Monday, March 10, 2014

Serve HIM With Your WHOLE SOUL

And all of a sudden I opened my eyes and it is eleven months... Ohkay. Time needs to slow down just a tad bit. I can barely breathe it's going so fast. This morning I was looking at my first journal entries of me here in Jamaica. I was lol-ing. So much craziness has happened since then. 

Sister Llewellyn and I are having a lot of fun. She is hilarious. I always try to get her to say, "I love you," but she always replies, "I'm not gay!" Last night we were laughing so hard about something and she bit me on my back, and then I proceeded to punch her leg. Tashana, who was feeding us was enjoying the entertainment. Sister Llewellyn is a very entertaining companion, everyday she does something so funny. 

So, I don't know if I've explained different churches here in Jamaica, but if not, here I go. So, basically, every church here is a "loud" church. They have a loud preacher, with a loud band and loud people screaming, "Hallelujah!" Here, they will pay you to pretend to be ill or hurt, and the preacher will "heal" them. You can make quite a bit of money pretending to be healed. And because of the loudness and mass hysteria, people believe that it's real. Many people get into the spirit... Which basically means they become monkeys, rolling around and speaking in gibberish, claiming they are speaking in tongues. To me it is all very silly and ridiculous, because you are feeling a spirit, but not THE spirit of God. It is a spirit of adrenaline and excitement, but not peace and love. If you happen to wear the same shoes to church twice here, people will talk behind your back. If you don't have a fancy hat on, some churches won't let you in. This is pride and preistcraft. I'm sure it is fun to watch, but it is not correct. There is one of these churches next to ours. When sacrament ends, the drums start up and the preacher starts going. It is muffled, because we are in closed, but you can hear it a bit. The contrast is amazing between the two churches. I'm so glad I have the knowledge of the true church. I'm so glad that every Sunday I can feel the true and everlasting spirit of my loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for the sacred emblems we partake of, in remembrance of the great and last sacrifice for all of our sins. 

Anyways, twas a great week. We worked hard. Still nothing of great importance, but we are trying our absolute best. I'm tired each night, which proves to me I'm working as hard as I can. We are talking to everyone, we are walking up and down the streets looking for anything that breathes to talk too. We are trying our best to be obedient in every way. If no success comes from this, at least I can stand blameless before the Lord. :) I love being a missionary, despite the never ending difficulties. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK MY DEAR KAYLA. I love you so much! I can't believe you are a teenager! 13 13 13! I miss you so much, I pray for you each day. Be a good example to your friends. Be a light to those who are in darkness. I remember the day you were born. It is so vivid in my mind. I remember being at the hospital and watching Ed, Ed, and Eddy. haha. I remember when you first came home and we gave you a bath. I remember when I was supposed to be watching you in your walker and you fell down the stairs and cut up your face real bad... Oops, sorry. haha I remember when I cut your hair, and I blamed you for doing it... Once again, sorry mom... 

Mosiah 2:20-21 and Words of Mormon 1:18 Serve him with your WHOLE SOUL. <3 That is what my goal is for the next 7 months, and the rest of my life. I want to serve God with my whole soul, not just a portion, not just a little bit, but with everything. I know that this is a huge goal, and I may never accomplish it fully, but as long as I am doing my best, the Lord will strengthen me to do the rest. 

Love Always and Forever,
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