Thursday, October 24, 2013


Having a Jamaican companion who is a convert to the church is... hilarious. That awkward moment when she says something in a lesson that isn't true or really part of the doctrine. I just have to smile and try to focus the lesson back on track. I also have to explain a lot of stuff. For example, Joseph Smith was murdered. The list for random things like that, goes on and on. My favorite was the other night, she told me if she had an albino child, she would give it away. Or a down syndrome child. I was so mad about this I talked to her for like 30 minutes explaining how wrong that is. Oh gosh, I'm laughing typing this. Sometimes the things she says... Jamaicans say the darn dest things. Oh and last of all she was like, "I don't like Harry Potter. Especially the part where they are in the volcano and the one doesn't want to throw the ring into it." HAHA. I guess only a few people will find that funny.

We had to venture to Kingston twice this last week. On Thursday we had a 'sisters meeting.' It was for all the sisters. It was about getting along with your companion and overcoming stress. They fed us lunch and they had VADALIA ONION SALAD DRESSING. I screamed when I saw it. I didn't know they had that magical goodness in this dang country. I might have overreacted, but I was so excited. I almost drank it... Just kidding... Anyways, it was all about forgiving others and not getting offended. I hope everyone was listening. Haha, I'm not perfect, but I am really good at letting things go or just ignoring things. The next day we had to go to Kingston again for another meeting. So, lot's of driving this week...

The work has been going good. We have some good investigators. There is this kid Sean, we are teaching and let me just say, you should never judge a book by it's cover. He looks like a trouble maker, well he kinda is, but he is so willing to listen to the gospel. He has come to church and the second time he came, he brought his sister along. He doesn't have an understanding of the bible, like most Jamaicans, so we have to explain a lot of little things. It's good though. He doesn't question anything we teach, he is just accepting of all of it. He also always makes fun of my American accent. I enjoy talking to him and his sister, and they seem to really enjoy church. Hopefully things go well!

I have a great story. There once was a turkey convention. All the turkeys were so excited to attend. At this convention they were having a special guest, the bald eagle, who would teach them how to fly. All the turkeys gathered at the convention center and the bald eagle taught them. Soon all the turkeys were flying around the big convention center. It was a great day. Many learned how to dip, dive and soar. At the end of the convention, the eagle and a few turkeys gave some closing remarks. They all said goodbye and walked away.

They all said goodbye and walked away.


I heard this story this last week and I laughed so hard. But, it makes me realize that I can't learn something new and have all these great experiences and just "walk away." I need to really take what I have learned and make it change me as a person so I can, "fly away." Why walk when you could fly? Why stay the same when you can progress and become a better person? Too many times in my life I have learned something new about being better, but a few days later I remained the same. This story prompted me to make a list of ways I'm going to be a different and better person when I return from my mission. I already can see the changes that I have made with myself. I know the mission is to help others, but somehow in the midst of that, the person I am helping the most, is myself. 

Family, I miss you all. Friends, I miss you. Carly, my dog, I don't miss you. You are evil. 

Love, Sister Pitt

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