Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jamaica Me Crazy!

So this week we went and helped a man pick sorrell. Sorrell is this red fruit thing you boil to make a really yummy juice. It is a Christmas tradition here in Jamiaca, so we have been drinking a lot of it. While we were picking it we were singing Christmas songs. In order to pick sorrell you need clippers or a knife. I got the knife, and since I'm not very skilled with it, it took me a long time to pick the sorrell. Anyways, my companions buckets were loaded with sorrell, and mine was half full by the end. The man comes up to me and says, "Wow, you are a lazy girl." I laughed so hard. Well, family, you are not the only ones in this world who think I'm lazy. There is a man here in Jamaica who would agree with you. 

I feel like so much happened this week, but I don't really know what to say. We have some great investigators. Still can't get them to church, but eh, it will happen. We went and saw the two young guys who told us they don't drink and smoke. It was the most pleasant and hilarious lesson. Rohan's father, Oral, owns a cook shop, so we met in the cook shop to give the lesson. The cook shop happens to be next to a bar, so randomly a man would stick his head in just to stare at the Whiteys. Anyways, these guys are hilarious. There was this really weird guy that joined us for the lesson and he kept asking the dumbest questions like, "Where is Heaven?" I just told him that knowing where heaven is, isn't going to get him to heaven. Doing what is right will. He thought that was the funniest answer and he laughed for so long. Anyways, Oral is a singer, so he sang us some gospel songs. It was great. Demaine and Rohan are really funny. I really hope that they choose to learn more, they are so great. 

Went to Mandeville AGAIN this weekend while my companions went into spanish town for practice for the musical thingy. So yeah, lots of great conversations with funny taxi men. Also, I had to almost basically sit on a mans lap because the taxis load people into them. It was awkward. Well, for me. I'm sure he enjoyed it... haha I ate a burger at Burger King, it's been so long since I've eaten a burger. Nothing exciting. Um. Oh, I saw a bag of Hersheys minature chocolates, and I wanted them sooooo bad, but they were like 10 bucks. (about 900 Jamaican dollars). So no go. But I looked at them and thought of home.

Rochelle is doing good. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was extremely interested. I really love her, I don't know why she keeps saying she is coming to church, but doesn't come. I hate that. I guess we just got to keep teaching her, and hope she will do something with what she learns. Sigh. Missionary work is hard! But it is so amazingly awesome at the same time. 

Side Note: Teaching a guy who's nick name is 'Peewee.' I always laugh when I say it, and start doing the Peewee Herman tequila dance. 

As for spiritual stuff... Everyday I am still learning something new. Everyday I am being enlightened. But, in Zone Meeting, we were comparing the betrayal of Judas to the denial of Peter. The thing that stood out to me, is that they both did something wrong, but one ended up killing himself, and the other ended up becoming one of the most powerful men. When Peter would walk around, people would try to get into his shadow to be healed. One had more of an understanding of the atonement than the other. Another thing about Peter that I really love is that he started out very weak, but he still had a strong belief in Christ. Through his expiriences, he became so strong. Sometimes I feel like Peter. I look at how I overcame certain weaknesses, and how I am still working on them. But the amount of spiritual strength I have now, compared to a year ago is insane. Anyways, hopefully someday I can be as faithful and strong as Peter. 

Peace and Blessings,
Sister Pitt

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Jamaica Me Crazy!


Lewis, Me and Delano

Sister Walker and I in Mandeville

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