that was previously there is now gone. I feel like we are slowly becoming friends. At times it's still not perfect, but Heavenly Father is helping. He has answered my prayers by softening her heart, as well as mine. 

Conference was amazing. Everyone should give me a pat on the back, because I didn't fall asleep at all. I think this is my first time doing that. Before conference, I made a list of eight questions I have had in my mind:

1. How can I be a better follower of Jesus Christ and a better missionary?
2. How can I be better at keeping and achieving my goals? 
3. What are things I can do to have more confidence and less negative thoughts about myself?
4. How do you know if you've been forgiven completely? 
5. How can I more fully love everyone, especially those closest to me?
6. What are things I can do to always have a joyful spirit and countenance?
7. What are things I can do to help my family?
8. How can I avoid being complacent with the Gospel? Or, in other words, how do I keep the Gospel alive in my life, always?

Each one of these questions was answered so directly by words or by the spirit of the Lord. Conference was special this time round. Mainly because I took the time to make it special. I loved all the talks. Can you believe, 15 million members and 80,000+ missionaries?! AMAZING. EXCLAMATION POINT!

Anyways, I'm done typing for today. I love this Gospel. It is true. I love God. I love Jesus Christ. They are real, and they are always there to listen to our prayers. 

In the words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other!"
(Alright, way to kill a spiritual ending to a letter, Caressa. Geez)

Sister Pitt

These Two Kids Are Insane!

In Between Conference Sessions!

Intense Mud Soccer!

Mud Soccer!

Sister Coleman Happy About Her Banana!

Spider Webs Are Everywhere!
The "Elder Fowkes Is Leaving" Pose

Striving For The Gospel!

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