Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Being A Missionary Is Fantastic!

"Eh whitey, beg ya sum juice. Whitey, me like ya shape."
Translation: Hello white woman. Will you buy me some juice? White woman, I like the shape of your body.

So apparently, the Elder that threw the pebble at our car window, his mom follows my blog, so she found out about it. So, shout out to Elder Creager's mama! (Somehow I feel like I indirectly tattled on him).

This week was fantastic. The highlight was how we found some new investigators. I'll start from the beginning...

We had just finished seeing an investigator in a place called New Building. We were driving and saw a random guy walking with a candle. I thought it was quite strange. All of a sudden we got stuck behind a parade of cars and people holding candles. My first thought was, roll up the windows and lock the doors. Then, I heard gospel music playing and saw children walking up and down. I figured we were safe. I rolled down the window to ask a group of young men what was going on. One of the guys said that it was called a candle light walk. When someone dies they parade around then end up at the persons house to pay tribute. Anyways, we started talking to two of the guys, and they are awesome. It was one of the funniest conversations. The both openly admitted that they do not drink and smoke because it kills your brain. Wait... What? Jamaican men that don't drink and smoke? I just hope they are not 7th Day. haha They are about 19 and 20, so we are going to go start teaching them on Tuesday. I'm excited. 

Speaking of new investigators, we HAVE SO MANY. Junction is great. We have been finding like crazy. We have been working with the members and talking to EVERYONE. It is so fun. I finally feel like I'm doing everything I'm supposed to. The sad part is, despite inviting so many people to church, no one showed up. Ah well, so it goes. Just gotta pray harder, I suppose.

Update on Brother Walker, the less active from Linstead. Since I've left, he has been to church each Sunday. This last Sunday he received the priesthood! He is in the office of a priest! I'm so excited for him. I worked with that man for about 6 months, and he doesn't even consistently go to church until after I leave! Ah, I love that old guy. 

 Oh, and a frequent thing that happens as a missionary is when you go to teach a less active or investigator, they are sometimes drunk or high. This is how the conversation went... (Name changed in the story, just in case).

Me: Brother Burke... Are you drunk? We told you to keep the word of wisdom.
Brother Burke: I'm not (long dramatic pause) drunk. Only a little bit...
Me: Brother Burke. When you are sober, we will come back and teach you. (Awkward laugh)
Brother Burke: It's not funny! Stop laughing... (Then he starts talking to himself)

So this weekend was insane. Saturday, my comps had to go to Spanish Town to practice for the musical devotional. I spent Saturday in Mandeville, and also Sunday. I went back Saturday night. Sunday night, my comps got stuck in Kingston, so I had to spend the night in Mandeville. AND I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A TOOTHBRUSH. Ergh the annoyance. I'm still in Mandeville right now, we went to a place called MegaMart, which is a little place I like to call AMERICA. It's like Walmart, but not as good. But, they have refried beans. So basically, my life is complete. Me and my comps have determined that this month is Mexican food month. We've been making tortillas. Well, I've been making tortillas... Anyways. I'm excited to skype home in two weeks! 

Well, I'm just loving everything right now. It actually makes me nervous. Things are too happy, I'm afraid something bad will happen... I'm just working on maintaining my positive attitude. It's working! Heavenly Father has been blessing me with love, charity, and patience. I know I can't do this all on my own. I also feel like I'm getting more bold and less nervous to talk to strangers. Not like I really was nervous, but it is completely going away now. Being a missionary is fantastic. I recommend it to everyone!


Sister Pitt

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  1. Sister Pitt! This is Elder Creager's mama. Thanks for keeping my boy in line! Merry Christmas to you and your companions!