Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thou Knowest That I Love Thee!

“God is not dead, but he’s aliveee. God is not dead, but he’s aliveeeee. God is not dead, but he’s aliveeeee! I feel it in my hands, I feel it in my feet, I feel it all overrrr me! Yeah yeah yeah!”

I went to 2 Jamaican prayer meetings (something they have before a funeral) and 2 funerals this week… I learned some great clap-tastic, stomp your feet, joyful gospel songs. It was a good time. I also got to bear testimony about the Plan of Salvation in front of 50 or more people from different faiths at the prayer meetings. Of course, the Elders took it upon themselves to sing, “If You Could Hie to Kolob.” It sounded good, but I’m sure everyone was confused. Overall, I love prayer meetings. I do NOT like Jamaican funerals. They are the most disorganized events. Funerals have an amazing opportunity to be spiritual and special, but not in Jamaica. My favorite parts are the people who do musical numbers, but are tone deaf. Whatever floats their boat, I suppose. Meanwhile, since I was sitting on the stand, I had to put my face in my hands to control myself from not laughing in front of an entire congregation of mourners.

(Side note: Since funerals are so boring, I declare that I will have a FUN-eral. It will be full of fun. None of this boring, sad stuff. It will have bouncy houses, cotton candy machines, and my body will be propped up in a chair on the side holding a golden staff and I will have on a crown.)

Things with my dear companion are improving. I'm trying to do things with her that are fun and simple. For example. We made lists of qualities we want our future husbands to have. (It's cheesy, I know, but I was trying to think of something that would maybe bring up some similarities). And, it worked. We had a lot in common in that area. I got to talk to her about a lot of things this week. I am doing my best, and praying every single day so that we can be more united. We went to KFC, to take a break from cooking. If there is awkward silence in the car, I turn the church music up and sing it at the top of my lungs. She thinks it's funny. So, it's working out. I am doing everything I can, so if it still doesn't work over time, then at least I know that I did my best! :)

Alright. So about the "surprise" last week, it's know longer anything. What happened is that last week Sunday, Christina got a blessing and chose October 5th as her baptismal date, and by Saturday, she had changed her mind. SHE IS FULL OF EXCUSES. Ergh. Well, I've learned a lot from teaching her, there is really nothing else we can do for her, she has free agency, so it's her choice. I've really learned how to just accept the Lord's will. I just have to let things go, and move forward with faith. I don't want to bring anyone to baptism, unless they are "begging" to be baptized...

And speaking of baptism... GOBRENA GOT BAPTIZED! It was an amazing day. She got baptized Sunday, September 29th! First of all, she brought her less active mom. Second of all, she was so excited. Somehow, baptisms end up being really stressful on my part. We filled up the font the night before, and it almost all leaked out by morning! EEK! But, luckily we got there an hour early, and we started filling it again. She still had to be baptized sitting down. But, it was amazing. I just felt so happy and excited for her. After she went into the bathroom all wet, she was crying tears of joy. Her mom turned to me and said, "This reminds me of my baptism. I know the celestial kingdom is real, and I want to go there, with my family." Oh man, it was soooooo amazing. I got to bear my testimony about baptism and when I looked at Gobrena, I started tearing up, because she had tears streaming down her face. Gobrena felt the spirit, strong. I challengend her to write down every feeling she was feeling in her journal, so she can look back on it when times get tough. Gobrena is an elect, choice spirit. She was so ready to receive the Gospel. Everything just clicked for her, and she is so intelligent. It was a pleasure teaching her, and moments like her baptism, make all the hard times, one hundred percent worth it.

So many of my prayers were answered. I felt the spirit as I was able to witness beautiful Gobrena make promises with Heavenly Father. It made me reflect on all the promises I've made with God. I have really contemplated the baptismal covenants and temple covenants I have made. I watched the Relief Society broadcast, and it put a lot of things in perspective. It talked all about keeping our promises, and as we do so, God keeps his promises towards us.

I love what Sister Linda K. Burton said in the broadcast, "On judgement day, I imagine that God will ask us what Christ asked Peter, "Did you love me?" I know as we keep the promises we make with God, we will be able to say without doubt and fear, "Thou knowest that I love thee."

Sister Pitt

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